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One Page Checkout Lite version - Magento ® Extensions

  • L'extension de version de Magento en une page réduit les étapes impliquées dans le processus de paiement du site. Le module Magento est un moyen facile d'intégrer une seule page de paiement sur le site.
  • L'administrateur du magasin Magento peut réduire les taux de rebond et l'abandon du panier grâce à un processus de paiement simplifié. Les options sociales facilitent encore l'inscription des visiteurs sur le site.
  • L'intégrateur intégré de MailChimp dans le module de paiement d'une page Magento synchronise les e-mails capturés lors du processus de paiement avec le compte MailChimp du vendeur.
  • L'interface entièrement personnalisable de l'extension Magento permet au propriétaire du magasin de personnaliser les différents champs et de modifier la mise en page de la page Web.
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Compatibilité: Magento v1.7 - 1.9
Dernière version: v0.2 (11-Dec-2017)
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Magento One Page Checkout Lite version

An eCommerce website should be designed in a way that allows customers to checkout easily. Checkout process is that one part of your website that can make or break the success of your business. Online customers always expect fast responses and efficient service, therefore they choose to shop online. They do not want to go through a lot of checkout process. 

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To help store owners in designing a simple, clear and quick checkout process, Magento is featured with a One Page Supercheckout module that can be easily installed on your web server for improving conversion rates, sales volume and customer engagement. 


What is Magento One Page Checkout?

Magento One Page Supercheckout is a functional plugin that is designed mainly for reducing the problems that occur because of multiple page and detailed checkout process. 

The plugin is created with more advanced features to replace default checkout page of Magento. 

It is featured with-

1) Feature rich admin Panel 

2) Mobile Responsive theme design 

The highly advanced feature of this plugin are beneficial both from customer’s as well as admin point of view. The same have been discussed below-

1. Feature rich admin Panel- Store admin will now be able to have a full control over the performance of store. Managing the layout, content and design of website becomes easy, once this plugin gets installed on your web server. Besides, any sort of modification in terms of design, layout and theme is also possible. There are wide number of options available, when it comes to pick up the best theme and layout design as per your business requirements. In addition to it, admin can also set desired fields as mandatory and enable/disable some fields as per the requirements. 

2. Mobile Responsive Theme Design- Magento One Page Supercheckout is featured with a “responsive” feature, wherein theme is designed to adapt to a layout optimized specifically with the screen size of whichever the device your customer is using. 

Other Features

1. Ajax Based Checkout for Magento Store.
2. Faster than Magento's default onepage checkout.
3. Easy to install and configure.
4. Responsive to all devices mobile, tablet, PC or Laptops.
5. Free installation guide and support

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