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Ajax Popup Loginizer - Magento 2 ® Extensions

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Compatibilidad: Magento v2.0.0 - v2.3.4
Ultima versión: v1.0.0
Actualizaciones disponibles por 1 año Ventas: 0
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Magento 2 Ajax Popup Loginizer 

Often, eCommerce customers provide a pathetic user experience during crucial onsite tasks like sign up process, account registration or login attempts which ultimately affects the user engagement and conversion rates. Thanks to this Magento 2 Ajax Popup Loginizer, customers don't have to face this scenario any more. Today users are impatient and frequent reloading of the pages might irritate and alienate them from your store. With this plugin, user can instantly get a popup interface for SignIn / SignUp / Forgot Password by eliminating the frequent reloading process which in turn makes the sign in and sign up process much faster.


Reasons to Buy Ajax Popup Loginizer
1    Seamless installation and configuration. 
2    Eliminate page reloading required for login due to presence of Ajax.     
3    Supports various versions of Magento like 1.7,1.8,1.9.    
4    Provides simple and seamless Admin user interface and configuration options.    
5    Customization features to make changes in the Link Text.
6    Simple, quick option to show/hide SignUp and Forgot Password Option.    
7    Works with all popular browsers.    
8    No conflict with any another available extension.
9    Feature packed responsive design.
10    Free availability of user Manual.
11  Dedicated and uninterrupted support from our experts.    

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