Top Free Magento Themes of 2015 for your Store- Volume 1

Some Top Free 2015 Magento Themes for your store | knowband

Every eCommerce store needs the support of an amazing Magento themes and templates for improving the performance and productivity of their store. These themes consists of various features and functionalities that can help in making your various tasks perform in a seamless manner. Although, there are thousands of Magento themes and templates available but there are only few of them that have the potential to change your business fortune in a tremendous manner. Let us take a look at some of the mind blowing free Magento themes of 2015 that can be the game changer for your eCommerce store.

Fit BodySome Top Free 2015 Magento Themes for your store- Fit Body | Knowband

This amazing Magento theme is designed by Magento theme development company, TemplateMonster and is equipped with a wide range of advanced tools and features that can improve the appeal and functionality of your eCommerce store. The theme consists of a clean and minimal layout with parallax, hover, sliders and galleries for adding various features and functionality to your Magento site. Due to the presence of fixed mega menu, visitors can effortlessly navigate to any section of the site on the fly and thus improves the website navigation to a great extent.


Some Top Free 2015 Magento Themes for your store- Trex | Knowband

Trex is a dynamic theme that comprises of an engaging look and clean code. This fully responsive design along with an off- canvas menu provides a superb performance on multiple devices like desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Watch Store

Some Top Free 2015 Magento Themes for your store- Watch Store | Knowband

Now, you can build a stylish store with the help of this up to date theme. This free Magento theme provides a clean and minimal layout that helps store owners to showcase their products in the best possible manner.

Hello Magento

Some Top Free 2015 Magento Themes for your store- HelloMagento | Knowband

If there is one theme that is perfect for every type of eCommerce store, it is this theme only. This free Magento theme provides a clean layout with an easy navigation facility which makes the product management a much easier task.


Some Top Free 2015 Magento Themes for your store- AccessShop | Knowband

For all those professional people who want to give a boost to their product sales, this Magento theme is the ultimate choice for them. It can help you in creating an up to date site for increasing the sales of your online store. You can easily modify the theme according to your business requirements. Moreover, you need to worry about the performance of this theme on multiple devices due to this fully mobile responsive design.

Wine Shop

Some Top Free 2015 Magento Themes for your store- Wine Shop | Knowband

This free Magento theme is designed by the Magento theme development company for various wine and liquor stores but it does not mean that it can’t be used for any businesses or eCommerce store. It consists of numerous options and features which makes it adaptable for clothes, sports, gift stores and other types of businesses.

If you have made a new transition into the world of Magneto, it is high time that you need to install these free Magento themes for grabbing that initial business lead among your rivals. If you miss out these mind blowing themes for your eCommerce store, you are sure to suffer a huge business setback in terms of conversion rates, product sales and brand awareness. For more information about the various amazing plugins and extensions for your eCommerce store, do visit our Knowband store which has plugins for Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop stores.

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