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Marketplace Integrations:

Scratch Coupon - Shopify

Scratch Coupon - Shopify
  • With the help of Shopify scratch coupon app, the store admin can incorporate the option of scratch coupon in the front-end of the website. The store visitors can scratch the coupon with their mouse movement to win alluring discounts.
  • The robust Shopify app is easy to use and the look and feel of the scratch coupons can be customized as per the need of the store admin.
  • The Shopify email subscription pop-ups for Shopify makes it easier for the merchants to capture the email IDs of the customers by providing them with an interactive interface.
  • The email IDs can be easily synced with the MailChimp account of the admin with the help of inbuilt MailChimp integrator.
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Shopify Scratch Coupon

Shopify Scratch Coupon App is the smoothest way to encourage your customers to stay on shop and purchase more products by availing discount coupons. It provides an interactive interface that asks the user to scratch the card using the cursor and find out how much discount he has won. To get the discount coupon, the customer has to provide his email address and that’s it, coupon will be shown. The user can apply this discount coupon on his purchase from the store.

This App is a fun way to engage your customers and improve your conversion rates leading to joyful customers.



  • Multiple themes at front.
  • Pull out tab feature to exit scratch coupon.
  • Email Recheck makes sure that a user will get the coupon only once.
  • Customization options to customize the scratch box.
  • Success Message is shown after sending the coupon
  • Provides three options to Generate custom coupon codes: Fix Percentage, Percentage Range, and Fixed Price. 


Salient Points:

  • Adds a scratch and win interaction block on the store's front.
  • Allows the customers to scratch the coupons using mouse cursor.
  • Asks for customers email address to send the coupon code.
  • Sends personalized emails with coupon code included.
  • Admin can set cart rules for the generated coupon codes.
  • Option to allow or restrict free shipping on the coupon.
  • Edit email templates from the backend itself.
  • Detailed reporting system generates graphical reports for coupon usage, conversions etc.
  • Customize look, feel, and text of the front block from backend itself.


Additional Benefits:

  • Responsive layout to show the scratch card even on mobile devices.​
  • Integrated customization to personalize the look and feel of the scratch card.
  • Option to customize the messages on the scratch card.
  • Efficient reporting system to visualize the coupon performances using graphs.
  • Easy to use both by the admin and customers