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Product Size chart - Magento ® Extensions

Product Size chart - Magento ® Extensions

Les administrateurs du magasin Magento peuvent augmenter la confiance des clients, augmenter les ventes et réduire les retours en créant un tableau des tailles complet car il est vraiment frustrant pour un client si le produit ne convient pas bien. le tableau de taille attrayant et les ajouter à la page du produit Principaux avantages pour l'administrateur:

  • Interface conviviale>
  • L'administrateur peut facilement ajouter des images et des lignes directrices
  • L'administrateur peut définir les attributs de taille selon les exigences
  • L'administrateur peut configurer les graphiques de taille en toute simplicité
  • L'administrateur peut créer plusieurs chartes de tailles selon les besoins et les mapper avec les produits ou les fabricants individuels
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Compatibilité:Magento v1.7 - 1.9
Dernière version:v1.0.0 (12-Feb-2018)
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Magento Product Size chart

This magento extension is really useful to create size chart and add them to product pages. Admin has an option to insert images, text, headings or guide lines which will be mentioned below the attributes when the customer views the size chart for the product.

  • Provide size chart on the product pages.
  • Size chart can be created easily by admin from backend.
  • Option to add images, guide lines or any html content to size chart popup.
  • Size guides for a category of products, a single product or a manufacturer.
  • Unlimited number of columns and rows can be added to the charts.
  • Multistore and Multilanguage support.

Benefits for Admin-

  • Merchant can easily create the size guide charts just by entering the values which he wants.
  • Merchant can also set the size chart for a particular product or a particular category or a particular manufacturer.
  • Merchant can add any number of column and row according to his need.
  • While creating the chart merchant can always view the preview of the chart from the backend interface only.
  • Chart can also be supported by any amount of text and images.

Benefits for Customers-

  • Customers can view the size chart and then decide their choice regarding the product.
  • It has a great interface which will let the customer to easily view and understand the guidelines.
  • It will be available on all of the product pages which will make the customer's store experience better.

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