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6 Piece of Advice for an Effective Return/Refund Policy

The purchase of the product is always done after the customer is completely satisfied with the product. The customers have got multiple choices to make a purchase and after going through all the products the customer chooses a product. Therefore, the chances are quite less for a customer to be unsatisfied with the products apart from any other unexpected reasons. Sometimes cases arise when the customer receives the product but doesn’t find it suitable as per their utility and may want a return or refund on the product purchased from the web store.

The customer may not be happy with the product or has any other issues regarding the product and wants to return the product or get a refund. In this case, he may contact the web store to get a refund or return on the product. Thus, it becomes a matter of concern for the web store. As these kinds of incidents put a negative impact on the sales made by the web store and secondly the sellers lose the sales they made on the customers and if the product didn’t meet the satisfaction level of the customers than the customers are less likely to visit the store and make future purchases. Therefore, a return manager process or refund process has to be completed by the sellers.

The web stores can always use the Return Manager Module to initiate such a return management process. Most of the time, the request made by the customers is genuine but it is not 100% sure that the customer has a valid reason to initiate a return request. Therefore, the seller must be careful about these types of the request made by the customers. Before, initiating return process the seller must contact the customers to know the exact reasons for their un-satisfaction from the product. It helps in checking out the proper reason for the return and also helps the seller to improve the service for the customer such that such type of problems do not rise with the products in the future.

In order to process the return request, the following piece of advice must be kept in mind.

1.  The reasons for return or refund

Return & Refund Policy

One of the important points to be made clear from the seller side would be clearing out the exact reason for the return/refund of the products. As there are many possible reasons leading to initiating such a process like the customer may have received a wrong product, the date of delivery was long overdue and when the product received the customer may no longer need it, receiving a wrong product which was not ordered by the customer or the shipment was confused with a gift wrap feature. The sellers must be aware of the exact reason for the inconvenience caused to the customer. By gaining knowledge from customers the seller can make sure such type of mishandling may never occur in future and the right concept of marketing is well maintained by the web store.

2.  The Number of products to be returned or refunded

No of Products

Most of the time a customer would order either a single product or numbers of the product. In that case, if the customer is asking for return/refund then it becomes a very tough job for the web store to tackle such situations. Therefore, the seller must ask the details of the quantity of the products which are accounted for return/refunded by the seller. A return in a large number of products may be a result of the faulty lot which may still be presented in the web store. Thus, to make better customer interaction the seller may rectify the problem and make services better for the customers. The Return Manager Extension helps the seller in noting down the customer’s quantity of the products that are to be returned. The return manager also helps in making a better arrangement to pick up the products.

3.  Customer’s choice to get the return, refund or replacement

Customer Choice | Return & Refund Policy

Not all the customers would like to get a product in return for the previous products. Some of them may ask for a return of the money they have paid for the product. Thus, it becomes important for the web store to know the exact expectations of the customer while returning the products to the web store. A better web store will take the customer’s choice into consideration and at the same time provide convenience in completing the action. The return manager helps in winning the trust of the customers and any damage done to the customer’s interaction with the web store may be restored by providing the proper return, refund or replacement process. The customer generates a feeling of being treated well and may ignore the bad service received by them and take the return/refund as a good gesture from the web store owners.

4.  Fast Processing

Fast Processing

Right from the beginning, when a complaint has been launched by the customer, the web store must start actively working on it. One of the important things to be kept in mind by the seller is that the customers have various options, they are not bent to any web store. Thus, it’s the web store who needs to approach the customer in order to keep them motivated in making a purchase from their web store. Therefore, making the process of return/refund as fast as possible. Most of the customer would already lose their cool when they don’t receive satisfactory product from the web store and making them wait in order to complete their request may grow their dissatisfaction more on the web store. It ultimately can result in the permanent loss of a customer. Thus, the return manager process must be fast.

5.  Better interaction

Better Interaction

The customer can make a return request either by dropping an Email to the web store or by making a call. In both the cases, the web store must be polite with the customer. As, the customer has already received an item which they want to return/refund and may have some issues with the web store and in this case, if proper assistance is not provided to them by the web store, then they are more likely to be rude and never make a purchase from the web store. To solve a problem of the customers must be the primary concern of the web store owners and in this regard, several few questions and an assurance to fix their problem and successfully complete their return/refund policy will relieve them to a lot extent. After all, it doesn’t cost much to calm a customer down and leads them to a better position. By a proper assistance session, the web store may also encourage the customer to make a purchase from the web store leaving the bad experience behind.

6.  Compatible interface

Compatiable Interface

The interface of the complete process must be customer friendly. The web store must try to make return manager process as simple as possible. As the customer would not like to go through a series of forms and pages to fill out before making such a request. The simple and compatible interface must be provided in the return manager, where the customer can use their mobile phone as well in order to initiate the return process.

Over to You

There are very fewer chances that the customer is likely to receive any faulty or damaged good in order to initiate a return/refund request. If in case any customer makes such a request then it becomes the sole responsibility of the web store to provide them with better products or returns. It helps in the retention of the customers to the web store.

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