Advanced Magento Marketplace with Mobile App - Magento ® Extensions
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Advanced Magento Marketplace with Mobile App - Magento ® Extensions

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Advanced Magento Marketplace with Mobile App

Having an eCommerce store is not enough for the growth of your business. Its important for the online store owner to follow new trends and techniques and then upgrading the store accordingly. Upgrading stores into Marketplace is one of the top-rated technique and have already benefited many of the online merchants. A marketplace is a shopping platform with multiple retailers selling their goods together at the same platform. Marketplace enables small store owners to offer their services to a large audience. It allows customers to select items and services of multiple retailers at a single platform. Marketplace admin need not sell its own product for earning as the admin can effortlessly earn by selling the products of third-party vendors at its Marketplace.

What is Magento Marketplace extension?

Knowband is a renowned eCommerce plugin development company. They have already built 1000’s of plugins for various CMS platforms like Prestashop, Magento, Magento 2 and OpenCart. This time they have come up with a distinguished solution of converting the Magento store into Marketplace. Magento Marketplace extension provided by Knowband allows the admin to upgrade their store to Marketplace in an effortless manner. Marketplace developed by the Magento Marketplace Extension offers admin a user-friendly interface to manage every small detail of the Marketplace from the backend.  

How to convert Magento store into Magento marketplace?

Follow these simple and easy steps to upgrade your store

1. Install the Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Module by Knowband in the backend of your store. This will convert your store into Marketplace.

2. Make some configuration changes in the general setting tab from the admin panel of Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin.

3. Sellers can register from the front end of the store. The admin can approve/reject the account request as per his choice.

4. Now your Marketplace is ready to cater to the customers the products/ services of multiple vendors at the same platform.

Features offered to the Marketplace admin by Magento Multi seller Marketplace module:

1. Seller Approval request: Sellers who want to sell their products at the Marketplace needs to send an account approval request to the admin. Once the request is approved by the admin, the vendor can sell their products.
2. Easy Product Management and Monitoring: In the Marketplace, Vendors can list the products from the seller dashboard. Listed products are monitored and managed by the admin from the admin panel of Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Module.
3. Commission Management: The Marketplace admin can set the commission from the backend of the Magento Multi seller Marketplace module.
4. Category Management: The marketplace admin can assign the categories to the admin from the backend of the Magento Marketplace Extension. Sellers can keep the products only in the assigned category.
5. New Category Request: Sellers can send new category request to the admin for categories other than the assigned category from the seller dashboard.
6. Low stock Notification: The Marketplace admin can send a low stock notification to the sellers.
7. Bulk Import and Export: Marketplace admin can offer the vendors the access to upload the products in bulk. If the feature is disabled for a seller, the seller needs to send a feature activation request. Once the request is approved by admin from the admin panel of Magento Marketplace Plugin.
8. Seller Orders: Orders received by the sellers at the Marketplace gets listed in the seller order tab of the Magento Marketplace extension.
9. Email templates: Email templates available in Magento Marketplace Extension can be used by the admin to keep the seller updated.
10. Transactions and Earnings: Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Module offers admin the access to view the total commission, seller wise commission and category wise commission from the admin panel.
11. Payout request: Payout request submitted by the sellers can be accepted/ rejected by the Marketplace admin from the backend of the Magento Multi seller Marketplace module.
12. Seller Vacation Request: Marketplace built by Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin allows the sellers to disable their shop for a particular period. Sellers need to send a vacation request to the admin for approval. Once the request is approved by the admin,the seller store will not be available for that period.
Knowband’s Magento Multi seller Marketplace module is also compatible with Magento Marketplace mobile app builder.
A mobile app built by the Magento Marketplace mobile app builder allows the users to view the Marketplace features at their fingertips. Marketplace mobile app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms.
Key features of the Magento Marketplace mobile app:
1. List of sellers selling their goods at the Marketplace can easily be monitored from the seller tab of the marketplace mobile app.
2. Items listed by the respective sellers is available in the mobile app.
3. Customers can send their valuable feedback to the sellers from the mobile app compatible with the Marketplace.
4. Seller reviews submitted by customers can be viewed from the mobile app. Seller reviews will help other customers to get to know more about the services and performance of the seller.
5. Shipping and Return policies are also available on the marketplace mobile app.
Disclaimer: Please note that the mobile app built by Magento Marketplace mobile app extension offers only customer app. Separate vendor-centric features are not available in the app.
Some of the additional features provided by the mobile app are as under:
1. Our Magento Mobile App Builder offers full access of home page layout customization to admin. The store merchant can easily customize the home page layout from the backend without requiring any coding or programming knowledge. 
2.  With the help of Magento Mobile App Maker, store merchant can easily promote your store by adding store’s logo on the mobile app. It also creates brand awareness among people.
3. The mobile app built by Magento Mobile App creator support multiple sorts of products. The app users can purchase all sorts of products from the store.
4. The Magento Mobile App Developer offers real-time synchronization feature through which all the changes you make on a website get automatically sync with the mobile app. 
5. All sorts of payment methods are supported on the mobile app which is currently active on the website. 
6. The Magento Mobile App Builder provide live and WhatsApp chat feature on the mobile app. With the help of live and WhatsApp chat, the store merchant can resolve the problems of the users instantly.
7.  Our Magento Mobile App Maker offers quick and easy Sign-Up and Login option. It offers the following login options:
    a. Google and Facebook Login.
    b. Fingerprint Login. 
    c. By OTP Authentication.
8. The Magento Mobile App Builder offers multiple languages and RTL(right to left) writing style format on the mobile app which allows users to use the app all across the globe in their native language 

Providing an app to the customers will be a boon to your business growth as a mobile app will help your store to reach every corner of the world map.

Knowband, a leading name as an eCommerce development company provides Magento plugin development services to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores. For providing Magento plugin development, we have hired experienced Magento developers who work with full dedication to offer Magento development and support services. 

If there is a feature you want on your Magento site, chances are that a Magento plugin will allow you to do it, if you don't find any such plugin you can always contact us for your custom plugin development requirements.


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