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Compatibilidad: Magento v1.7 - 1.9
Ultima versión: v2.0.2 (10-Dec-2019)
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Magento Social Loginizer 

Give Your Customers an Interactive Way To Login Via Social Media Accounts Now-a-day’s eCommerce businesses have been utilizing a concept that allows a customer to connect via their social media page and register quickly. Allowing visitors to login via their social profiles reduces the nuisance of registering for the user and allows a company to personalize their website when the registered user revisits the domain. 

Does your site currently engage visitors to create a user account or sign up? If not, why not? It is one of the popular ways to turn hits into leads and then finally into sales. Every single visitor who comes to your site is a potential lead. 

Its irritating to type in your details in to sites, over and over again. I know how it feels. So, here’s the solution with which you can encourage faster sign-ups and registration into your site. 

Magento social loginizer is an extremely useful plugin for all Magento store owners. It is featured with high class functionalities that allow your store visitors to register in using their existing social media accounts. With around 10-12 social media platforms, like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many others, this plugin allows your visitors to register and login with their existing social id’s, thereby eliminating the requirement of filling out lengthy registration forms. 


Interactive Login using Popup- With Magento social loginizer, customers will be able to sign-up directly using their social accounts. There is an option of “Quick login” which allows visitors to login with their social profiles without requiring them to fill out any forms. 

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Responsive- Magento social loginizer is optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet environment so that you can easily implement across your mobile or tablet site. 

Quick Installation and Configuration- It is quite easy to install this plugin on your Magento store. With quick installation and easy configuration, this plugin gives you an opportunity to transfer the files from your server to Magento’s site and install it simultaneously. 

Activate/deactivate social accounts- At any point of time, admin can enable/disable social accounts from the back end of web store. 

Easy Customization- Magento social loginizer gives store admin the ability to customize the text of login link as well as social bar heading. 

Drag and Drop Social Icons- Admin can choose to display social icons vertically or horizontally and sort them accordingly.

Track Reports- Track the most popular social accounts used by customers based on the reports generated. In this way, you can check the entire history of the number of users who logged in and registered via different social media accounts.

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