One Page Advanced Checkout  - OpenCart Extensions
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One Page Advanced Checkout - OpenCart Extensions

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Compatibilité: Opencart v2.0.x - v3.x.x
Dernière version: v1.4 (22-April-2024)
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Opencart One Page Checkout

Do you want to simplify the checkout process at your Opencart store? Knowband's OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension is the perfect option to incorporate a smart and quick version of checkout at your eCommerce store. It shows a responsive checkout popup without any additional page loading which reduces cart abandonment and drives customer engagement for your store. Getting frustrated with the overwhelming number of steps, most of the customers are compelled to exit out of the store. So, why not to improve the checkout process of the site? OpenCart responsive checkout popup results in more visitors completing their orders, hence driving an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Features of OpenCart One Page Advance Checkout-

1. OpenCart One Page Checkout module incorporates a responsive ajax based checkout popup on the frontend which displays as the customer clicks "Add to Cart" button for any product.
2. With One Page Checkout for OpenCart, you can allow or disallow newsletter subscriptions for your store.
3. OpenCart simplified checkout module can be quickly enabled or disabled with the toggle button provided at the back-office.
4. OpenCart responsive checkout popup offers guest registration feature which automatically registers the customer and sends the password for future use. 
5. The guest checkout feature added using OpenCart fast checkout extension can be enabled or disabled as per needs.
6. Using this extension, you can include custom CSS code to OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout.
7. The testing mode of OpenCart Single Page checkout module allows you to test the modifications before making it live for the customers. This module allows you to test the advanced checkout functionality on a specific IP.
8. OpenCart simplified checkout module provides social login options including Google and Facebook which are configurable from the backend.
9. OpenCart fast checkout extension lets you show/hide payment and shipping address fields differently for logged in and guest customers of the store.
10. These custom address fields added using OpenCart One Page Supercheckout can be marked optional or mandatory from the back-office.
11. One Page Checkout for OpenCart eases you in adding any payment and shipping methods for the customers which can be configured from the backend. 
12. OpenCart responsive checkout popup allows you to set a desired title and logo image for each of the payment and shipping methods which is added to the supercheckout page.
13. The ship2pay feature of OpenCart quick checkout extension allows you to map payment method corresponding to each shipping method selected by the customer.
14. OpenCart responsive checkout popup extension offers a configurable cart whose fields can be shown differently to logged in and guest users of the store.
15. One Page Checkout for OpenCart includes an order comment field on the responsive checkout page.
16.  OpenCart One Page Checkout module supports multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility.
17. OpenCart quick checkout extension offers a responsive layout for the checkout popup.
18. The MailChimp Integrator feature of OpenCart Single Page checkout can be configured from the back-office. You can set the API key and the list corresponding to the Mailchimp seller account.

Benefits of OpenCart quick checkout extension to Admin

1. OpenCart fast checkout extension controls the cart abandonment rates which subsequently causes more customers to convert.
2. OpenCart responsive checkout popup opens as an ajax-driven form without causing any page reloads.
3. With OpenCart One Page Checkout, you can offer payment and shipping methods of your choice during product checkout.
4. Using Mailchimp Integration functionality of OpenCart One Page Supercheckout module, you can effectively increase newsletter subscriptions for your store.

Benefits of OpenCart responsive checkout popup to customers
1. One Page Checkout for OpenCart offers a fast checkout way to shoppers so that they get the products in hands without facing any checkout complications.
2. The layout of OpenCart One Page Checkout is device responsive which means it is compatible with mobile or tablet devices.
3. The layered checkout popup incorporated using OpenCart fast checkout extension provides step-by-step visibility of steps and hence a clean checkout structure to customers.
4. OpenCart Single Page checkout form is easier to understand for customers.


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