Magento MockingFish Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool


MockingFish : Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool is a magento extension that allow you to add MockingFish script automatically on all pages of your magento store.

What is MockingFish?

MockingFish is a web optimization and testing tool which allows web marketers, online business entrepreneurs and product managers to perform A/B tests. Being an easy to use testing tool, it allows websites to load faster, have a user friendly layout and eventually increase conversion rate on the website. For more details:

How it works?

Following are the steps to initiate optimoid experiments on your store :

1. Create an account on MockingFish.

2. Create New Project and Experiment.

3. Configure the experiment and get the script code.

4. Open MockingFish Module in your Magento store’s admin console.

5. Paste the script, activate the module and save the settings.

6. That’s it. Your MockingFish script is now added to every page of you store for experiments.

Installation Guide

1. Download the zip from magento store & unzip into a folder.

2. After unzip, following files/folders will be extract as shown in below screen:

Magento- MockingFish Heatmap and AB Testing Tool- Installation Guide | Knowband

3. Login via FTP & Drag drop all the folders into your server root directory.

4. You will find the extension link will be displayed under System >> MockingFish : Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool.

User Manual

This module will basically work and visible in administration panel. There is no interaction of customers with this module and only administrator has access of this module.After copy this module, a link to access this module will be displayed under “System >> MockingFish : Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool”menu as shown below screen:

Magento- MockingFish Heatmap and AB Testing Tool-User Manual.1 | knowband

After clicking on this link, module page will be open as shown in below screen:

Magento- MockingFish Heatmap and AB Testing Tool-User Manual.2 | Knowband

In module’s top navigation bar, there are following controls:

1. Current Configuration Scope : This option is used to change the store configuration scope.

2. Save and Continue : This option is used to save the module settings.

3. Cancel : This option will cancel the current changes in settings.

General Settings

On clicking the module link, this tab will be open by default as shown as above screen. This tab has following options :

1. Activate: This option is used to enable or disable the module.

2. MockingFish Script: Paste the script provided by MockingFish App Experiment.

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