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Return Manager - Magento 2 ® Extensions

Return Manager -  Magento 2 ® Extensions
  • Le module de gestion des retours de Magento 2 facilite la gestion de la demande de retour de leur site d'achat.
  • Avec l'aide de l'extension Magento 2, l'administrateur peut gérer la demande de retour des clients enregistrés ainsi que des visiteurs invités.
  • L'administrateur peut approuver la demande de retour. Un déclencheur d'email sera envoyé chaque fois que la demande est approuvée.
  • L'administrateur du magasin Magento 2 obtient même une option pour créer la demande de retour au nom des clients à partir du back-end de l'interface d'administration.
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Compatibilité:Magento v2.0 - v2.3.1
Dernière version:v1.0.5 (10-May-2019)
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Magento 2 Return Manager

This extension adds the functionality for admin to manage return requests efficiently.

Merchant benefits

  • Allow admin to process return request even of a single product out of complete order.
  • Admin can deny or approve return request.
  • Admin receives an email notification whenever a return request is made.
  • A Return slip link is sent to the customer via email when admin approve return request.
  • Option to export completed request in csv format.
  • Filter option in archive list for fast searching.
  • Option to create return request from back end from customer behalf.
  • Admin can create his own return policies.
  • Admin can create his own return reasons to display on front end.
  • Admin can have different return policy for each product.
  • Admin can customize email template as per his requirements.


  • Compatible with multi-lingual stores
  • Multi Store compatible
  • Return Slip feature
  • Sends notification to admin when customer request refund
  • Sends notification to customer whenever admin changes status from backend
  • SSL compatible
  • Simple and easy to use
  • No CRON jobs
  • Do not conflicts with any other third party plugins

Customer benefits-

  • Provide 3 options to customers - Get Credit, Replace or Refund.
  • Fast processing of return request.
  • Customer can return partial quantity of purchased product.
  • Customer can return even a single product out of full order.
  • Can view his return status and history in his account.
  • Simple and clear interface.
  • Mobile responsive view for customer.
  • Compatible with all browsers.

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