Prestashop Shipping Cost by ZipCode – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Managing the shipping costs for different countries and regions is the biggest issue while catering to online customers globally. Knowband offers Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode module allows the Prestashop eCommerce store admin to fix different shipping charges for different regions. This Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon is one of the best Prestashop extensions. The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Post Code module helps you segregate the countries into the zone. The Prestashop store admin can enter multiple postal codes for the different regions. At the same time, he/she can even set the minimum and maximum range of the postal codes for a particular region from the admin interface of this Prestashop Shipping Cost by the country addon. The shipping cost for each zone can be set easily without any hassle. The charges will be calculated automatically at the checkout page in accordance to the zip code entered by the customer.

This Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon is highly customizable and the store admin just needs to configure it as per the requirements. The admin needs to apply shipping cost settings a single time. There is no need to change any setting again and again. The online customers can view the shipping charges at the same time when they enter their area pin code. The transparency of the shipping cost calculation process increases customers trust on the website. The Prestashop zipcode wise shipping cost module makes shipping cost calculation very easy for the online store admin.

1.1. Project Objectives

Listed below are some of the objectives that the store owner can achieve with Prestashop Shipping cost by postal address.

  • The Prestashop eCommerce store admin can fix different shipping charges for the different regions in which the eCommerce site is operating.
  • The shipping charges of the customers are calculated automatically based on the zip code entered by them.
  • The amount charged will including or excluding the tax and handling charges as set by the store admin.
  • Store admin can fix the carrier charges according to the total price or total weight.
  • CSV File upload tab will allow the admin to add the shipping conditions for multiple locations in bulk.

1.2. Features

  • It is very easy to install and configure this Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon.
  • The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Post Code module offers a simple and hassle-free implementation.
  • The e-merchant can enable or disable the shipping cost by postal code module just by toggling the button.
  • The admin can select zones from the dropdown list and also can add new zones whenever required.
  • The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Postal Code module admin interface offers a list of the countries to select from.
  • Admin can set shipping cost according to zip codes of the particular region.
  • The Prestashop shipping cost by location module allows admin to set the shipping cost according to the range of the postal codes that exist in that particular region.
  • The Prestashop shipping cost by country allows editing various shipping cost provided by the admin.
  • The shipping cost by zone module allows admin to fix the shipping charge based on zone, country, state/region, city, postcode range.
  • The Prestashop Shipping Cost by location plugin allows the store admin to disable the product delivery for a particular zone or region.
  • The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Postal Code addon is multi-lingual compatible.
  • The Prestashop delivery cost by postcode plugin is compatible with the latest versions of Prestashop.
  • The Prestashop eCommerce store admin can create the term and conditions of the carrier options.
  • ImportCSV file feature in the backend allows the admin to add shipping conditions for various countries, zones, zipcodes in bulk

2.0 Installation

Purchase the Prestashop shipping cost by postcode module from the store. On completing the transaction, follow the below steps:

  • From the backend of the store, go to the Module Manager and click on “Upload a module”.


  • Upload the file from the system or drag and drop your module file here in the next tab. This step will install the module and show notification – “Module(s) installed successfully”.


  • Once the installation process is completed, “Module installed” notifications will get displayed.


  • Click on the configure button and your module is ready to use.


In case, you are not able to find the module in the admin modules list, please try searching module by entering the Keyword, Shipping Cost by Zipcode.

3.0 Admin Interface

This Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode module is completely configurable. The settings can be updated via the admin interface.

3.1 How to start using the module?

Once the installation is complete, all you need to do is to enable the Prestashop shipment charge by zipcode module on your Prestashop store by toggling the button as shown in the image below.


3.2 How to add new shipping conditions?

The very first step for adding new shipping cost by zipcode is to divide the location where you cater your products into different zones. The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Post Code module allows easy creation of zone and separation of the various regions. Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to create new conditions.

1.  Go to the ‘Shipping Cost by Zipcode’ tab.


2. In order to create new zones, you need to click on the ‘Add New Condition’ on the top of the admin interface.


3. Once this is done, you’ll be redirected to the customization page. The Prestashop store admin is required to enter the following information as shown in the image below.


Let us discuss the options one-by-one.

Zone: The various zones already created on the store will be shown in the drop-down list. The Prestashop store admin can select anyone and make the necessary changes.


In case, the admin wants to create a new zone, he can do so by clicking on the ‘Add New Zone’ option.


Country: The country for that particular zone can be selected from the list available.


Zipcodes: A particular zone can have either have multiple zip codes. The Prestashop store admin can add the postal codes by clicking on the ‘Add More Zipcodes’.


Multiple Zipcode: In case the eCommerce store admin is looking to add the range of the postal codes, he can do so switching this button on.


The Prestashop eCommerce store admin can then enter the minimum and maximum range of the postcodes. Any zip codes lying in between this range will be considered in that particular zone and the shipping charges will be calculated accordingly.

The list of the zones created can be viewed in the ‘Shipping Cost by Zipcode’ tab.


The exiting zones can be edited or deleted by clicking on the respective buttons.


Import CSV:

The store admin can download a sample CSV file for adding multiple zip-codes. The admin just needs to click on the “Import CSV” option. The admin can download the sample CSV file.



Sample CSV File: There are three fields in sample CSV file ie.Country id, Zone and Zip Code.



The admin can enable or disable the zone from the admin panel.


After activating a particular zone the admin can insert the particular country ID and zip code easily. Thus the admin can easily enter multiple zipcodes at a time without any hassle.



3.3 How to enter shipping costs?

The shipping conditions can be fixed in the Shipping option of the main menu of the admin interface. Follow the below-mentioned root for the same.

Go to the Main Menu -> Shipping -> Carrier -> Select the carrier option that you want to edit.


The admin can browse the ‘Edit’ option in order to make the necessary changes.


While the ‘General Setting’ and other options remain the same as per the store admin’s requirement, he can change the shipping cost based on the zipcodes. For this, he needs to go to the ‘Shipping Locations and Costs.

The Prestashop eCommerce store admin gets to optimize the shipping management by adding delivery cost for different regions. The shipping cost for the customers will then be calculated by taking all the aspects into account.


4.0 Website UI

In the front-end of the eCommerce website, the customer can enter their postal code and the carrier option available in that location and the total shipping cost will be calculated and shown in the checkout page as shown in the image below:


This way, the online store merchant can implement Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon for automatic cost calculation. The eCommerce store admin can manage the delivery cost as per the customer’s area Pincode. The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode module allows the online store admin to segregate customers location into regions, countries, zones and area pin codes. The online store merchant can also include tax and handling fee in the shipping charges if he wishes to add it. The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Postal Code module allows the store admin to offer services and products all over the world by simplifying the shipping cost calculation process. After a successful setup, the Prestashop delivery cost by postcode addon automatically calculates the shipping cost on the checkout page.

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For more details about this Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode module:

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