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Compatibility: All WordPress Versions till 6.1.x
Latest Version: v2.0.4 (05-July-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 2500+
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Customizable Home Screen

Custom Color & Font Options

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder allows the admin to change color & font of the app whenever desired. With attractive choices, the look and feel of WooCommerce Android app can be enhanced to a next level.

Dynamic Home Screen

The home screen of WooCommerce Mobile App can be crafted as per the running occasion or festival. The store admin can design multiple layouts in the admin panel and use the relevant one on the app. Catchy graphics can be used to design home screen.

Custom Tab Bar

The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker provides easy and quick navigation among various app screens along with a custom tab bar. It also improves user shopping experience keeping all relevant tab at one place.

Countdown Timer Banner

Offer a flash sale (timer-based sale) on the Android app home screen. This will create a sense of urgency for the users resulting in boosting sales.

White Label Solution

With WooCommerce Mobile App Creator, launch a fully branded app referenced to website brand, logo, name, graphics etc. The developed app will be published on Google Play store even under admin developer account.

User-Friendly Interface

Quick Social Login

With quick and easy login options, the online shoppers can access the app just in a few moments. The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder offers Facebook and Google login to make the task hassle free. Just one tap is required.

OTP & Fingerprint Login

Along with social login, apps offer more security and ease with Phone no(OTP) and Fingerprint options. The users just need to verify either of them to login app.

Clutter-Free Screens

The app users need not fumble into unnecessary screens as the app has uncluttered navigation. The user journey from opening app to placing an order is as simple as it could get.

Multi-lingual & RTL Support

Amplify the reach of your business to a larger user base with multi-lingual supported WooCommerce app. These apps even support RTL (Right To Left) writing style.

Layered Navigation

With multiple sort and filter options in WooCommerce Android app, the users can simply find the desired product. Thus, online shopping becomes more easy and fun for users. .

Easy Shopping Experience

Multiple Payment Methods

Reduce the rate of cart abandonment by bringing various secure & reliable website payment options on the app. Thus, the WooCommerce Mobile App Creator basically offers every payment method required.

Multiple Shipping Options

Allow app users to choose among various shipping methods while checkout. The Free WooCommerce Android App Maker brings active shipping methods on the app.

Custom Payment method

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder also allows store admin to get native payment method added specifically on the app. This will be done as a custom change over a fair additional cost.

One-page Checkout

The online shoppers never like lengthy checkout process. To avoid this, the mobile app with WooCommerce Mobile App Builder has inbuilt one-page checkout making the order submission facile.

Multiple Promotion Options

Unlimited Push Notifications

Generate potential leads through the app with personalized push notification updates on the offers, sale and other highlights. This feature can prove to be very efficient when it comes to boosting sales and revenue.

  • Automated Order Creation Notification
  • Automated Order Status Update Notification
  • Automated Abandoned Cart Notification
  • Custom Manual Notification

Product Social Sharing

The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator offers social sharing of products on the mobile apps. It will help in product promotion whenever user shares products with their friends & relatives on various social networks.

Coupons/vouchers Support

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder supports all website active coupons and vouchers on the mobile apps as well. Customers can grab the same website offer here on the app.

Easy Inventory Management

Real-time Synchronization

The free WooCommerce Mobile App Maker offers real-time synchronization between website & mobile apps. Hence, all the changes made on the website will automatically be reflected on the mobile app.

Real Time Synchronisation

Hassle-free Management

The admin need not waste much efforts and time in manual inventory management. Thus, all the changes/additions made on the store will be updated instantly on the app.

Automatic Inventory Management

Additional Features

Zopim & WhatsApp Chat

Allow app users to connect with store admin directly in case of any queries or concerns. The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator offers two inbuilt 24*7 chat options with Zopim(Zendesk) & WhatsApp.

Order Tracking

The mobile app developed with WooCommerce Mobile App Creator for Android provides order tracking. With this functionality, the user can simply keep an eye on the previous order delivery status.

Voice Search (Android Only)

The Free WooCommerce Android App Maker comes up with a voice search allowing users to find the desired product with just a voice note.

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