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MockingFish - Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool - OpenCart Extensions

MockingFish - Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool - OpenCart Extensions
  • OpenCart MockingFish - Heatmap et l'outil de test A / B permet à l'administrateur du magasin de suivre le comportement des utilisateurs de leur site Web.
  • Avec l'aide de l'extension OpenCart Heatmap et de l'outil de test A / B, les responsables de magasin peuvent tester leurs sites sans aucune difficulté.
  • Le plugin OpenCart affiche le résultat, les statistiques en conséquence.
  • L'extension OpenCart facilite l'analyse du résultat par le magasin et optimise son magasin en conséquence.
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Compatibilité:Opencart v1.5.3 - v2.2.0.0
Dernière version:v0.3 (24-Nov-2017)
Mises à jour disponibles pour 1 an Ventes: 100+
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Opencart MockingFish - Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool

Mockingfish is a Heatmap and A/B Testing tool which allows its users to track user behaviour on their website and shows useful statistics. To use Mockingfish web service, website admin needs to add a small script code to their website. Without Technical and coding knowledge, it is hard to add that script to the website but with the help of this module Opencart admin can do this task within minutes and that too without any technical assistance.

Module is very easy to install and use. Installation steps are not different, it can be installed just like any other standard Opencart module. Installation steps is also included in the code.


1. You must have an active Mockingfish account. Know more about MockingFish at https://www.mockingfish.com

2. If you don't have an account, create an account from http://app.mockingfish.com

3. After creating an account, create an project and experiment with the provided interface. Upon successfull experiment creation, you will receive a script to add to your website. Copy it from there.

4. Now install and edit this module on your Opencart website, and add the copied script in the given field.

5. Click save button.


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