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Walmart - Shopify Integration

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Walmart Shopify Integration App 

Walmart Shopify app provides an easy interface to the sellers to synchronize their store with the Walmart marketplace. This app helps the store admin to list the products with ease; sellers can easily list variation products to Walmart. Shopify Walmart app allows profile-based upload of the products. The advance feature of the app allows store admin to manage the Lag time, advance promotional pricing, Shipping overrides, Buy Box report and order syncing from the Walmart.

Flow of action:

1)  Installation: Kindly install the app to your store. Knowband offers 7 days free trial for the Walmart Shopify app.

2)  App Setup:  To set up the app Walmart Consumer Id, Walmart Secret Key and Consumer Channel Type are required. Please refer to the help section to understand the process to get these details from Walmart.

3)  Product Syncing: This step syncs all the products of your store to the Walmart Shopify app, so that you can map the products to the Walmart category. After successful syncing of the products, the Import summary will be displayed on the screen.

4)  App Interface: After successful syncing of the products, next step is to map the Shopify store attributes to the Walmart marketplace attributes. The app interface has following tabs to make the process smoother:

    Ø  Dashboard

    Ø  Products

    Ø  Orders

    Ø  Feed

    Ø  Reports

a)      Dashboard: Dashboard shows the graphical report for the orders and listing status of the products.

b)     Products: Product section has following tabs:

Ø  Attribute Mapping: This section allows mapping of the Shopify store attributes with the Walmart attributes. To complete the mapping, admin first needs to select the Walmart category and attribute and accordingly select the Shopify store attributes.

Ø  Profile: Walmart Shopify app supports profile based uploading of the products. Profile helps to map the Shopify store products with the Walmart category.  Admin can map the products based on the product type of the Shopify store. Based on the selected category all the attributes created under the Attribute Mapping tab will appear in the attribute section.

Ø  Manage Products: All the products mapped with a category will be listed under this tab. From here, the admin can sync the products to the Walmart. Admin can sync the products in bulk or individually. This tab also provides the option to edit the Product Price, Change Product Profile, Price Syncing and Inventory Syncing.

Ø  Manage Lag Time: Admin can manage the Shipping lag time by using the Manage Lag Time. Please refer to the below article for the Lag Time Exception:

Ø  Buy Box Report: Admin can get the latest Buy-box report by using this option. Admin can also enable re-pricing feature for the buy box products. To set the re-pricing feature admin needs to set the minimum and maximum price for the product.

Ø  Manage Promotional Price: Promotional price feature allows the store admin to run special promotions. Admin can select the type of promotion fixed value or percentages based along with the start and end date. Promotion can be applied to the all the products or on selected products.

Ø  Tax Codes: Tax codes are mandatory to list the products on Walmart store, admin can check the tax code for the sub-categories from the Tax code section.


c)      Orders: Admin can sync Walmart orders to the Shopify store by clicking the Pull orders from Walmart.

d)      Feeds:  Admin can check the Walmart feeds from the Feeds tab.

e)      Reports: Admin can check the sales report based on the days, month or year. Admin can also check the product wise sales report. 


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