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Compatibilidad: Magento v1.7 - 1.9
Ultima versión: v1.0.2 (6-Mar-2019)
Actualizaciones disponibles por 1 año Ventas: 5000+
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Magento Free Multi Vendor Marketplace (Multi-Store Compatible)

Marketplace is a place where customers can find products from multiple vendors and brands within a same platform. Unlike eCommerce websites, marketplaces transfer the stress of maintaining inventories, logistics and pricing to the seller from admin. This free version has limited features only. To be able to use all below mentioned features, we recommend you to buy its paid version.



Using Magento Multi vendor Marketplace Extension for your Magento store, you can create your own marketplace on Magento websites. After installing this module, store-owner will accept seller registration which lets the sellers to sell their products with the marketplace. Sellers will have complete access to their products, orders, invoices, shipments and so on. Each seller will have their own dashboard panel on the marketplace to get all the details regarding thier account.

Multi Store Compatible-

This module is compatible with multi store feature of Magento.


Features for store admin-

1. This module provide admin ability to monitor and manage list of vendors and can also manage seller accounts.

2. Admin has full control to approve or reject a product which is added by seller.

3. Admin can have individual commission from each seller.

4. Admin can view transaction of all sellers on marketplace.

5. Admin can limit categories for sellers and can add various restictions for categories for sellers.



Features of Magento Multi Vendor MarketPlace for Sellers/Vendors-

1. There is an option to register as seller in default registration form in front end.

2. Module is easy to use and provides sellers their interface in front end.

3. Seller can manage their account easily with easy to use interface.

4. Sellers can add their products with quantity and price.

5. Seller manages all activity via frontend of the store only.

6. Sellers can view their report, income, revenue per order and items sold in their accoutn dashboard.

8. Separate Seller Account pages, like a micro-site.

9. Sellers can also add special price to their products.

10. Sellers has an option to request admin for some category or sub category.


Features For Buyers-

1. Buyers can easily view list of all sellers available on the marketplace.

2. Buyer has an option to search for some specific seller in front end.

3. Buyers can view seller details on seller page.

4. Buyers can view rating and name of seller on his product page.

5. Buyers can view related products from the same seller on each product page

6. Every buyer has an option in their account to convert their customer account to seller account.

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