Prestashop Google Custom Search Addon – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Ever searched for something on a site and thought it should also have a Google search Feature? Well you can do it now by Prestashop Google Custom Search Addon by Knowband. Through the Prestashop Custom Google Search Module, you can add a custom Google search feature on Web Store. It means that whenever a customer will search something on your website, it will show the search result from Google. As a Web store owner, you can also set the Websites from only which the search will be shown to your customers from the backend.
PS Google Custom Search easily incorporates your web store search with your Prestashop Web store search.

How it works?

Prestashop Google Custom Search


2.0 Features of Prestashop Custom Google Search Module

The store admin can follow these simple steps for installing the Prestashop Custom Google Search Module on their eCommerce store:

1. Firstly, download the addon package from the Knowband store.
2. You will get a zipped file containing the source code and user manual. Unzip the complete package in the root directory of your Prestashop store through FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here: You’ll find the files and folders as shown in the image below:

Prestashop Google Custom Search

The Prestashop Custom Google Search addon is now installed and ready for use. Now the admin can configure the various configuration settings in accordance with their Prestashop site.

4.0 Admin Interface of Prestashop Google Custom Search Plugin

Just after successful installation of Prestashop Custom Google Search Module at your website, you can configure Custom Google Search settings as per your needs. In the admin panel or dashboard, Click on “Modules and Services” and then on “Configure” button provided next to Google Custom Search Module.

Prestashop Google Custom Search

Once Clicked on Configure, the following page will open Up:

4.0.1 General Settings

From this setting of the Prestashop Google Custom Search module, Store owner can enable/disable the complete module and do much more. The following screen will be shown to the Admin:


Click here to know how to generate a search engine unique ID

Click here to see the steps to add autocomplete keywords

Once the Changes are saved, it will be shown in the front end of your web store.

5.0 Front Interface of Prestashop Google search module

The Front Interface will look like as shown below:

A) When “Replace with Default Searchbar” is disabled.

Prestashop Google Custom Search


B) When Replace with Default Searchbar is enabled.

Prestashop Google Custom Search

C) Auto Complete Feature

Prestashop Google Custom Search

When User clicks on the search bar given in the left hand side of the page, the following pop up will be shown:


The screen shown below will open when User searches for a keyword:


6.0 Annexure

How to generate a search engine unique ID?

Click here to go to General Settings

Step 1: Go to the link below:

Step 2: Login to your Gmail ID and click on the ‘Add’ button

Step 3: Enter your Site URL, Search engine Name and click on create button.


Step 4: Click on control Panel

Step 5: Copy Search engine ID

How to add Autocomplete Keywords?

Click here to go to General Settings

Step 1: Click on the link:

Step 2: Select your search engine


Step 3: Click on search features


Step 4: Select the Autocomplete Tab and then click on the Add Button.


Step 5: Add the Autocomplete suggestion term and You can also all the score between 0 to 10,000 to rank Autocomplete.


Step 6: It can take up to 2-4 days for autocomplete to start appearing on your search engine.

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