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Compatibility: All WordPress Versions till 5.8.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (20-July-2022)
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WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration Module

How is the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin beneficial?

The eBay WooCommerce Connector makes managing and connecting to eBay easier. As a result, vendors may reach a larger worldwide consumer base and increase sales on the website. Additionally, they have a sizable audience of prospective clients for the company. That sounds fantastic, doesn't it? In actuality, the sellers receive a ready-made network with a built-in clientele to market the goods. No need to put forth the effort or construct a platform. The only steps required are to register, map the items, and begin selling.


Stunning benefits of the WooCommerce eBay integrator:

  • With only a few taps, the products may be listed in bulk.
  • A program that lists the things on the eBay Marketplace.
  • It enables the management of eBay Marketplace inventory right from the WooCommerce store.
  • It enables the fulfillment of orders placed through the WooCommerce store on eBay.
  • Efficiently control the eBay Marketplace price structure.
  • Publish your items easily across various eBay storefronts

How does the WooCommerce to eBay Synchronization work?

To configure and work with the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration Extension, the shop administrator must create the API keys. The eBay WooCommerce Integration also needs the eBay API key, eBay API secret, and eBay API host to be set up, and after properly setting the plugin, shop administrators may quickly sync goods, inventory, product price, and other necessary details to the eBay marketplace in one go. The cron configuration in WooCommerce eBay Integration Plugin may be used to modify the products on the eBay Marketplace.

Features of the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin

Steps to sync the products to Ebay Marketplace

Profile Management

Using the profiles management function of the WooCommerce eBay Integration module, the store administrator may establish many profiles and modify the settings to show the products. Additionally, when needed, he may add the Currency, Language, and Shipping Profile.

Bulk listing of the products

Items from the WooCommerce shop may be effortlessly listed on eBay by the administrator. He can examine and map out every item in the store on the platform.

Category Mapping

To ensure that every store item may be mapped to the relevant eBay category for listing on the eBay Marketplace, the shop administrator must match the WooCommerce website category to the most pertinent eBay store classification. 

Product Description Template

The HTML template can be added to the summary by the store administrator. The WooCommerce to eBay Synchronization supports HTML templates. Moreover, streamlines the management of the product description on the eBay shop for the store administrator. The store description may be sent to the eBay store using the placeholders as well.

Price Management

On their WooCommerce website and the eBay marketplace independently, the store administrator may easily save multiple prices for the same items. 

Return Management

You may configure the return attributes from the WooCommerce eBay API Integration if you accept returns for items purchased from your eBay shop. The shop administrator may include the Return Description, Return Within (in days), Refund kind - Money back, Replacement, and Exchange using the eBay WooCommerce Integration.

Payment Methods

Using the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin, the admin can set the different payment methods as per his choice.

Items Specifics

Using the extension, Specifics, and Variations may be added to the postings. The Woocommerce ebay Integration addon provides an interface where the administrator may choose the particulars according to the chosen eBay category.

Orders Management

The shop administrator may import orders from the eBay Marketplace using the orders management tab of the module. It is possible to sync the revised order status to the eBay Marketplace after the WooCommerce store has modified the order status. For the same purpose, there are two CRON accessible.

Sync Orders CRON

The admin may synchronize the eBay orders to the WooCommerce shop using the CRON of the eBay WooCommerce Integration. The shop administrator may view and change the order information from the module after the orders have been synced to the WooCommerce store.

Order Management using WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration

Sync Order Status

Once the order has been sent, the administrator can modify the order status on the eBay marketplace. The admin must launch the Order Update CRON found in the synchronization tab of the Knowband extension to accomplish the same.

Order Status Mapping

The eBay WooCommerce Integration module's Order Status Mapping tab enables the shop administrator to choose the order status that will be shown for eBay orders after importing those orders to the store. The admin can map the Order Shipped status and the Order Default Status (for paid and unpaid orders).

Order Default Status

When syncing transactions from the eBay shop to the WooCommerce store, the admin can choose which order state to synchronize. The unpaid orders from the eBay store are the ones with this order status. According to their WooCommerce store, the admin can choose any of the order statuses. 

Order Paid Status

When orders for paid orders are synchronized from the eBay shop to the WooCommerce store, the admin can choose which order state to synchronize. The administrator might prioritize sending the order to reduce delivery delays and raise the seller's rating on the eBay Marketplace.

Order Shipped Status

The admin may choose the order status that will be revised on eBay Marketplace for a specific order after executing one from the WooCommerce shop. An intuitive user interface for the transaction mapping is provided by the WooCommerce eBay Connector.

Product Listing using WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

Product Listing

The plugin's product listing tab shows the goods' listed status. The admin may access the products associated with the various profiles under this page, along with information on their eBay ID, Listing Status, eBay status (Active, Ended), Enabled or Disabled, and the ability to Enable/Disable/Relist/Renew. The administrator can execute the CRON or press a button to list a single product or all of the items. Different CRON are provided by the WooCommerce to eBay Synchronization to make the procedure hassle-free for the store administrator. The following is a list of CRON kinds. All of these CRON is also accessible via the eBay WooCommerce Connector's Synchronization page.

Local Sync

Local Sync will be used to sync the shop item with the module. Admins may use local sync to synchronize the goods from their WooCommerce store to the WooCommerce eBay API Integration. This tab is accessible from the synchronization tab of the WooCommerce Etsy Integration plugin.

List Products

The product listing functionality effortlessly showcases all of the goods from the module on the eBay Marketplace. For instance, variants, inventory, and product descriptions.

Revise Products

The state of the items posted on eBay is shown in the Product status field of the Product Listing page in eBay Woocommerce Integrator. If the admin has made any modifications to the item, these items will exhibit the status as Updated. These goods will be listed on eBay with the amended details using the Revise Product CRON. The plugin enables bulk or individual product revisions for the shop administrator.

Relist Products

The admin must activate the Relist Products CRON to relist the products on eBay. The plugin enables bulk or individual product relisting for the shop administrator.

Get Listing Report

For the admin to monitor the status of the listed items from the WooCommerce shop itself, this CRON will change the listing status on the module.

Advanced Features of the WooCommerce eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin

Shipping Template Management

From this page, the administrator may establish shipping profiles in eBay WooCommerce API Integrator, which can then be mapped to the various profiles generated under the Profiles Management. The plugin will prompt the administrator to sync the shipping profiles with eBay as soon as they are created. To establish profiles for the mass posting of the items, these shipping profiles will be employed.


The module's Synchronization page provides CRON options that may be used to automate the administration of orders and product listings. This page also includes a description of the CRON parameters for each procedure. The module can assist the administrator in automating the eBay selling process. On the Synchronization page in WooCommerce eBay API Integration Module, there are also instructions for adding the CRON.


1- How to set up a seller account on eBay Marketplace?

Below are the steps to create a seller account on eBay:

  • Go to the link https://go.developer.ebay.com/
  • Click on the “Register” button and fill the form.
  • After filling in the valid data click on the “join” button. It will be redirected to the application creation page.
  • Enter the application name and click on create key set under the Production section, a new form will be opened
  • Enter the details and click on Continue to create Keys. The application keys will be shown
  • To create a user token, click on User Tokens and Sign in to Production to get a token
  • Fill in the details and click on “Sign in to eBay to get a Token"
  • On clicking Sign in and filling in details you will be redirected to your eBay account

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