Opencart Importer – User Manual

How to install Opencart Importer plugin on your server

Follow the following steps for installing Importer:

1. Install VQmod (if not yet installed, visit

2. Unzip the archive and find Upload folder.

3. via FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here: to you main directory the files and folders in the Upload folder.

4. In Admin Panel go to Menu > Extensions > Modules > Importer v0.1.


5.Install Importer.


6.That is all – Your system is ready. Click on Edit and explore.

1. Export tab

The Export tab has option to export the store data in excel or zip file:

  • Data To Export: Choose which data needs to be export either customer, customer groups,orders etc.
  • Language: The store language in which data will be exported.
  • Store: The store from which data will be exported
  • Export File Name: The name of the excel file which will be generated.


2. Import Tab

The Import Tab lets the Admin to import the data to the store.

  • DataTo Import: Choose the data to import either customer, customer groups etc.
  • Language: Choose the language of which data is imported.
  • Store: Choose the store for which data is supposed to be imported.
  • Choose File to Import: The excel file contains the data.


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