Opencart Shipworks – User Manual

Demo to Setup OpenCart Shipworks Plugin Instructions

1. Download & Install the shipworks from

2. After completion of installation of Shipworks, login into shipworks.

3. Go to Manage -> Stores & Add New Store to add new store if you have added any store in shipworks else shipworks automatically open the Add New Store screen.

4. Select Generic Module from the cart list as shown below & click Next.



5. On the next screen, enter the following details.
Username: demo
Password: demo
Module URL:



6. After adding the Module URL, Click on the Next button & follow the instructions on Shipworks

7. When Shipworks ask for license key, provide the following license key & click next.


8. After that click Finish button. Now shipworks is ready to download the orders from the server.

9. Click on the Download button to download the orders. System will download the orders into
shipworks from the server.

10. You can test by creating new order on the site i.e.

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