Pago simplificado

Have you ever had the experience when the customers browse your app, add the product to the cart, move to the checkout page and the next is right out of the store? These never returning customers are one of the reasons of the complexity of the checkout procedure. Have you ever wondered how to convert these visitors into profitable leads? Well, we have a solution for you.

Reducing the steps involved in the checkout process is one of the ways to increase conversation. Getting rid of the lengthy and annoying forms can help you curb exits when you are just a step away from getting the lead. Knowband’s Mobile App Builder for Android & iOS serves you with this solution. The customers of the mobile app are not forced to fill in their personal details if they don’t want. They are given the option of logging in with their social media account like Facebook, Google+ and others. Not just this, the unregistered visitors can even place their order with the Guest Login option. The best part about this is that the store admin can track and process the order of registered as well as guest visitors. In addition to the smooth transition from the checkout page to the payment gateway, the customers are provided multiple payment options. They can make the payment via PayPal wallet or through their credit and debit cards.

La pérdida de músculo es el multiple shipping options allow them to choose the one that suits their requirement. The mobile app allows the store owner to continue serving the customers even after the payment is done. The customers can track and keep an eye on their package. The 24 x 7 customer service allows them to have a live chat with the support team.

Whether you are looking for a Prestashop mobile app maker or Magento or OpenCart, we offer it all. No matter the platform in which your eCommerce store is designed, you have a mobile app that matches the theme of your store in just a few simple steps.


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