Walmart Magento Integration - Magento 2 ® Extensions
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Walmart Magento Integration - Magento 2 ® Extensions

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Compatibilidad: Magento v2.0.0 - v2.3.4
Ultima versión: v1.0.2 (18-Sep-2019)
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Walmart Magento 2 Integrator

Magento 2 Walmart Integration extension by Knowband enables the Magento 2 eCommerce sites to sell their products at The user-friendly interface of the Walmart Magento 2 integrator enables synchronization of the products, their related details, orders and shipping overrides between the two sites with ease. So, if you own a Magento 2 site and you are willing to sell your products to a larger audience base, then, Knowband's Walmart Magento 2 connector is the smartest solution for you.

There are cron options incorporated in the Magento 2 Walmart synchronization extension that makes it easier to keep the two stores in sync with one another. However, in order to list the products on Walmart, the admin needs to have an account at the marketplace.

How to register on Walmart Marketplace to become a seller?

In order to register on Walmart, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Visit ( and click “Apply Now” button.

2. To complete the registration process you need to fill up “Primary Contact details”, Business Information”, “Product Assortment”, “eCommerce & Marketplace experience” and “Operations” details for which format is already defined by Walmart.

3. You can easily complete your registration by completing above listed steps.

  • Once you have been approved as a Seller, sign up for the Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement. You will receive an "Invitation to Sign Up" email that will contain next steps and a designated window for signing up.
  • Register on Seller Center and integrate your items and fulfillment system with Walmart.
  • As soon as after completing testing you are ready to go live, your products will be available for sale.

Please refer to the link below to start selling on Walmart Marketplace:

You can also refer to the Walmart Knowledge Base for the details:

Features offered by Knowband’s Magento 2 Walmart Integration Extension 

Marketplace Connection

The Walmart Magento 2 integration extension enables the store admin to setup the connection with ease. The integration can be established by sharing the customer ID and other related in the back-end of the Magento 2 Walmart API integrator.

Real-time Bi-directional Synchronization

  • The Walmart Magento 2 API integrator offers bi-direction synchronization between the store and the marketplace.
  • The admin can easily sync the inventory with the marketplace.
  • The Walmart orders can be synced back to the site with the cron offered by Magento 2 Walmart integration module. The Walmart Magento 2 synchronization extension bridges the gap between the two stores and keeps them in sync with each other.

Shipping Management

  • The admin can create N number of shipping overrides in the back-end of the Magento 2 Walmart integration plugin.
  • These shipping methods can be synced with the marketplace by executing cron in Walmart Magento 2 synchronization plugin.
  • The store owners even get an option to map the shipment carriers of the store with that of the marketplace.
  • Additionally, the Magento 2 Walmart integrator even allows the site owner to update the shipping lag time of the products listed at the marketplace. The lag time refers to the time taken in initiating the shipment after the order was placed.

Profile-based Inventory upload

  • Walmart Magento 2 integrator takes a profile-based approach for uploading the inventory in bulk.
  • The products and their related details like images, descriptions, and others are listed in one go. The inventory is managed in bulk via the profiles created in Walmart Magento 2 API integrator.
  • Admin gets an option to map multiple categories of the store with a single category of the Magento 2 Walmart connector.
  • Even the attribute mapping of the products’ can be done by just clicking a few buttons in the back-end of the Walmart Magento 2 integrator.
  • The store owners even get an option to list the products at custom prices. The e-merchant can increase/decrease the price of the product by a fixed or percentage amount from the back-end of the Magento 2 Walmart API integrator.

Inventory Management

  • The Magento 2 Walmart synchronization plugin enables the admin to renew, delete or edit the products with ease.
  • The simple products and product with variations just by clicking a button from the admin interface of Magento 2 Walmart connector.
  • The change in prices or other related details is synced with the with the crons implemented in the Walmart Magento2 connector.

Order Management

  • With the cron offered by Magento 2 Walmart integration module, the admin can sync the orders of Walmart with the site.
  • The processing of the orders can be done like other orders of the eCommerce store.
  • The order status is fixed by the store admin can be synced with the marketplace with the cron options offered by Walmart Magento integration module.

Feed Management

  • Every time a cron is executed, a feed is created in the back-end.
  • The admin can view the status of the feeds in a separate tab of Magento Walmart integrator.

BuyBox Report

  • If the same product is offered by more than one seller, then, Walmart displays the products at the same place. This makes it easier for the customers to compare the price of the product and shop at a competitive price. This is known as BuyBox
  • The store owner can obtain the BuyBox report from the marketplace by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento 2 Walmart integration plugin.
  • The e-merchants can even reprice the products in order to win the BuyBox at a button click with Walmart Magento 2 integration plugin.

Cron Options

  • The Walmart Magento 2 integrator offers a number of cron jobs that ensures easy synchronization of information.
  • These synchronization options offered by setups two way integration and keeps the Walmart shop up-to-date as per the changes made in the back-end of the Magento 2 store.

Tax Code

  • The admin can view all the product tax codes in the Product Tax Code tab of Magento 2 Walmart synchronization module.

Audit Log

  • The status of the various tasks running in the back-end of the Magento 2 Walmart integrator can be viewed in the audit log section of the Magento extension.

Additional Benefits of Magento 2 Walmart Integration Module

  • The admin can select the default language for your Walmart shop.
  • The Walmart Magento 2 Integration Module comes with a free support of 3 months.
  • The user-friendly interface of Walmart Magento 2 connector is easy-to-use and understand.



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