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Multi vendor Marketplace - Magento 2 ® Extensions

Multi vendor Marketplace - Magento 2 ® Extensions

KnowBand ofrece el complemento Magento Marketplace para ayudar a los propietarios de las tiendas Magento a crear su propio mercado, lo que permite que los vendedores múltiples vendan sus productos. Las principales características del mercado de Magento son las siguientes:

  • Administrar vendedores
  • Configuración de aprobación
  • Administrar la comisión de los vendedores
  • Plantillas de correo electrónico personalizadas para notificaciones
  • Gestión de productos
  • Gestión sin complicaciones de los pedidos
  • Funcionalidad multilingüe
  • Gestión de pagos
  • Revisar la administración
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Compatibilidad:Magento v2.0.0 - v2.3.4
Ultima versión:v1.0.2 (10-May-2019)
Actualizaciones disponibles por 1 año Ventas: 10+
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Magento 2 Market Place Integrator (Multi-Store Compatible)

In this era of tough business competition, marketplaces have emerged as a ray of hope that has provided added option to numerous sellers for selling their products online. Any eCommerce store owner can turn their Magento 2 store into a marketplace by utilizing the services of this Magento 2 Multi-vendor Marketplace extension. Unlike eCommerce websites, online marketplaces transfer the stress of maintaining inventories, logistics, and pricing to the seller for providing a seamless online shopping experience. Moreover, for any eCommerce website, a Marketplace model will definitely help in selling various stock keeping units (SKU’s) without managing any inventory.

Transform Magento 2 Store Into MarketPlace By Installing “Magento 2 Multi-Vendor MarketPlace Extension”

Magento 2 Multi-vendor MarketPlace Extension is a feature packed module for Magento 2 stores that can help in converting your eCommerce store into a marketplace. This plugin consists of several features that allow sellers/vendors to sell and manage their own products in a seamless manner. Apart from this, it also enables marketplace owners to control both the suppliers and consumers effectively.


With the help of this Magento 2 Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension, it is now easier to create your own marketplace through your Magento 2 website. Once this module is installed, store owners can easily accept seller registration for allowing sellers to sell their products on their marketplace. With this module, sellers will now have complete access to their products, orders, invoices, shipments and so on. Further, each and every seller can get all the required details about their account through their individual dashboard panel.

Multi-Store Compatible-

One of the specialties of this marketplace plugin is its multi-store compatibility. Store owners can utilize the services of this Magento 2 extension on different sites or domains that are sharing the single Magento 2 installation. If you have any query regarding the functionality and features of this plugin, feel free to contact us at support@knowband.com

It is now time to take a close look of the various features provided by this extension to numerous sellers, marketplace store owners and customers.

Features for store admin-

1. It ensures easy monitoring and management of the vendor list by store admin as well as management of the seller accounts. Also, the plugin provides full control to store admin regarding the viewing and maintenance of the sellers list as per their choice.   

2. The plugin provides authority to store admin for accepting or rejecting seller’s request for adding products. All registration requests arrive at the store admin for getting approval for product addition. It entirely depends on the store admin to approve/disapprove a particular request. 

3. With this plugin, store owners can effortlessly manage commissions for vendors. It also provides the authority to store admin for managing individual commission rates for each seller. Further, admin can set percentage of commission globally for all sellers and can also set separate commission percentage for each individual seller.

4. The extension allows admin to check seller transactions and provides functionality to mark them as paid after the processing of the payment.

5. It is now easier for store owners to manage sellers, seller products, seller orders and commissions due to the presence of its simplified interface.

6. Provides easy seller enable or disable feature through the store admin panel.

7. Allow store owner to put restrictions on product categories for sellers during the task of product addition. Due to these restrictions, sellers can only add products in the allowed categories. Further, it is also possible to implement different restrictions on various product categories for different sellers.

Features of Magento 2 Multi Vendor MarketPlace for Sellers/Vendors-

1. With this 'Register as Seller' option on a registration form, it is now much easier for sellers to register from the front end itself.

2. Provides quick access to the seller information from the front end of the store through the presence of easy to use and highly intuitive seller profile page.

3. Allow easy management of the account profile and products details by sellers.

4. This module facilitates insertion of the product quantity and price into the product list by sellers. Further, it provides complete freedom to a seller for maintaining the product data.

5. Eliminates the requirement for backend login by sellers. Thus, in this way, the seller can manage all the activity via frontend of the store. It also provides a similar login page for the seller as well as a buyer.

6. It provides sellers complete access to the sales information in the form of average revenue per order statistics and items sold through the help of easy to understand graphs. With this detailed report, sellers can have a clear insight into their orders and earnings.

7. The extension offers an easy and simplified interface to sellers where they can view their report, income, revenue per order and items sold in their account in a seamless manner.

8. Offers separate Seller Account pages to sellers such as in the case of the microsite.

9. Added functionality to the seller for adding the desired banner, shop logo and custom HTML content for various seller pages with separate product collection.

10. Allow easy selection of the multiple product categories during the addition of new product or editing of the previously saved product.

11. With this plugin, you can effortlessly add the special price for any product due to the presence of 'Special Price From' and 'Special Price To' dates option.

12. Consists of various options in the seller panel like product enable, disable and delete bulk actions on seller product pages.

13. Provides interactive Seller Transactions Report through the seller panel options.

14. Sellers can easily enter social URLs on their seller pages for enabling the social links. 

15. Offers category and subcategory request through the seller panel.

Features For Buyers-

1. This plugin allows buyers to check the list of all seller along with their rating on your marketplace. 

2. It is now easier for the buyers to search any seller on the marketplace with the help of this plugin.

3. Allow buyers to view the seller details for each and every seller through the help of separate seller page.

4. With this plugin, buyers can customize their email subject and body content from the backend as per their choice and store requirements.

5. It is also easier for buyers to check out the name and rating of the seller on each product page without any hassle.

6. This Magento 2 extension allows buyers to view related products from the same seller on each product page of your store.

7. Further, it also provides an easy option for every buyer to become a quick seller on this Magento 2 marketplace.

Advantages of installing Magento 2 Multi-Vendor MarketPlace Plugin-

1. It facilitates quick to set up of the niche-based Marketplace by store admin and eliminates the need for maintaining an inventory.

2. Allow easy registration of the buyer as seller through the help of created profile. 

3. Eliminates the need for website promotion and maintenance by sellers for selling products online.

4. The module helps in increasing revenue growth and expansion of the customer base by improving the productivity of a seller's business.

5. It consists of a flexible and efficient Email notification system that lets marketplace participants informed about the latest updates and changes in your buyer/seller accounts instantly. 

6. With the help of this email system, store admin can be easily notified about the creation of a new account or while taking any important action like adding a new product, making changes in the product pricing, approval/disapproval of a customer request and other such events. This email notification system provides instant information to vendors regarding new orders, product approvals/disapprovals or any other changes in the seller/buyer accounts.

7. This Magento 2 extension can work effectively with all other available themes (including responsive themes). Further, the open source code of the plugin allows easy customization and changes as per your store requirements and needs.

8. The module comes with the seller feedback and review system with a star rating for providing quick insight into the reputation of the various sellers. Apart from this, it also consists of a separate Seller Reviews page that contains the list of all the approved reviews.

9. Various types of products like Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable, Bundled and Grouped Products are supported by this marketplace extension.

10. Allows easy online shopping by worldwide customers due to the enhanced support for multiple currencies.

Further, if you want any kind of information about this "Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace" extension, do contact us today.



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