How to Start Selling on AliExpress- The Beginner’s Guide

The Beginner's Guide to How to Start Selling on AliExpress

Are you an e-commerce merchant looking to expand your business? E-commerce businesses can be developed through various strategies. Moreover, there are some open-source e-commerce marketplaces where every merchant can easily set up shop.  Furthermore, AliExpress is a massive eCommerce marketplace platform that provides numerous amazing benefits to sellers. Every day, millions of customers visit AliExpress to find their desired products. Alibaba Group has transformed shopping methods over the last decade. As per reports, AliExpress has crossed 180 million active users by 2021 and the number is growing continuously.

In this article, we are going to shed some light on the steps for selling on AliExpress. But before we discuss how to sell, let’s have a quick overview of why to sell on AliExpress.

Top 4 Reasons to Sell Your Products on Aliexpress

Top 4 Reasons to Sell Your Products on Aliexpress

AliExpress is one of the fastest-growing multi-vendor e-commerce platforms. In a very short period, AliExpress has created a strong base in the eCommerce community. eCommerce merchants can take joy from the various benefits of selling on AliExpress and can easily provide a kickstart to their eCommerce business.


  1. The very first reason to sell on AliExpress is that the marketplace has a wide customer base that shows trust in the platform. The number of 180 million is also increasing day by day from 2021.
  2. The second reason for selling on AliExpress is that it is very beneficial for merchants. eCommerce merchants can easily list all the products on AliExpress. Moreover, this platform does not have any product limits.
  3. AliExpress does not force the return policy on the merchants; rather, it offers the merchants the opportunity to create their return policy.
  4. AliExpress offers eMerchants to directly coordinate with the customers. Customers can get answers to their questions with only a few clicks.

Basic Requirements for Registration as a Seller:

To start as a seller on AliExpress, merchants should register themselves with an AliPay business account. To register on AliPay, the merchants will have to prove themselves as the real owners of the business. AliExpress also charges an annual subscription fee. The components that are required for selling on AliExpress are the VAT number of the registered business, a company license, and finally a legal ID proof of the business owner.

Start Selling in 5 Easy Steps on AliExpress

Start Selling in 5 Easy Steps: 

After the fulfillment of the basic criteria for being a seller, there are only 5 easy steps that can add you to the AliExpress merchant family. Here is how eCommerce merchants can also easily list their shops on AliExpress.


For the beginning of seller registration, simply visit The applicants will get various options here.

  1. Choose register as a seller from the home page.
  2. Choose “Non-Chinese Seller Registration.”

After the selection, the page will redirect you to the account details page. The merchants can easily feed the required data there and confirm the same by email verification.

So, the business information page will appear after the email address verification. Fill in the required data as mentioned in the above paragraph and click on Continue.

Following the above process, your seller request will be received by AliExpress and will be approved within 1-3 business days.

Choose your Product Categories:

After the registration comes to the second step, which is product category selection.  Store owners have the opportunity to select from various categories. Choose the perfect fit for your business, and configure the details.

Payment Confirmation:

After following the above 2 steps, you will find yourself on the Payment Confirmation page. On the payment confirmation page, the merchants can find all the terms and conditions along with various payment plans. Choose the best option for you and complete the required payment. One thing to remember here is that the annual fee might vary from product category to product category for the merchants because of AliExpress seller policies.

Shop Configuration:

The store merchants will be redirected to the shop configuration section on the fourth step. Here they have the proper allowance to choose their unique brand name and other websites.


That’s all. After completing the above 4 steps, the shop owners can also easily manage the store layout, store products, pricing, and many more options. Additionally, choose some attractive images which should impact positively on your customers, and that’s all.

In the End,

We hope you will find the above information pretty helpful. In the above article, we have also mentioned every detailed step to register as a seller on AliExpress. So, AliExpress can be thought of as the best option if you’re looking for the best option for yourself to sell your inventory online. The most amazing fact about the platform is its transparency. Every step of the intricate process, from signing up as a seller to selling the products, is clear and simple on AliExpress.

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