Advance Promotion Manager - Prestashop Addons
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Advance Promotion Manager - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibilité: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Dernière version: v1.0.3 (03-Oct-2021)
Ventes: 50+


Prestashop Advance Promotional Manager Addon

Prestashop advance promotion manager addon makes it easier for the store owners to boost the user engagement of their site. In order to increase the average cart value of the customers, the sellers need to lure them with incentives and promotional deals. The e-merchants need to provide them compelling reasons to return back to the store and purchase the products. Prestashop promotion rule manager module makes it easier for the store admin to handle the promotional factors of their site.

The Prestashop addon is easy-to-understand and offers a robust interface for easy management. Some of the configuration options offered by the Prestashop promotion manager extension are listed below.

Types of Promotions admin can create using this module:

1. "Buy X Get Y Free (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)":  The Prestashop advance promotion manager module allows the store admin to create the promotion and deals like "Buy 1 Get 1 Free". It helps them boost the store sales.

For example: If you want to create deals like "Buy 1 Get 1 Free", in this deal the buyers get the free gift who had placed 1 or more orders. (Note: The admin will decide the free product (gift) from the backend.)

2. "Buy X Items & Get Free Shipping (Buy 5 Items and Get Free Shipping)": The Admin can offer free shipping to their customers on their first order or X number of items.

For example. If you want to create the deal like "Buy X Items & Get Free Shipping", in this the customer gets the free shipping on all products. It can help you to boost the product sale. However, most of the time, the customer places the order because he’s getting free shipping.

3. "Buy X Items of a Product & Get Y% Discount (Buy 2 Items of a Product & Get 30% discount)": In this deal, the Prestashop promotion manager enables the customer to buy any two products on their store and get extra 30% discount. They can also limit the number of items to be discounted and offer a discount pricing based on category or some other attributes.

For example. The store owners can create the promotion like "Buy 3 Items of a Product & Get 50% additional discount" to their online shoppers. In this way, the customers get the benefit of 50% discount on buying the 3 or more products. This can give the reason to your customer to buy the 3 or more products at the store. Motivate the customers to shop more!

4. "Buy X Items of a Product & Get Y Discount (Buy 3 or more items for full price and get $50 discount): This Prestashop advance promotion allows the Merchant to specify the fixed amount of the product. They can exclude products with special price from the discount programs.

5. "Get X% Discount on Y Cart Total(Get 50% Discount on $200 Cart Total)": This feature allows the customers to fill the requirement of the deal and get the discount.

For example: The Consumers get 50% discount when the online shopper’s cart total is $200. This can motivate the customers to buy more from your store.

6. "Get X Discount on Y Cart Total (Get $250 Discount on $500 Cart Total)": You can specify the fixed amount of the discount.

For example. The Consumer gets the $250 discount when the online shopper's cart total is $500. 


Configuration options offered

General Information:

  • The Prestashop advance promotion manager module offers multi-lingual support. So, the admin can fix the name and the description of the promotional rule in multiple languages.
  • The promotional offer can be activated/deactivated from the admin interface.
  • The Prestashop promotion manager addon is multi-store compatible. You can select the store for which the rule will be applicable.

Terms and Conditions for the Promotional offers

  • The e-merchnat can fix the validity period for the offers. The start and end date of the offer can be fixed from the back-end of the Prestashop plugin.
  • You can fix the minimum cart value for availing the offer. The cart value may or may not include the tax and shipping amount. It depends on the rules set by the admin.
  • The promotion rules can be made applicable to ‘New Visitors’, ‘Registered Customers’ or ‘Guest Users’. The admin can select the customer group as per the requirement.

Computation Rules

  • The promotion rules will be applicable either on categories or product based on the selection. The admin can select the category accordingly.
  • The Prestashop deal manager extension allows the store owner to exclude particular products from the promotion rule computation.
  • The rules will be applicable based on the ‘minimum number of products added in the cart’ or ‘minimum cart value of the customers’. The e-merchant can select any one option.
  • The online store owner can fix the minimum number of products or the minimum cart value that is required for the promotion rule computation.

Cart Rules

  • The Prestashop advance promotion manager addon enables the Prestashop store owner to either offer a Discount Amount, Discount Percentage or a Free Gift.
  • The admin can fix the validity duration (in days) of the cart rules.

Additional Features

  • The Prestashop promotion and discount manager module offer multi-lingual and multi-store support.
  • The multi-currency support helps the e-merchants to apply the promotions in different currencies.
  • The offers can be enabled/disabled in a couple of button click form the back-end.
  • The offers will be displayed in the cart, checkout page as well as in the invoice.
  • The discount as fixed in the back-end of the admin interface will be automatically deducted from the order amount.
  • The Prestashop store admin can even select the product that he wants to give as a free gift.

Merchant Benefits

  • The individual promotions can help the e-merchant convert their store visitors into customers.
  • The store owner can give discounts based on customers' cart value. They can specify total sales amount or number of orders among conditions. The deal motivates the customers to add more products in their cart.
  • The Prestashop advance promotion manager module allows the admin can offer discounts only when the cart value of the customer is above a certain limit.
  • Along with the discount, the merchants can even offer them free gifts that can motivate the customers to return back to the store.
  • The Prestashop store owners can create temporary and special promotions for events like Valentine's Day, Christmas and other.
  • Allows you to give your customers some advantage if their cart is higher than a certain amount.
  • The Prestashop admin can select the products and categories in which he wants to include the promotional offer. He can even exclude particular products as per requirement.
  • The Prestashop module offers an easy interface to boost the sale and enhance cross-selling.

Benefit to the Customer

  • The customers can now shop more and get alluring discounts.
  • There are chances of getting a free product in return.
  • All the promotional offers and their conditions are displayed on the checkout page. The customers can shop accordingly.
  • The discount amount/percentage is automatically deducted from the order value and the final amount is displayed at the checkout.

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