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6 Pieces of Advice for an Effective Return/Refund Policy

For online shoppers, a return/refund policy of the product matters more than the product itself. Over the Internet, you may see a lot of people complaining that they received a product completely different from what they actually ordered. This happens with large e-commerce platforms as well. Apart from this, consumers are worried about a defective item getting delivered. This is why they check for the return policy of a product prior to its purchase to ensure whether they can get a refund or replacement for it in case of such mishappening.

Ok, you have decided to put up the return policy on your every product page, but will it be enough to compel a customer to go for the purchase without any second thought? It simply won’t. You need to craft your policies well. A well-written return policy is crucial for making returns easy for both you and the consumer.

In this article, I have put up 6 pieces of advice to make your return/refund policy effective. Read them out.

Advice 1: Do not use any hard language


Avoid using language that makes it difficult for customers to understand. Do not confuse them with words that make them search for a dictionary. Keep your language simple. Use plain English. Complicating your return policy will only bewilder your customers and restrict them from their purchase making decision.

Advice 2: Keep your return policy up to the point

Do not clutter your return policy. Keep it as simple and clear. Be up to the point. Your e-commerce return policy should make your consumers understand about the return process in one go instead of making them go through a long and complicated paragraph. The clearer your return policy, the easy it becomes for a consumer to place an order.

Advice 3: Provide a return choice


Offers your customers a few types of return choices. Be upfront about your return choices. Let your customers know what options do they have to compensate if they place a return request. The type of return choice can be a full refund of the product amount, replacement of the product, or store credits equivalent to the product amount.

Advice 4: Provide the free return option

Asking customers to pay the shipping cost when they are already dissatisfied with the product would not do any good to your business. Instead, customers will be avoiding your eCommerce for their future purchase, just because they do not want to pay additional fees. According to Invesp, around 49% of online retailers offer free shipping. Be among those 49%, if you are serious about customer retention.

Advice 5: Set your return guidelines

Do not let any miscommunication occur between you and your customers. Set proper guidelines regarding the product return in your return policy to make the return process effective. For example, you can inform that the product shouldn’t be tempered, or you can set a time period within which the return request needs to be placed, like a 30 days refund/return policy.

Advice 6: Create a FAQ page

A customer can have many doubts regarding the return policy, even after you have covered almost everything on the return policy page. For this matter, a FAQ page for return can be an ideal way. Try to figure out every possible query a customer can have regarding the return process and mention them in the FAQ section. Doing this will make you deal with fewer customer queries through your customer support.

The Final word

Your e-commerce return policy reflects the image of your brand. If you deliver what you say as per your return policies, you are going to gain a lot of loyal customers. Take your time in structuring a good and effective return policy and see how well it fits on your eCommerce store. It will save you a lot of time and money. At last, do keep in mind the above-mentioned 6 pieces of advice for an effective refund/return policy. Have some more points to add? Do let me know in the comments below.

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