Product Availability Check by Zipcode - Prestashop Addons
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Product Availability Check by Zipcode - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v8.1.x
Latest Version: v3.0.0 (04-Jan-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10000+
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Product Availability Check by Zipcode Module

Product Availability Check by Zipcode module allows the store admin to add a popup to check the availability of the product in the customer's locality while visiting the website and before adding it to the cart. This module is useful for the admin as well as the customer. If you have items that can be shipped to the selected locality because of any reason like - requirement in a specific area, shipping cost, government regulations, etc, then you can allow the customers to check the availability of the item in their locality before adding the product to the cart. It will save the time of the customers and improve their purchase experience in your store.

Module working:
1) Enable the "PrestaShop Product Availability Check by Zip Code module" from the back-office.
2) Create zones and map the zip codes to the zones. (Admin can map the zip codes manually or in bulk via CSV)
3) Map the products to the zones. (Admin can map the products to the zones manually or in bulk via CSV)


1. Show Popup for Zipcode: Admin can display a popup on the website as soon as the user visits the home page. 

2. Adds Product Availability Check Block on the product page: The PrestaShop module adds a block on the product pages to let the customers enter a zip code and check the shipping availability of the product in that particular region.

3. Create zones & map zip codes to zones: PrestaShop zipcode addon allows the store admin to upload the zipcodes in bulk via CSV or admin can add zip codes manually.

4. Map products to the zones: The store admin can map the products to the zones. Products that are mapped to the zones will only be available for that particular zone.

5. Display delivery period: The PrestaShop zipcode module has an option to show/hide the estimated delivery date.

6. Add Disabled Products: If the store admin does not want to show this Availability Check by Zipcode functionality on certain products, then he can add these products into Disable products from the back office of the module.

7. Custom CSS and JS: This PrestaShop extension has the option to add Custom CSS and JS codes to customize the look and feel of the ‘Product Availability check by zipcode’ box.

8. Easy Management of Shipping Availability: With the PrestaShop Availability check by zip code, the admin can restrict the shipping availability for particular zip-codes.

9. ZipCode Auto-fill Feature: The autofill feature of the PrestaShop Product Availability addon automatically fills the zip code field for the user and checks product availability for every product you visit on the store.

10. 'Check Cart' Functionality: If the product is not available in a specific location, then the product will not be available for checkout if the ‘Check Cart’ functionality is enabled from the back office.

11. Easy to Install and Configure: This PrestaShop plugin is easy to install and configure.

12. Multi-store Compatibility: PrestaShop Product Availability addon is a multi-store Compatible.

13. Compatibility with PrestaShop Themes: Compatible with all the PrestaShop themes.

14. Supports Multi-languages: Provides multi-language compatibility.

Benefits to the Merchant

  • The Prestashop extension offers the admin to display the number of days with the delivery date of the product if the product is available.
  • Using Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator Addon, admin can search, edit, modify Zones.
  • Admin can search, edit, modify Zip-codes.
  • Admin can search, edit, modify Product-Zone Mapping.
  • This Prestashop module saves customers from the frustration of discovering about the shipping at the later part of the checkout process.
  • Prestashop zipcode validator plugin helps to improve site's UX by providing a quick shipping availability check on the product page itself.
  • The Prestashop product availability module lets your customers know about estimated shipping date instantly.
  • The Prestashop zipcode saves cost on Shipping by restricting a product's delivery to the limited Regions/Zones only. 

Benefits to the Customers

  • Customers can easily check the availability of a product at any location just by entering its Zip-code.
  • Customers can know the estimated date of delivery of the product using Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator.
  • Customers need not go to the checkout page to find out the shipping availability.
  • Customers can know the date of delivery of the product in advance from the respective product page itself.​

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