What you must know to sell on Amazon and increase your sales

What you must know to sell on Amazon and increase your sales

Ecommerce has been responsible for about half of all retail growth since 2016, and it is expected to keep growing through at least 2023. The fact that over half of all eCommerce sales occur on Amazon each year is perhaps the most crucial statistic for a company to be aware of.

Amazon accounted for 49.1% of all e-commerce sales in 2018, which is more than the following nine top e-commerce channels put together.

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Therefore, finding ways to boost sales on Amazon should be a top priority for retailers going forward. The following article offers some straightforward suggestions to help you accomplish this and create an Amazon sales plan that will increase your profits.

What you must know to sell on Amazon and increase your sales

Improve Your Title

Make the most of your titles because they are one of the best methods to capture a buyer’s attention. You should be fine if you apply the usual formula of brand name + product name + attributes (such as color, size, gender, usage, etc.).

Not only will you be able to capitalize on high-ranking keywords, but you’ll also be able to promptly inform customers what your product is.

Ask for Review

Ask for Review What you must know to sell on Amazon and increase your sales

Even though getting reviews can be challenging, it’s important to never give up. 

For example, I recently considered upgrading my worn-out backpack, and the choice ultimately came down to two. Both were almost comparable in terms of price and functionality, but I ultimately decided based on reviews.

Protect Yourself from Rivals

SKUs are a requirement for selling on Amazon, although they are not always necessary for your campaigns. SKUs might operate as a flag for competitors to take note and undercut you when you’re creating custom labels for tiering products.

Do not try to save money on keywords

Do not try to save money on keywords

Staying on top of the trends can help you boost sales on Amazon as the search terms that consumers use are constantly changing. Using tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, CamelCamelCamel, or whatever else you prefer, there are many ways to improve your SEO.

Every product should be optimized with dozens, if not hundreds, of relevant keywords! By doing this, you have the best chance of customers finding your products and increasing your Amazon sales.

High-Res Images

Using high-quality photos is one of the quickest ways to catch a buyer’s attention. The best part is that you don’t even need to be an expert or invest a lot of time in it. You can enter the look-at-me level of photography by simply adhering to a few simple rules:

  • Use as much natural light when photographing as you can. When shooting near the window, the light is softer and the shadows are darker; when shooting farther away, the light is more even and the shadows are lighter but sharper.
  • Avoid using the flash and leave the white balance on auto.
  • Even if you’re using a smartphone to take the photo, mount your camera on a tripod to prevent camera shake.
  • Use a backdrop that is white or light-neutral. 
  • Take several pictures of the item.
  • Put your product in real-world scenarios so that customers can see how to use it.

Adhere to Amazon’s policies and terms of service

Breaking Amazon’s rules is one of the quickest ways to reduce product sales. You can’t sell if you’re shut down or suspended, right? You’re giving yourself the best chance of success by taking the opposite course.

Knowing what Amazon demands of sellers allow you to set up your listings in a way that meets their high standards, which increases buyer confidence and your chances of making more sales.

Do not try to save money on keywords

It’s almost certain that running ads will increase your sales on Amazon, but it’s simple to just spend money on them and hope for the best. You’re capable of more! Pay close attention to your advertising cost of sales (ACOS) metric, which represents the amount of advertising spend required to generate a sale.

You can reduce your ACOS and make sure you get the most out of your advertising budget by using it more effectively. You can develop a strategy for how you run your ads as you gain experience and learn what works. An insight-driven strategy for Amazon advertising leads to a more lucrative Amazon business!

An Inventory Sync

It is much simpler to sell on all of the marketplaces if your inventory is synced across all of the major platforms where you sell. It will be simple for you to keep track of your inventory, maintain a consistent tone in your descriptions, and seamlessly update changes. Additionally, you’ll be able to save a tonne of time by not having to repeat yourself, time that you can use to implement the other suggestions on this list.

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