Google reCaptcha - OpenCart Extensions
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Google reCaptcha - OpenCart Extensions

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Compatibilita: Opencart v2.0.x - v3.0.x
Ultima versione: v1.0.2 (02-July-2024)
Aggiornamenti disponibili per 1 anno vendite: 1000+
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Opencart Google reCaptcha extension

Integrate Opencart human verification to your website to detect and block suspicious bots coming on your website. By filtering out the irrelevant traffic, you can easily maintain the quality of your website content. So, if you own your eCommerce store, Opencart Google reCaptcha module is the one you need to invest in.

Right on the login or registration page, you can stop unnecessary entries to your store with this Opencart Google Captcha. This human verification check is the perfect way to differentiate between human visitors and spammers coming to the website. Once it is verified that the visitor is a human, the Opencart Google reCaptcha module allows them to perform further actions at your store. Quickly, add this security check to your website and deal with suspicious behavior or requests.

Features of Opencart Google reCaptcha module

1. OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension improves your website security by integrating a security verification system on login, registration and contact us page.
2. Opencart human verification works by verifying whether the visitor is human or bot.
3. With the implementation of Opencart Google Captcha, you can easily restrict the entry of spambots.

4. You can incorporate and show the Google ReCaptcha on 4 pages including:

  • Customer Login Page
  • Customer Registration Page
  • Customer Contact Page
  • Customer Forgotten Password page

5. OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension is compatible with SSL enabled websites. 
6. OpenCart Google reCaptcha is compatible v2 reCaptcha and v3 reCaptcha system.
7. This Opencart Google reCaptcha module is multi-store and multi-lingual compatible. 

Opencart Google Captcha Benefits to Admin

  • Opencart Google reCaptcha module comes with great ease of installation and configuration.
  • You don’t require to add a human verification check manually as everything works on a simple click function.
  • You get complete step by step instructions to setup site key and secret key from the backend of this OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension.
  • You get the flexibility to enable or disable the OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension for the selected pages at your store.
  • Opencart Google reCaptcha module stops bots from automatic form filling and accessing services from the site.


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