Prestashop Product Jackpot Module by Knowband – User Manual

Introduction of Prestashop Product Jackpot Addon:

Do you want to improve user retention rate of your website? Here is a perfect opportunity for you to grab! Prestashop Product Jackpot addon, a loyalty reward program by Knowband lets the eCommerce store owners engage their audience by offering different free jackpot products. Jackpot modules are highly profitable for strengthening the customer base for your website. Most of the users actually don’t care what all exciting deals and products you bring for them. But finding a jackpot fun, they are encouraged to play and win from your store.

This Prestashop Jackpot Addon by Knowband will help the merchants to attract the customers to their stores by giving them opportunities to get the certain jackpot on whatever page they open first on the shop.

Whenever the customer will win any of the jackpot, a coupon code will be generated as the user enters his name and email id. The generated coupon code with all related information will then be sent to the entered email id. The customer will have to enter the coupon code on the checkout page to get the free gift product which he has won in the jackpot game earlier.

Installation of Prestashop Product Jackpot Addon

To install this Prestashop addon, please follow the following steps:

1. Add addon folder under modules folder of your system.

2. After adding this addon folder, the system will list the Prestashop addon on module page under front office feature category as given below:

Installation of Product JackPot Module

3. Click ‘install’ to install this Prestashop plugin.

Administration Module

In admin module, there will be following options to configure this Prestashop free gift module. The freebie addon includes 2 tabs and they are as follows.

1. General Settings.
2. Email Settings.

Each section is described in details below.

General Settings of Prestashop Customer Jackpot Addon:

This section will be having the following options to configure the Prestashop jackpot addon:

  • Enable/Disable: This option of the free product module will be having a toggle button with two specific values ON and OFF. This Prestashop module will only work if this is set to ON. If this is set to OFF then none of the features will be working and not even impact any other section of the website. By default, this option will be OFF.
  • Product Selection Type: In this field of the Prestashop gift module, the admin will select that how he is going to define the products which will be appearing in the jackpot game in the front. It will be of two types category and product.


Select Multiple Category: This field of Prestashop freebie addon only appears when the admin selects category as the product selection type. Here, the admin can select any type of categories whose product will be appearing in the front. This field will be multiple selection types.

Exceptional product Id: This field of Prestashop free gift addon also appears when the category is selected as product selection type. Here, the admin can enter those products id’s separated by the commas which he does not wants to appear in the front.


Jackpot Product ID: In this field of the Prestashop customer jackpot addon, the admin has to enter all the products ids which he wants to display on the front. This field will only appear if the admin will select ‘Specific Product’ as product selection type.

  • Select Layout Type: There will be two layout types which will be available in this Prestashop jackpot addon. One layout will be a popup type layout in front and another layout will be a slider layout.
  • Custom CSS and JS: These fields of Prestashop gift module have been provided to let the admin change the look and feel of the front end of this Prestashop module.
  • Show Button On: This field has two option left or right. Here, the admin can select that on which side the admin wants to put the jackpot button.
  • Coupon Validity: Here, the admin can enter the time up to which the coupon code generated by this Prestashop jackpot addon given to the customer will be considered as active.
  • Button Customization Options: The Prestashop freebie addon also has button customization option to change the background color and text color of the buttons which are used in the module in front. These buttons are the jackpot button (Only for slider layout) and Slot game button. The admin can change the background as well as text color above mentioned both buttons just by selecting the desired color from the color picker.

General Settings of Product Jackpot Module

Email Settings of the Prestashop Jackpot Addon:

In this field of Prestashop gift module, the admin will have the following options:

  • Select Email Language: Here, the admin will select the email language using which he will send the email to the customers who have won the jackpot.
  • Template Subject: This field of Prestashop freebie addon allows the admin to enter the email subject. Whatever subject the admin will enter in this email field, it will be used as the subject of the email sent to the customer whenever they will win any jackpot in the front.
  • Template Content: Here, the admin can enter the email content which will be sent to the customers who will win the jackpot in the front.

There are certain constants which have to be used by the admin to let the customers know the discount code and discount validity of the respective code, that will be {{discount_validity}} and {{discount_code}}.

Email Settings

Front End Module of the Prestashop Freebie Addon:

When the Prestashop jackpot addon is enabled from the admin panel then it will appear in the front on the first page where the customer will visit the store. As the settings are given in back end, the module will be having two layouts and when the module will appear in front then it will be according to the layout selected by the admin in the back end.



Watch the video tutorial here:

Click here for Admin Demo and Front Demo.

You can buy Prestashop freebie addon from addon store

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