FB Wall Post - Magento ® Extensions
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FB Wall Post - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibilita: Magento 1.9.x.x
Ultima versione: v1.0.0 (18-May-2018)
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Magento FB Wall Post Module

Have you ever thought about how important is social media for boosting your business growth? Well, Facebook and Instagram have outstandingly reached to million users and now its the right time to market your site products and services with the help of social media integration. Display product feeds and ending stocks notifications on your business page at Facebook and Instagram with the help of Magento Social Wall Post module from Knowband.

Magento social media integration module offers you a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your business products at various social media platforms. Most of the online users are actively engaged on Facebook and Instagram. Magento Social Feed extension provides a means to grow customer engagement on your site through these social platforms. Without investing your time and coding efforts, posts as many products belonging to different categories over Instagram and Facebook wall.

Features of Magento Facebook Wall Post Extension

1. Magento Facebook Wall Post Extension allows you to create and publish product-related posts at social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.
2. Magento Social Wall Post module gives you the best means of social feed integration for your eCommerce store.
3. Instagram Wall Post for Magento helps you send manual or automatic product feeds on connected Facebook and Instagram accounts.
4. This Social Wall Post Extension for Magento helps you post as many products and category without any hassles.
5. Magento Social Feed extension creates an unlimited number of automated feeds with custom title, description, images, and product link. These feeds can be scheduled for a fixed date and time.
6. Magento social media integration module provides easy integration of your Facebook and Instagram account. You just have to configure Facebook app settings and Instagram account settings from the backend.
7. For each product related or category related posts, Magento Social Wall Post module lets you set the desired wall text and social network to send any post.
8. Magento Social Feed extension lets you send stock ending alerts on Facebook and Instagram wall.
9. Magento Social Wall Post module allows you to set the product quantity below which the stock alert feed is sent on Facebook and Instagram.
10. Magento Instagram Post module gives an option to set a message for the stock alert wall post.
11. Magento Facebook Wall Post Extension offers a discount coupon with limited stock alerts sent as social media feed. The discount coupon has a fixed discount type, value, validity, and quantity which can be modified from back-office.
12. Magento Facebook Wall Post Extension executes cron jobs to send new product posts and limited stock alerts.
13. With Magento Facebook Post module, you can set the desired description and image size for the product feeds shown on Facebook and Instagram page. 
14. Using Magento Social Feed extension, you can display the product price in the desired currency for the respective product feed on social media.
15. Instagram Wall Post for Magento allows you to post new products feed on social network wall along with a custom description.
16. Magento Facebook Post module supports multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility.
17. Magento Social Wall Post module is flawlessly compatible with multiple themes.
18. Social Wall Post Extension for Magento doesn't conflict with other installed modules on the store.
19. Product feeds sent using Magento Social Wall Post are fully mobile responsive.

Benefits of Magento Social Feed extension to Admin

1. Magento social media integration module improves visibility of products on Facebook page and Instagram page.
2. Magento Instagram Post module boosts the customer engagement on both social media platforms and main website as well.
3. Magento Social Feed extension displays products and categories along with their URL so that the customer is easily directed to the store for completing checkout.
4. Magento Social feed integration offers the best way to boost potential conversions of the website.
5. Magento Facebook Post module gives a convenient way to share product feeds at various time schedules.
6. Magento Social Feed extension influences and targets your online user by including new product alerts & limited stock alerts in your social content.

Customer Benefits of Magento Facebook Post Extension:

1. Facebook and Instagram users can stay updated with the latest feeds from a particular web store, without visiting their main website.
2. Magento Social Wall Post module allows customers to quickly view the new products and ending stocks at your store.
3. Magento Instagram Wall Post Extension adds an improved and satisfactory shopping interface for social media users.
4. This Magento Social Wall Post module offers discount offers to the customers along with the new arrival and limited stock alerts in social media feeds.
5. Social Wall Post Extension for Magento serves a happy shopping experience to the users.

Note: FB Wall Post module requires HTTPs enabled website for proper functioning.


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