Prestashop Flash Sale Countdown Timer – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Prestashop is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms. With a comprehensive product featuring, a bundle of themes and the wide range of extensions, this is one of the platforms that can take online businesses to the next level.

Prestashop flash sale module by Knowband allows the e-merchants to create a fully customized flash sale for their online business. The Prestashop module makes the creation of time-bound promotion a matter of moments. The store admins can now put forward alluring offers along with a countdown reminder on their websites. Creating an impression of urgency, the flash sale plugin can motivate impulse buying and boost the chances of conversion of the eCommerce site.

The Prestashop addon triggers the customers to take advantage of the offer and place the order before it’s too late. The flash sale module offers easy configuration and customization options and helps you ensure customer retention.

Benefits offered by Prestashop flash sale module:

  • The Prestashop flash sale addon by Knowband is easy to understand and use.
  • With easy customization options, the boost sale module offers the store admin to manage the offers of the site without any hassle.
  • The countdown with a special offer by Knowband allows the admin to select the product/category for displaying the sale.
  • The e-merchants can even exclude a particular product for the same.
  • The flash sale countdown addon allows the e-marketers to set the conditions for the discounts being offered.
  • The Prestashop boost sale extension allows the admin to set the countdown timer for the offer.
  • The multi-lingual support, enables the store owners to take their business on the global platform.
  • The discount coupons with the time limit intrigue the customers to place their order instantly. Thus, boosting the conversion rate of the store.

1.1 Project Objectives

The objectives being covered in the plugin are:

  1. To configure the module.
  2. Choose the location for flash sale display on the website.
  3. To set the conditions for the flash sale.
  4. To set the rules for the countdown timer.
  5. To set the restrictions for the offers.

2.0 Installation

Order the Prestashop flash sale addon by Knowband from our store, you will get the following files as listed below:

1. Zipped file with the source code of the module
2. User Manual

Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the addon:

  • Unzip the zipped file. It would contain files and folders as shown below –
  • Copy all the files and folders of the unzipped folder into your store “Modules” directory on the path – Root Directory/modules/.
  • Now module is ready to be installed in your store and you can find that in Store Admin -> Modules and Services.
  • In case, you are not able to find the module in the admin modules list, please try searching the module with the following details –

Keyword – Flash Sale Countdown Timer
Category – Front office
Filter By – Installed & Not Installed / Enabled & Disabled

  • Click on the “Install” button to install the Prestashop Flash Sale Countdown Timer module. It would show a pop-up for your confirmation. Click on the “Proceed with the installation” option. This step will install the module and show notification – “Module(s) installed successfully”.


3.0 Admin Interface

The Prestashop flash sale module makes it easier for the e-merchants to manage the flash sale of the store. The user-friendly boost sale addon is easy to use and configure. With the basic configuration options offered by countdown with a special offer module, the admin interface allows you to customize the deal as well as the look and feel of the countdown timer.


3.1 How to configure the module?

The no-code interface allows the e-merchants to configure it just by toggling a few buttons. Here are some of the configuration options offered.prestashop-flash-sale-countdown-timer-configure

  • Enable/disable: The flash sale countdown module can be enabled/disabled from the store just by toggling the button.
  • Choice of Sort: The admin can create N number of sales. These flash sales can be sorted as per the admin’s wish. The sorting options available are ‘Expiring First’ and ‘New Sale Created’.


  • Include Tax: You can include/exclude the tax from the discount amount by toggling the button.
  • Display flash sale on the Homepage, Home Tab Content, Cart page: The flash sale plugin by Knowband offers you to display the flash sale on the homepage as well as the cart page. It can be even displayed on home tab content. Just enable the respective button to enable the functionality.


  • Custom CSS: The admin can change the look and feel of the Prestashop flash sale countdown timer plugin by entering the custom CSS code.

3.2 How to Create Flash Sales?

3.2.1 Create New Flash Sales

In order to add new flash sales, click on the ‘Add Flash Sale’ on the top right position of the admin interface


The admin can add the rules and conditions for the sale. The boost sale module by Knowband even allows the admin to set the required restriction on the various flash sale running on the site.


In order to create the new sale offer enter the information as mentioned below:


  • Label: This Prestashop plugin allows you to enter the label name that will be flashed along with the sale in the front-end. The name can be entered in multiple languages.
  • Start Date and End Date: The admin can specify the validity period of the sale.
  • Flash Sale Banner: This Prestashop plugin allows the admin to select the banner image to be displayed in the front-end.
  • Display on Left, Right Column and Product Page: You can either display the flash sale on the left or the right column. It can be even displayed on the product page just by enabling the respective button.
  • Countdown Timer: The admin can choose the look and feel of the countdown timer from the options available in the admin panel.
  • Select Position to Display the Flash Sale on Product Page: Select the position on the product page where you want to showcase the sale block.
  • Active: The Flash sale countdown plugin offers you to enable/disable the sale by switching the button.
  • Search By: The admin can search the category or product in which he wants to enable the sale.

3.2.2 Add Restrictions to the Flash Sales

The Prestashop flash sale with countdown module even allows the store admin to add restrictions on the sale base on the customer group, country and currency.


By default, the sale will be applicable to all the countries, customers and currencies. The admin can, however, select the one that he wants to exclude from the offer.

prestashop-flash-sale-countdown-timer-flash-sale-popup Edit/Delete the Flash Sales

You can edit or delete the existing flash sales just at a button click as shown in the image below.


4.0 Website UI

The flash sale countdown plugin will be displayed at the front-end as configured from the back-end.

4.1 Home Page

The home page will be displayed as shown in the image below:


4.2 Cart Page

The flash sale module by Knowband on the cart page will be displayed as shown in the image below:


Watch how this module works:

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