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Free Multi vendor Marketplace - OpenCart Extensions

OpenCart Marketplace Extension by KnowBand provides a hassle-free approach to convert your OpenCart store into a furbished Marketplace. Key features of OpenCart Marketplace are as follows:

  • Seller Account Approval
  • Commission percentage configuration
  • Product management
  • Shipping management

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  • Free

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Compatibilita: OC v2.3.x.x - v3.0.x.x
Ultima versione: v1.0.0
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Opencart Multi-Vendor/Seller Marketplace Plugin

Using OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension for your OpenCart store, you can create your own marketplace on OpenCart websites. Its seamless technology converts your eCommerce store into a marketplace by just a few clicks. Without any knowledge of coding and other technical advancements, sellers can easily download it on their website and install it to become a marketplace owner. 

Sellers are provided with their own dashboard on the marketplace front-end to keep a check on all the details regarding his seller account.

MultiStore Compatibility:

This module is Multi-Store Compatible. It can be used on different sites or domains which are sharing the single OpenCart installation. In case of any query, contact us at

Order Management:-

1. Sellers can create their own shipping methods.
2. Sellers can manage orders from their dashboard itself.

Features for store admin:

1. Admin can manage and monitor a list of vendors by approving or disapproving the seller’s request from the back-end itself. Store admin has the authority to view and manage the list of sellers accordingly.
2. Store admin can easily accept or reject seller’s request for adding products on the Marketplace. All applications are under the track of store admin for approval. The store admin can approve/disapprove the requests accordingly.
3. Admin can easily set and manage the commission charged to the sellers. Provision for admin to manage individual commission rates for each seller. Admin can set commission percentage worldwide for all sellers and can even apply separate commission percentage individually on sellers.
4. Admin can view transaction of all sellers on the marketplace. Admin can track the transaction and earn at the button click from the back-end of this module.
5. Admin can limit categories for sellers and can add various restrictions for categories for sellers. Sellers can only add products to the allowed categories.
6. This module provides admin an untangled OpenCart interface to manage seller’s list, seller products, seller orders, and commissions too.
Features of OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Sellers/Vendors:
1. Sellers can easily register from the front-end as a normal buyer by the default registration form in the front end of the online Marketplace.
2. The seller’s dashboard makes it easier for the sellers to track and manage their account, seller profile, products, as well as a sale with the help of this module.
3. The groomed front end design of the Marketplace offers an unmarked experience to sellers and also provide a better shopping experience to customers.
4. Sellers can manage all the activity via front-end of the store only. There is No back-end login for sellers as there is the same login page for seller and buyer which makes it comfortable for sellers.
5. Sellers can add product quantity and price too. They can also manage product data too.
6. Sellers can also add special price to their products with “Special Price From' and 'Special Price To' dates.
7. Sellers get quick access to track sales information that includes the report, income, revenue earned per order and items sold in their account dashboard.
8. Seller has separate “Seller Account pages”, like a micro-site.
9. With the help of OpenCart Marketplace Extension, sellers can request for including or removing a new category to store admin.
10. Seller has the authority to add a shop banner, shop logo and custom HTML content accordingly that will be displayed on Seller Page to the customers on the front end.
11. Sellers can enable/disable or delete products in bulk on seller products page via seller’s dashboard.
12. Provides interactive Seller Transactions Report in seller panel/dashboard.
13. Feature for sellers to enter Social URLs for enabling the social links on Seller's Page.
14. Sellers has an option to request admin for some category or subcategory.
Features for Buyers:
1. Buyers have an option to view the list of all sellers available on the Marketplace.
2. Buyer can easily search for some specific seller in the front end.
3. Seller details could be viewed by buyers on the seller page.
4. Buyers can view the rating and name of the seller on his product page.
5. Buyers can view related products from the same seller on each product page.
6. Every buyer has an option in their account to convert their customer account to the seller account.
Advantages of installing OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin-
1. It allows the store admin to create their own Marketplace without any technicalities.
2. It allows admin to transfer all the stress of inventories and logistics to sellers.
3. Buyers can also register as a seller from the front-end of the Marketplace.
4. Sellers can sell products online without having to maintain and promote their own website. They can also leverage the facilities of online Marketplace without any investment.
5. Sellers can improve the overall growth of their business by enhancing revenue growth and expanding the customer base.
6. Provides a flexible and efficient notification system via email that lets marketplace participants(buyers, sellers and store admin) informed about the latest updates.
7. Provides accessibility with all themes (including responsive themes) and source code is open source so can be easily modified as per needs.
8. All product types Standard, Virtual and packed Products are supported by this module.
9. It Supports all Currencies worldwide.
Benefits for the sellers:
  • Sellers can add or remove products, track order history, manage and update seller’s profile, update shop banner and logo, update return and shipping policy.
  • OpenCart free Market Place Integrator (Multi-Store Compatible):
  • Online marketplaces is an easy way for the store admin for selling products on a huge scale. It’s numerous functionality to sellers makes it the most demanding way of business in an eCommerce industry. Customers can find products from multiple vendors and brands within the same platform.
  • Unlike the eCommerce website, online Marketplaces transfer all the stress of inventories and logistics to sellers. This strategy provides advantages to both store admin and sellers too.
  • Converting your eCommerce website into a Marketplace can help you make more profits by selling various stock keeping units (SKU’s) without maintaining any inventory. This free version has limited features only. To unlock all below-mentioned features, we recommend you to buy its paid version.
Note: The Free Version of this module does not contain all the features, it is just for the demo purpose on your web store.

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