OpenCart Store Locator Extension User Manual

1. Introduction

OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup extension by Knowband allows the store admin to show physical stores locations on the website front-end using Google map. With the OpenCart in-store pickup module, the store visitors can find the closest store that has the products of their choice. The admin can display a store locator on the website with some additional details like distance, contact number, name and timing. They can check the nearest store and select the one from where they want to pick up the product.

This OpenCart store locator and pickup plugin offer a user-friendly interface and the admin can easily configure it without any help. The admin can select multiple stores that are to be shown in the store locator. The OpenCart store locator and pickup plugin allow the admin to set the minimum and the maximum number of days within which the product pickup will be initiated. The customers can easily check the nearest store and view the details also. They can pick-up the product if they wish to. Thus they can get the product with greater and minimal time.

1.1 Striking Features of Store Locator Extension for OpenCart:

The OpenCart Store Locator Extension provides you multiple features which are fully customizable and easy to configure from the back-end interface without requiring any coding knowledge. The various striking features of the OpenCart Store Locator Extension have been listed below:

  • The store owner can activate the store locator and pickup functionality just by a button toggle.
  • The e-merchant can set an image as a Google map marker and the zoom level of the map.
  • The OpenCart plugin allows the store admin to show contact number also.
  • The Customer can search the store by providing the distance in km or miles.
  • The OpenCart store admin has an option to show the store locator on the homepage.
  • The store admin can add multiple stores and show them on the Google map. The admin can also select the default store.
  • OpenCart in-store pickup plugin allows the e-merchant to set the maximum pickup days.
  • The online store owner can set the date and time format.
  • The e-merchant can enable the settings to display the pick-up time slot.
  • The admin can set the minimum hours for which the customer has to wait for pickup the ordered product.
  • The OpenCart store locator and pickup module have a ready-made email template for sending an email notification to the pick-up stores about the order.
  • The OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator plugin allows the admin to download a sample file in CSV format. The admin can also upload the CSV file to import store contacts.
  • The OpenCart store locator and pickup module is Multi-lingual compatible.
  • It is very easy to install, configure and activate this OpenCart store locator and pickup plugin.
  • The product will be delivered to the selected store. The customer can pickup the product from the store.
  • The address of delivery will be the selected store’s address.

1.2 Technology for Development

Language: PHP
Frame Work: OpenCart

2.0 Installation Guide

To install this OpenCart Store Locator Module, please follow the following steps:

Purchase the OpenCart Store Locator Extension from the Knowband store. You’ll get following files:

  • Zipped File containing the source code of the OpenCart Store Locator module.
  • User Manual of OpenCart Store Locator plugin.

Follow the steps below in order to install the OpenCart Store Locator Extension in OpenCart store:

1.Unzip the zipped. You’ll get the folders as shown in the image below:


2.Copy all the files and folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.

3.The OpenCart Store Locator module is now installed and is ready to use. Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions as shown in the image below:


4. Select Store Locator from the list of the modules and click on the Edit button as shown in the image below:


3.0 Admin Interface of OpenCart Store Locator Extension

OpenCart Store Locator extension offers easy customization option to the store admin. The various configuration options are discussed in detail below:

3.1 General Settings:

In this General Settings page offer various configuration options as shown below:


  • Enable/Disable: The eCommerce store admin can activate or deactivate the store locator and pick-up plugin anytime just by toggling this button.
  • Enable/Disable Store Locator: The OpenCart Store locator extension allows the admin to enable or disable the store locator in the front-end. By default, it will be enabled.
  • Enable/Disable the Pickup at Store: The admin can activate the pickup from the store just by toggling this button.
  • Google Map API Key: Enter the Google map API key in this section. A link is provided for generating an API key.

3.1.1 How to generate the Google Map API Key? General Settings:

The eCommerce store admin can generate the Google API key by following these steps:

  • Click on the “Get Started” button: The admin can click on this button to get Google map API key.


  • Pickup the products: When the admin will click the “Get Started” button this pop-up will be displayed.


  • Project selection: The eCommerce store admin can select or create a project.

1. Select a project:


2. Create a new project:


Setup the billing: The eCommerce store admin can now set up the billing.


After billing the store admin can get their Google map API key.

On the Credentials page, get an API key:


The store admin can select the API key option:


The admin can select the restrict key option from the dialog box to set a browser restriction on the API key.


In the Key restriction section, the store admin can select HTTP referrers (web sites), then follow the on-screen instructions to set referrers.


This way the admin can set the Google map API key.


Continued General Settings..


  • Google Map Marker: The OpenCart Google Map Store Locator plugin allows the admin to set an image as a Google map marker.
  • Map Zoom Level: The eCommerce store admin can set the zoom level of the map.
  • Distance Unit: The OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator plugin allows the admin to set the unit of distance measure as kilometers and miles.
  • Display header menu: The store admin can showcase a header menu on the front-end.
  • Header Menu Text: The store admin can set the header menu text.

3.2 Pickup Time Settings:

The various fields of this interface are discussed below:


  • Maximum pickup days: In this option, the admin can set the Maximum days within which customer has to pickup their package from the store.
  • Allow Pickup Time Slot: Enable to display the pick-up time slot.
  • Pickup Hours Gap: The admin can set the minimum hours for wait after placing the order. This time will be the least time for which the customers need to wait after placing their order. After the provided time they can pick up their package.

3.3 Email Notification Settings:

The store admin can send an email to notify the pickup store for the orders. Ready to send email templates to make this easy for the store admin to inform the pickup stores about the order.


  • Enable Email Notification: The eCommerce store admin can enable this option for sending the e-mail notifications to notify the pick-up store about the order. The admin can set the subject line both in English and French language. Customizable email templates are available for sending the email to the stores. The ready-made email template automates the process.

3.4 Store Settings:

Under this tab, you will see the list of stores added by the admin. You can enable or disable existing stores.


The store admin can easily add a store from the admin panel. After clicking on the “add” button, a screen will be shown like below:



  • The store admin can easily add store name, full address of the store and contact details also. The OpenCart pick-up module allows the admin to set the picture, status and timing also.
  • The admin can easily insert the working hours of the store.

3.4.1 Import Store’s Contact:

By clicking on the “Import” button the store admin can download a sample file in CSV format. The store owner can download the sample file and insert all the details in this file. The admin can upload this file to import the store details.

4.0 Front End of the website:

The customers can easily view the nearest store and pick-up the product. They can view the contact details, name, distance and timings also. The customers can get the product faster and without paying the shipping charges

1. They can select the Pickup option:

After clicking the Pickup at store option the customers can view the store locator.

  • Store locator at Homepage:

If the store admin enables the settings to show the store locator on the homepage then the store locator will be displayed like the above-mentioned image.

The customers can place their pickup order easily. The customers can select the date and time to pick up the ordered product.

screenshot-opencartdemo-knowband-com-2019-04-23-11-18-022. See the timings of the store for product pickup.


2. Order History of customers.


3. An email would be sent to the store owner stating the details of online purchase, date and timings of the product pickup at the store by the customer.


This way, the online store admin can show multiple physical stores on the website using the Google map. The Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension makes the overall process very simple for the store admin. The Opencart store locator module is highly customizable and allows sharing maximum store details with the customers. Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension also provides an option to set the pickup time, date and delay from the admin interface. The online-merchant can also send an email to physical store end for notifying them about the in-store pickup order. The online users can easily pick up the ordered product from the selected stores.

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