Prestashop Price Alert Addon – User Manual

Introduction of Prestashop Price Alert Notification Extension:

We always have seen that many visitors come to an online store, spend a lot of time and leave without buying anything. Probably they want to buy something but don’t buy just because of the high price. But you never know that high price is one of the reasons for the visitors to leave your store.

This Prestashop Price Alert Addon will help the e-merchants to know about the customer’s requirement in terms of product prices. This Price drop alert extension will let the customers set an optimum price that is being defined at the back end of the admin panel. Our Price Alert Module for Prestashop is also compatible with GDPR now.

Installation Guide of Prestashop Price Alert Addon:

  • Folder structure of the Prestashop Price Alert plugin folder.


  • Copy the whole folder named as Price Alert into your module’s folder of the root directory of your PrestaShop store through FTP.
  • You will be able to find the price alert plug-in ready to be installed in the Modules in your PrestaShop store as shown below.


  • Click on the Install link to install the plugin.

Admin Module:

Here, the store owner can change the various settings of this plugin according to requirements, which will be reflected on the front end as well as in the admin panel.

To install this plug-in, please follow the following steps:

  • Add the whole plugin folder to the modules folder into the root directory of the PrestaShop Store.
  • After adding plug-in files, the system will list the plug-in on the module page.
  • Click on install/uninstall according to need.
  • Another way is, you can zip the whole folder and then click on Add New Module link displaying in the top right corner of module listing page as shown in below screen:


  • After installing, this Prestashop extension, Configure link will be displayed instead of Install link as shown in below screen:


  • Now, your module is ready to use and click on Configure link to configure the module.

Admin Interface:

After installing the plug-in into the store, the plug-in will provide the following interfaces:

  • General Settings
  • Email Setting
  • Product Price Alert
  • Customer Price Alert
  • Language Translator

Each interface is explained below.

General Settings:

On clicking the configure link on module listing page, the system will open general settings tab by default as shown on the screen below:

Prestashop Price Alert - General Settings

Initially, the fields in the above form will be already filled with their default values.

  • Enable/Disable: Initially, this feature of Price drop alert extension is set to ON. the admin can enable/disable the extension by turning ON/OFF this setting.
  • Enable/Disable GDPR Compatibility: This field of the Prestashop price alert module allows the admin to enable/disable the GDPR compatibility. If this setting is enabled, then on delete and export request from GDPR module will delete and export the customers record from this module.
  • Enable/Disable Privacy Policy: This field of the price alert module offers the admin to enable/disable the privacy policy that would be displayed at the front end of the price alert popup if enabled.
  • Privacy Policy Text: The privacy policy text is fully customizable. The admin can enter his own choice of text.
  • Privacy Policy Page URL: This field of the Prestashop price alert addon allows the admin to enter the URL of the desired privacy policy page.
  • Enable/Disable the Desired Price: The admin can enable/disable the desired price option to the price alert block at the front-end by turning ON/OFF this setting.
  • Desired Price Percentage: Using this option, the admin can set the range of the desired price as they will be displayed at the front-end. The admin has to enter the numbers for the range separated by commas. The admin can enter as many values as desired.
  • Time Interval: This option sets the delay after which the email to notify the price drop of any product to the user will be sent. The delay has to be selected by the admin from the drop-down menu in days. By default, it will be set to 1 day.
  • Custom CSS & JS: This Alert for subscription extension allows the admin to change the look and feel of the extension according to his Prestashop store theme.

Email Setting:

This field allows the admin to set the emails in any selected language for the following email templates:

  • Price Alert Template
  • Price Drop Template

Prestashop Price Alert - Email Setting

1. Price Alert Template:  This field, the price drop alert extension contains ‘Template Subject’ & ‘Template Content’. The admin can edit the template subject and the content as well as per his/her choices. This is the initial email that will be sent to the customers when they set an alert for any particular product.

Prestashop Price Alert Template

2. Price Drop Template: This is the email that will be sent to the customers when there is any price drop in the requested products. This field contains ‘Template Subject’ & ‘Template Content’. The admin can edit the respective fields as per his/her preferences.

Prestashop Price Drop Template

Product Price Alert:

  • This field of Prestashop follow price extension offers the admin two options to view the product price alert details i.e. Filter Data and Export Excel. By default, the tab will display all the price alerts available in a well-formatted table and a form through which the admin can filter data or export it to an Excel file.
  • A graph along with the list of price alerts based on the filter data will also be displayed when the user filters the data by selecting the desired product and dates.
  • In this tab, you can see the on which product how many customers wants how much.

Prestashop Product Price Alert

Customer Price Alert:

In this tab, the admin has two options i.e. Filter Data and Export Excel. By default the tab will display all the price alerts available in a well formatted table and a form through which the admin can filter data or export it to an Excel file.

Prestashop Customer price Alert

The admin can set the filters and when clicks on Export Excel then a new excel file containing the filtered data is downloaded.

Language Translator:

  • The Prestashop price watch extension offers the admin to translate the language in English, French, Spanish & Italian as well. The admin can generate the selected language and also download the language file just by clicking on ‘Generate’ & ‘Download’ option respectively.
  • By default, the automatically selected language is English.

Language Translator

Front End Module:

After enabling the Prestashop follow price extension the front-end user will see a price alert block on the product page. The block contains a link through which the user can set the price alert for the respective product.

The price alert block would appear as follows:

Prestashop Price Alert - Front End 1

When the customer clicks on the ‘Set Price Alert’, a pop-up will appear with the form through which the price alert can be set by the user. The pop-up will appear as follows:

Prestashop Price Alert - Front End 2On clicking the ‘Create Alert’ button a price alert will be set for the entered Email on the respective product and the message showing the successful creation of the price alert will be displayed. A notification email will also be sent to the entered email.

Prestashop Price Alert - Front End 3There will be a case when a price alert for the entered email and the respective product already exist, in that case, the price alert will be updated and the updated email will be sent again to the email.

With the help of this Prestashop price alert addon, the customer will be able to set the price alert for the desired product. As they will be notified via an email when the subscribed product will be at the desired price. This price drop alert Prestashop module helps the admin in increasing the sale of the store and serves better user experience as well.

Recommendations :

Refresh home page of your store every time you enable/disable plugin. If the plugin is not working after installation then please check permissions on modules folder. The folder should be writable. Please make the folder permission to 755.

Module Link:

Admin Demo:

Front Demo:

Watch Video tutorial here:

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