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Product Video - OpenCart Extensions

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Compatibilité: Opencart v2.0.x - v3.0.x
Dernière version: v1.0.1 (14-Aug-2019)
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Opencart Product Video extension

OpenCart Product Video Extension by Knowband is a complete and robust solution to display relevant videos on the product page of the OpenCart store. The store admin can now get close to perfection by offering better product details to the store visitors with the help of videos. With the help of Knowband's OpenCart product video module, the admin can add explanatory videos that can provide a real-life experience to the end-users.

As per reports, adding videos on the landing pages can boost upto 80% of the conversion. Even studies show that 75% of the users prefer watching videos before placing the order. Thus, if you are looking to trigger the purchase intention of the store visitors with an explanatory video, then, the OpenCart product video plugin is the smartest solution. The no-code approach of the OpenCart product videos tab extension allows the admin to incorporate the feature with least hassle.

Configuration Options of the OpenCart Product Video Module

Knowband’s OpenCart product video extension offers a number of easy features. They are discussed in details below:

General Configuration

  • The admin can enable or disable the OpenCart product video tab extension just by toggling a button.
  • The admin gets an option to enter the default video for the products. This video will be shown on the product pages where the video display option is enabled.
  • The store admin can manually include different videos for the different products.
  • The admin gets an option to enable/disable the autoplay option of the videos.

YouTube Setting

  • The admin can display video videos with the help of OpenCart YouTube Video plugin.
  • The display control options can be enabled/disabled at a button click.
  • The admin can display or hide the video name. This functionality can be incorporated at a button click from the back-end of the OpenCart product video module.

Vimeo Setting

  • OpenCart Vimeo video extension allows the admin to display Vimeo videos on the product pages.
  • The admin can even display or hide the video frame border from the front-end of the site.

Daily Motion Setting

  • The various display options can be changed easily from the admin interface of OpenCart Daily Motion video plugin.
  • The admin can hide or show the video info as per requirement.
  • The store admin even gets an option to enable/disable the End Screen and autoplay option.


Admin Benefits of Opencart Product Video Extension

  • OpenCart Product video upload module allows the admin to display product relevant videos without making any code changes.
  • The videos allow the merchants to offer best possible product details to the prospective customers.
  • The real-life feel of the products boost the confidence of the customers in the product and enhances the chances of conversion.
  • This is one of the ways to increase the customer engagement.
  • The ease of management and video display reduces the manual effort.
  • OpenCart product page video extension allows the e-merchants to display YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion videos with least hassle.


Customer Benefits

  • Product videos provide a better insight of the products to the customer.
  • With better information, the customers can place the order without any confusion.
  • With an insight of the usability of the product, the customer can make an instant purchase decision.


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