Sconti per le festività natalizie: fantastiche offerte su app mobili Android e iOS

We have entered the holiday season of 2021 and this is the best time to generate revenue from your ecommerce store with native (Android and iOS). Start a couple of eCommerce

App builder for Android and iOS mobile devices

Native mobile apps for Android and iOS will be published on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, available for public download. Customers will be able to install the app directly from there and purchase products on the go. Mobile apps prove to be very useful especially during sales and holidays. Ecommerce businesses can leverage huge profits by increasing sales and revenue. All you have to do is choose the right solution and launch the eCommerce mobile apps. Full technical support will be provided from the creation of the app to publication in the app stores.


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Key features to get the most out of apps:

A complete tool without coding isn’t the only benefit of choosing Knowband’s App Builder. Here are some of the main features and benefits for both the store admin and the front end mobile shopper:

# 1. DIY home page layout

The admin panel of the eCommerce Mobile App Maker extension offers a fully customizable home page editor with various customizable elements (banners, sliders, products, countdown timer, category, etc.). The store admin has a number of easy-to-use editing tools that allow you to redesign the homepage layout.

The best thing about this is that the store admin can change the look of the eCommerce app for Android and iOS at any time even after the app has been published in the app stores. Use the right set of banners, images, colors, logos, etc. And launch your own custom apps for your business.

Note: Our mobile apps are also compatible with the Spin Win gamified email subscription pop-up. Offer eye-catching pop-up on mobile apps and promote sales and deals with ease. Read More: Launch the PrestaShop Mobile App integrated with Spin-wheel to increase sales

# 2. Multilingual and multicurrency support

Apps created using the eCommerce app builder support multiple international currencies and languages (including RTL scripts such as Arabic). This is very useful for companies looking to go global or local. Technically, all languages and currencies available on the website will automatically be supported on the mobile apps.

Provide all popular currencies and languages in your business area or choose to go global. Sell products across the border as if you were actually taking your shop there. Shopping apps will be available on Apple’s Play Store and App Store for download and use around the world.

# 3. Integrated live chat support


Having timely support for mobile app users will definitely increase trust for your business and motivate users to make more purchases.

# 4. Real-time synchronization (inventory and payments)

All data on the eCommerce site remains synchronized in real time with its mobile app. This also allows for automatic inventory management and updating on the app. You don’t have to work hours just to add products and categories in the app. The eCommerce mobile app builder will automatically fetch the categories and products on the apps without any manual work requirement.

Along with the inventory, the payment methods on the website will also remain in sync with the apps. There is no need for any kind of additional charge to get reliable payments on the app. All the website’s payment options will be automatically fetched on the app and will work flawlessly.

# 5. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Push notifications are very useful for re-engaging app users in a personalized way. From the module admin panel, the store admin can send an unlimited number of push notifications to their app users as per their requirement. The model, the link, the image, etc. They can be chosen for push notification.

Push notifications can also be scheduled for automatic distribution or can be sent manually on Android and iOS users. The condition is only that the app should be installed on the device. Push notifications are unlimited and with no charges or limitations to promote products, sales, offers, etc.


Much more features are available on KnowBand’s eCommerce Mobile App Builders. Such apps are also compatible to easily become a multivendor market because the app builder extensions are compatible with the market extension.

So why wait any longer? If you are willing to launch an eCommerce mobile app, try these extensions. Try the demo apps and admin panel demo link to learn more.

Remember that for this holiday season, KnowBand’s App Maker eCommerce Extensions (Android and iOS) are available at a discounted price. Please feel free to email us at for any questions or assistance.

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