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Filter Pro - Magento ® Extensions
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Filter Pro - Magento ® Extensions

L'estensione Filter Pro Magento di Knowband ha le opzioni di filtro avanzate per migliorare l'esperienza del cliente nel tuo negozio.

  • L'amministratore può selezionare l'opzione di filtro come - Prezzo, Sconto, Categorie, Marche, Colori, valutazioni e molti altri
  • L'amministratore può abilitare / disabilitare qualsiasi opzione da visualizzare nella pagina di elenco dei prodotti
  • L'amministratore può gestire l'aspetto dell'interfaccia del filtro
  • L'estensione Magento filter pro offre un'interfaccia accattivante
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Magento Filter Pro 

Magento Filter Pro simplifies the product search filtering based on various attributes like size, color, price and so on. Magento navigation filter appears in the upper left column on Catalog and search results. These filters are created automatically and modified as per specified search parameters. 

Being a store admin, one gets complete control over the filter settings and its look. 


Example - You can add thumbnails for a category tree or fold long list of options

Features -

Speed Up products search - The presence of AJAX based navigation lets your customers avoid page reloads and see required products quicker than the standard navigation does. 

Enable customers to narrow down their search - The numeric filter implemented lets your customers specify their own custom ranges for weight, price, size and other search attributes. 

Control filter displaying - The Magento Filter Pro extension allows store admin to decide what filter options are there and where it should be shown. The store admin gets full control to hide or display attributes for product categories and configure whether to show them on “Catalog” or other search result page.

Ability to sort the attribute value - Magento Filter Pro is entirely customizable from the backend. The flexible module settings allow store admin to modify the look and functionality of filters to match the requirements of any web design.

Multi store compatible - Magento Filter Pro has multi-store abilities that allow store admin to create multiple stores from a single interface.

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