Custom Change for Make an offer - Part -2
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Custom Change for Make an offer - Part -2

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This custom change need to be done in Knowband “Make an offer” Opencart plugin. Current version of this module allows admin to set a global discount percentage value that shall be allowed to enter by customer inside make an offer field in front end.

Eg: If admin set its value to 10, then in front end, customer will not be able to enter product price below then 90% of actual price, this means that customer can not request for more than 10% offer on the product.

Since this field set this percent value for all products on the site therefore it is not possible for admin to set different discount percentage for different categories or brands(i.e Manufacturer).

To resolve this problem, we need to implement some custom changes in this module so that admin can set different percentage for each category or brand.

Following changes will be made under this custom change:

1. We will remove the default “Max Discount % Validation” field which is shown in above screen-shot.

2. We will give admin an interface to choose desired category or brand and admin will be able to set percent to selected categories or brand.

Please find the interface elaboration below:

1. There will be an Add Rule button.

2. Upon clicking on this Add rule button, a new row will be inserted below which will have two drop down and one input field.

A. First drop down will allow admin to select rule type, its value will be 1. Category 2. Brand. First drop down will be simple select option and will not allow admin to choose multiple values.

B. Second drop down will show values depending upon first drop down selection. Eg: If admin select category in first drop down then second drop down will list all categories on the store. This drop down will be multiple select option which will allow admin to select even more than one or all categories. Admin will also be able to search for some value. Since you have 100+ caetgories, we added this search feature to make it easy for you to search for some category or brand name.

C. Input field will allow admin to set percentage value for the rule. This field can not be leave blank and can not have negative value. Its value must be positive integer and value must be less than 100.

In front end, Make an offer field will be shown only on those products which have any rule created for them. If there is any product for which no rule is created then make an offer field will not be shown on that product page.

If you need to hide make an offer field on some category lets say Category A, then just don’t create any rule for category A. Please note that if you have created a rule for some brand which has products of category A then those products will show make an offer field because you are creating rule for them via brand.

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