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Ebay - Shopify Integration
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Ebay - Shopify Integration

L'application d'intégration eBay Shopify offre une solution intelligente aux propriétaires de magasins Shopify pour connecter leur boutique Shopify au marché eBay .Les principales caractéristiques de l'extension eBay Shopify sont les suivantes:

  • Interface conviviale
  • Téléchargement de produit basé sur le profil
  • Liez facilement les catégories de magasins Magento aux catégories eBay
  • Gestion complète des spécificités et des conditions d'eBay, telles que les attributs, les fonctionnalités, les produits, la valeur eBay d'eBay et bien d'autres valeurs selon l'exigence
  • Gestion de la livraison, le module d'intégration eBay permet à l'administrateur du magasin d'ajouter plusieurs méthodes d'expédition pour la boutique eBay
  • Gestion des commandes, l'administrateur du magasin peut gérer les commandes depuis le magasin Shopify
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Ebay - Shopify Integration

eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California. The company manages eBay.com, an online auction and shopping website in which sellers from across the globe can list their products for sale. Consumers do get a huge collection of the products at a single platform where they can compare the prices of the products and select the best product for themselves. eBay has 500+ million product listings with great deals on items consumers may need and they can love to buy.


eBay Shopify Module:

If you have an online Shopify store and you are looking forward to growing your business by starting to sell your products on eBay store then this extension will surely match your expectations. eBay has more than 160 million consumers across the globe and by listing your products on the eBay store you can give a tremendous boost to your business and revenue. eBay Shopify extension provides a medium to the sellers to list their products on the eBay store by following simple steps. Sellers can list their products with required details like price, description, quantity etc. by using this module instead of using the CSV file upload which is time taking. 


Key features of the eBay Shopify extension:

  • eBay Shopify module help sellers to list products from Shopify store to eBay store
  • Upload Shopify store product attributes and categories to the eBay store under the eBay store attributes and categories
  • Manage products listed on eBay store from your Shopify store Store
  • Update the inventory on eBay store from Shopify Store
  • Synchronize product details, inventory, price in one go
  • Sync eBay store order details to the Shopify store order details
  • Manage the shipment for the eBay store orders from the Shopify Store
  • Define shipping methods as per the availability of shipping methods, for this eBay Shopify extension provides a separate tab from where sellers can add multiple shipping methods
  • Update order status for the eBay store orders in the same manner as you update for your Shopify store orders
  • eBay Shopify module has the feature to create profiles to synchronize Shopify store categories to eBay store categories


Benefits for the Sellers:

  • Easy to install
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy update of product details and inventory from the Shopify Store
  • Effortless product and inventory management
  • Manage shipping for the eBay store orders from Shopify Store
  • Keep a track of the orders and inventory from the Shopify Store
  • Profile based product upload option
  • Define shipping methods for eBay store in easy steps
  • Sellers can check the inventory status for the products listed on eBay store from the Shopify Store
  • Seller can check the products listing and the status of the listed product from them Shopify Store, if any product does not get listed due to some error then seller can easy check the reason of the error
  • Seller can update order status of the eBay store orders in the same manner as for the Shopify orders
  • Seller can crate profile for the product listing and have the permission to edit, enable or disable a profile



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