Spin and Win - Woocommerce
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Spin and Win - Woocommerce

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Compatibilité: Wordpress 4.8.3
Dernière version: v1.0.0 (16-Apr-2018)
Ventes: 10+


Woocommerce Spin and Win

Woocommerce Spin and Win pop up module is one of the smartest solutions to turn your store visitors into subscribers. The smart lead generation popup motivates the visitors to enter their email IDs in order to play the game and win discounts. You need not annoy your customers with the conventional exit popups. The Woocommerce Newsletter Subscription popup Extension can be displayed anywhere on the site as per the requirement of the store owners. The Spin and Win popup plugin for WooCommerce can even be used as an exit popup.

The WooCommerce exit popup extension intelligently detects the mouse movement of the visitors and displays a roulette-type interface just as they intend to leave the site. The Woocommerce Exit Intent Pop up can effortlessly boost the conversion with an alluring interface that allows the customers to win amazing gifts by spinning the Wheel. The WooCommerce store owners can now enhance their business by increasing the visibility of their promotions. Even a small discount amount is well-appreciated by the customers when it is presented in an enticing way.

Work Flow of WooCommerce Spin and Win extension

  • The working of the Wheelio is easy. The admin can set the display position of the wheelio from the back-end of the Email Subscription pop up Extension.
  • The Woocommerce Exit Intent Pop up can be displayed at the entry, exit of the visitor or anywhere on the site.
  • The store visitors are required to enter their email ID into the Woocommerce Exit Intent Pop up in order to spin the wheel. As the wheel rotates, they can win any prize displayed in the slices of the wheel.
  • The coupon code of the discounts won will be displayed on the spin and win wheel which is sent to the email address of the user.
  • The store visitors can use the discount coupon to claim the prize won by them.


WooCommerce Spin and Win Features

Easy Customization

  • The WooCommerce Spin and Win plugin has a user-friendly interface.
  • So, all the customization can be done at a few button clicks.
  • The admin can easily enable or disable the Woocommerce Exit Intent Pop up by just toggling a button.
  • The admin even gets an option to change the UI by entering custom CSS and custom JS in the back-end of the Woocommerce Entry Pop up module.
  • The Woocommerce Spin and Win Extension allow the admin to set the display interval of the email subscription popup.
  • WooCommerce Spin and Win plugin let the admin allow their customer to hide/show the popup by enabling/disabling the ‘Show Pull-out Tab’ feature.

Email Duplicity Check Option

  • Woocommerce Interactive pop up Extension offers a feature to keep a check on email duplicity.
  • If the Email Recheck option is enabled, then, the customers will be allowed to spin the win only once with a single email address.

Popup Display Options

  • The admin can easily manage the display option of the WooCommerce responsive popup plugin.
  • The Woocommerce Interactive pop up Extension allows the admin fix the display frequency of the popup.
  • The admin can select the minimum screen size compatibility for the WooCommerce exit popup plugin. The spin and win interface will be compatible with all the screen size above the selected one.
  • The admin can even set the display interval of the WooCommerce spin and Win popup.
  • The admin can select the web pages where they want to display this interactive popup.
  • The admin can select the location for popup display and the customer group to whom they want to show the WooCommerce exit intent popup.

UI Customization

  • The WooCommerce exit popup extension allows the admin to change the front-end interface of the popup with ease.
  • The WooCommerce exit intent spin and win plugin comes with a number of default themes and wheel designs.
  • The admin can change the background color, font and button colors.
  • The WooCommerce spin and win plugin even offers an option to display images or logos on the wheel.
  • The admin can change the text displayed on the wheel background.
  • The admin can even display fireworks whenever the customer wins a prize by enabling this feature form the back-end of the Woocommerce Email Subscription pop up Extension.

Slice Setting

  • The fully-customizable interface of the WooCommerce Spin and Win module allows the admin to set the discount to be displayed on the wheel slice.
  • The admin can offer fixed or percentage discount using this Newsletter Subscription entry-exit popup.
  • The Woocommerce Entry Pop up module even allows the admin to set the probability of getting a particular discount on spinning the wheel.

Email marketing

  • Woocommerce Spin and Win Extension has inbuilt email integration support that is, MailChimp and Klaviyo integrators.
  • The Woocommerce Email Subscription pop up captures the customer’s email ID and syncs the data with the MailChimp and Klaviyo account of the store owner.
  • The Woocommerce Newsletter Subscription popup Extension offers a number of default email templates to choose from.
  • The admin can easily boost the email marketing with the help of this WooCommerce email subscription popup.

Statistical Report

  • The Woocommerce Responsive pop up Extension offers a complete report of the coupons generated and used.
  • The report is generated in both tabular as well as graphical format. The admin can easily analyze the result by adding the required filters.


Customer Benefits of WooCommerce Spin and Win Plugin

  • The roulette wheel displayed by the Email Subscription pop up Extension offers discounts to the store visitors without annoying them.
  • The spin and win interface gives an impression of hitting a bargain to the customers.
  • The customers can copy the coupon code on the wheel and can even receive it in their mail.
  • The attractive interface of Newsletter Subscription popup makes shopping fun for the online shoppers.


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