A fascinante história dos vendedores de frutas de Moscou: “Fruit Online”


Starting an e-commerce-based online business takes dedication and dreams. In the modern era, more than 50% of all purchases take place online. There are thousands of successful examples of vendors who started their online business with zeal and hard work. Many of them are now at the top of their industry.

In this story, we are going to discuss one of the colossal online fruit businesses, “Fruit Online”. The company is based in Moscow and has been active in the best fruit and vegetable categories since 2013.

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In the early stages of business, Fruit Online was recognized as a hyperlocal company in the limited areas of Moscow. The brand has put every ounce of hard work to set an outstanding example in the fruit and vegetable market. Likewise, it didn’t take long for Fruit Online to spread its wings and become the favorite e-commerce store for fruit and other vegetable categories in the Moscow region.

About Fruit Online

Frutas Online started its e-commerce business in 2013. In a very short period, the brand has brought together a large number of importers of dried fruits, fruits and vegetables on board. Fruit Online’s headquarters are in two large spaces, Moscow and Region. For the past decade, Fruit Online team has been promising the best quality dried fruits, vegetables and other categories of healthy edible products to Moscow and has a reputable brand image among Moscow shoppers.


Fruit Online not only serves the business-to-customer market, but also serves the business-to-business market. One of the facts that differentiate Fruit Online from other competitors is that the brand guarantees quality to its customers. For each delivery process, the product must go through several quality assurance processes just to ensure its authenticity and freshness.

In addition, the Fruit Online team has the most advanced food storage technologies, such as dry chambers, freezers and climate chambers to guarantee the quality of the products.

Fruit online mobile app

Fruit Online also offers a personalized e-commerce store and mobile apps for precious customers. Powered by Knowband Mobile App Builder, Fruit Online Mobile App comes with a variety of richly loaded features. Furthermore, the mobile app ensures the best user experience for Android and iOS mobile app users.


The Fruit Online team offers numerous interesting offers specifically for mobile application users to add value to business relationships with customers. Furthermore, customers can get their favorite purchases within minutes with the help of the fastest shipping methods offered by Fruit Online mobile app.

Fruit e-commerce store

Likewise, Mobile App customers can also order from various health food categories in Fruit Online personalized store. The grocery store offers a variety of healthy nutritional products such as nuts, dried fruits, berries, farm fresh vegetables and a variety of vegetable categories.

The store is not only open to customers, but wholesale sellers can also place orders to get their products at the best possible price.

fruit online store

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, Fruit Online offers high quality fruits and vegetables at competitive prices, delivered quickly to customers from Moscow and Religion.

Fruit Online mobile app development journey

Mobile app testimonial

Tendo a Fruit Online Shop desenvolvida no OpenCart, Knowband OpenCart Mobile App Builder cuidou de todos os aspectos, desde a criação do aplicativo até a disponibilização dos aplicativos móveis para Android e iOS da Fruit Online nas lojas de aplicativos.�

No desenvolvimento do aplicativo, o Banda de conhecimento A equipe de Garantia de Qualidade entregou o melhor para a equipe Fruit Online com dedicação e trabalho árduo. Além disso, a Knowband enriqueceu o Fruit Online Mobile Apps com várias personalizações úteis para oferecer a experiência de usuário mais tranquila ao Fruit Online Usuários de aplicativos móveis.

No final

Dreams of starting a business are always energized by successful business stories like Fruit Online. Due to its established reputation in the Moscow region, both customers and the business of friends and relatives prefer Fresh Greengroceries over other suppliers.

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