Magento Age Verification Popup Extension by Knowband – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Knowband’s Magento age verification popup module prompts up an age verification popup on the website front and asks the user to verify their age and agree to the stated terms and conditions to access the website. Magento 18+ verification extension provides a seamless way of age verification to the customers for granting access to the website. With the help of Magento Age Gate Pop-Up, e-merchants can easily carry out adult verification check on their store visitors.
This age verification Magento extension by Knowband gets the user consent of the appropriate ages before letting them browse the website. This means that underage visitors are strictly prohibited from accessing the website. So, the e-merchants who had their website containing adult content are recommended to implement this popup 18+ Magento module.

1.1 Striking Features of Magento Age Verification module for merchants

This age verify Magento module is fully customizable and provides you multiple features that are easily configurable from the backend interface without requiring any coding knowledge. The various striking features of the popup 18+ module have been listed below.

  • Magento age verification module triggers an age verification popup on the frontend that requires the age of the user followed by a user consent checkbox for granting them access to the website.
  • Magento 18+ verification extension offers multiple themes for the age verification popup that are randomly displayed to the store visitors.
  • Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension offers flexibility in enabling and disabling the DOB field shown over the age gate popup. If the DOB field setting is disabled then the user doesn’t require to verify their age for accessing the website.
  • The store admin can also edit the different texts displayed over the age verification popup. This includes DOB field title and short description for the 18+ verification popup window.
  • Using this Magento 18+ verification extension, admin can redirect the customers to a specific URL as they close the age verify popup window.
  • Admin can restrict the age required for entering the website with the help of Magento verification popup module.
  • Magento age verification module displays a terms and conditions checkbox which asks for user’s consent to access the website.
  • The content shown on Terms and Conditions page can be configured with Magento verification popup extension.
  • The front appearance of Magento age verification popup is customizable in accordance to website theme.
  • Admin can even show a logo for the selected theme on the 18+ age gate popup.
  • Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension supports multiple languages.
  • Magento age verification popup extension offers a mobile responsive interface to the mobile and tablet users.

1.2 Technology for Development

Language: PHP
Frame Work: Magento

2.0 Installation Guide for Magento Age Verification Popup

The store admin can follow these simple steps for installing the Magento 18+ verification extension on their store:

1.First of all download the extension package from the Knowband store.
2.You will get a zipped file containing the source code and user manual. Unzip the package on the root folder of your Magento setup via FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here: You’ll find the files and folders as shown in the image below:


The extension is now installed and ready for use. Now the store admin can now use and configure the age verification module.

3.0 Admin Interface of Magento Age Verification Module

Just after successful installation of Magento 18+ verification extension on the Magento site, you can configure this popup 18+ module as per your needs. In the Admin Panel, go to System > Knowband Extensions > Age Verification.


This Knowband extension offers you the following sections.

1.General Settings
2.Look and Feel Settings


Each Tab of the Magento age verification popup module are discussed below:

3.1 General Settings

On clicking on the General Settings tab, you will see the following configuration options:


Initially the above fields are set to their default values.

1. Enable the extension: You can easily enable or disable the functionality of Magento age verification module by toggling the switch provided at the backend panel.
2. Display DOB field: You can enable or disable DOB field displayed on the frontend. If this setting is disabled then the visitors can access the website without any age verification process.
3. Popup Title: You can set a title for the age verification popup window with Magento 18+ verification extension.
4. Popup Description: You can also display some short note over the Magento age verification popup plugin to make it informative for the store visitors.
5. Form Title: You can also set a custom title displayed over the DOB field.
6. Redirect URL: Admin can set a redirect URL using this Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension. As the user close the age verification popup, they are redirected to this specified URL.
7. Allowed Age: You can easily fix or restrict the age below which the visitors cannot access the website.

8. Enter Terms and Conditions: This setting of age verification Magento module allows you to configure the content of terms and conditions page displayed to the user.
After this, click on the “Save” button shown at the top right corner of admin panel to save the module settings.

3.2 Look and Feel Settings

The various fields of this section of age verification extension are mentioned below.


1.Theme: Admin can set a desired theme for the Magento verification popup which fits to the website theme and appearance. The selected themes will be randomly displayed to the store visitor.

2.Upload Logo: Using Magento 18+ verification extension, admin can set a custom logo for the age gate popup by uploading the logo image of format PNG, JPG, or JPEG only.

4.0 Front Interface of Magento Age Verification module

Once after you have configured the general settings and look-feel settings of popup 18+ Magento module, your customers will see a age verification popup on the website front. If they close the popup window, then they are redirected to some specific URL which has been set from the backend. This Magento age verification popup ask the user to select their age and agree to the specified terms and conditions in order to access the website content.

Magento age verification popup frontend

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