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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v8.1.x
Latest Version: v4.0.7 (25-June-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10000+
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Prestashop Return Manager Addon

Returns take place in massive numbers in the eCommerce sector. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores where customers can examine a product physically and purchase it only after being completely satisfied, the impossibility of such an option results in a higher number of returns in the online market.

Customers can have various reasons for returning any product. It can be a size issue, a defective or damaged product, dissatisfaction with the product, etc. Managing the returns can be extremely difficult if returns are excessive. To help you manage your returns effortlessly, we present the PrestaShop Return Manager addon.

PrestaShop Return Manager is a feature-packed addon that helps you handle customer returns quite comfortably. It offers tons of features to ease up the return process. The Return Manager Module has been downloaded 500+ times on the PrestaShop addon store. 

What is new in the version v3.0.5:

Order Cancellation from the front end (customer end):

The latest version of the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) module allows the customers to request for the order cancellation after placing an order. The admin can set the order status on which order cancellation request can be raised if the order status does not meet the defined order status condition then customers will not be able to raise the order cancellation request. After needs to approve the Order Cancellation request only after that order will get canceled. 

Use case: Let say admin has set up the order status Processing and Awaiting Payment for the order cancellation so if a customer would like to cancel the order then he/she can cancel the order until the order status is Processing or Awaiting Payment.

Order Cancellation flow:

The PrestaShop Return, Refund Module allows the customers to cancel the order for a limited period. In case the customer has placed an order and would like to cancel it immediately or after a short period then they can cancel the order from My Account section. 

Admin Features:

  • The admin has the choice to enable or disable the order cancellation feature. 
  • Admin can set the order status on which the order cancellation request can be raised. For example, the admin can select the particular order status like Processing, Awaiting Payment, or any other order status, if the order status condition will match then only the order can be canceled by the customers. 
  • Admin can add the reasons for the cancellation and customers can select the listed reason or define their reason for the order cancellation. 
  • Admin will approve the order cancellation request only after the order will get canceled. 
  • Email Templates - The Return Manage (RMA) for PrestaShop offers email templates for the Cancellation Request notification for Customer and Admin. Cancellation Request approved or Cancelled. 
  • [New]: Email Templates – Return Manager Module allows admin to send test email while setting up the return status emails.
  • [New]: Admin can add a custom text using placeholders in the return status emails templates.
  • [New]: Check return and cancellation count at one place from the admin panel.
  • [New]: Admin can set the order status from which the return policy will start counting it time duration.
  • [New]: Advanced search option in the admin panel.


Key Features of PrestaShop Return Manager Addon:

1. Provide a return choice to your customers

PrestaShop Return Manager addon lets you provide three return choices to your customers: Credit, Refund, and Replacement.

While placing the return request, customers would be prompted with the options to get store credits worth the product amount or they can simply ask for a full refund or replacement.


2.  Create your return policies

You can set up the return policies and highlight the return terms and conditions on the order return page. Specify the period within which the customer can expect the desired return.


3. Ask customers for the reason for return

With the PrestaShop Return Manager module, you can add some of the common return reasons and display them in the return form. Customers can, hence, easily pick out their return reason from the drop-down list.

Asking for a Return reason will help you figure out the issues with the product so that you could rectify them to avoid such happening again in the future.


4. Specify who should be paying the shipping charge

For every return reason, you can specify whether the shipping should be paid by the customer or you can choose to pay yourself. The PrestaShop return manager Addon allows the online store merchant to set the return reasons according to requirements.

5. Create a return on behalf of the customer

PrestaShop Order Return Manager allows merchants to place the return request on their customer’s behalf if they are facing any kind of issue while placing the return request.

The customer just needs to provide his/her email address and reference id to the merchant.


6. Image upload option to highlight the defect

The Return Manager for PrestaShop allows customers to upload the image of the damaged/defective product to be specific about the return reason. It will help the merchant to understand the issue in the product in a better way.

7. Check your pending returns

All the return requests raised by the customers will be displayed under the Pending Returns list. From there, the admin can approve or deny a return, and check the return reason and comments left by the customers.


8. Check your active returns

Returns approved by the admin will be reflected under the Active Returns List. This section consists of the options to deny a return, change the return status, checking the return history, and finishing up the return process.


9. View all the successful returns at one place

Admin can view all the completed returns under Archives List. In addition to this, the admin can filter out the data for a specific period.


10. Allow customers to cancel the return request

With the PrestaShop Return Manager module, admin can allow customers to cancel the return request. The online store merchant can activate or deactivate this option from the admin interface of this PrestaShop order return manager Module.

11. Allow customers to raise a new ticket

If a customer has some concerns regarding the product return even after the return request has been approved, he or she can create a new ticket and submit his/her query.


12. Set-up multiple store addresses for return convenience

The merchant can add multiple store addresses. These store locations will allow customers to choose their nearby store while they place the return request.

Once the return is approved, a return slip is generated that contains the return guidelines and a return label. A customer needs to affix the label to the package and send it to the chosen store address.


13. Craft your emails

Deliver mail to your customers at every return stage.

PrestaShop Return Manager comes up with 6 in-built email templates. You can design your email content accordingly.


14. Make additional changes through Custom CSS/JS

The Custom CSS/JS option enables you to make further changes in this RMA extension.


15. GDPR Compliant

PrestaShop Return Manager addon is GDPR compatible, responsive, and compatible with all browsers.

16. Enable disable product selection for replacement: In case of a replacement, the online users can select specific products if this the option is activated from the admin interface of this Prestashop order return manager addon.

17. Enable Disable complete order return: The online users can also return the overall order if the online store admin activates this option.

18. Custom Field: The online merchant can create multiple custom fields from the admin interface of Prestashop refund order Extension. The store merchant can set custom field block names, apply validations, and also set a default value(if required). Admin can make any field as a required field.

What’s New in the version v3.0.4:

Now the online store admin can allow the online users to select products from their orders for replacement. The online users can also return the overall order if he wishes to do so. They can select all the products for return.

In the updated version of Prestashop return manager Addon, the online merchant can also create custom fields. Admin can set custom field block titles and also edit or delete the custom fields. Admin can also set a default value and validation type. 

Benefits of PrestaShop Return Manager for the merchants:

1. PrestaShop Order Return Manager makes it easy to handle customer returns.
2. PrestaShop RMA addon increases customer loyalty.
3. The option to get “Store credits” for the defective product helps you improve customer retention.
4. Rectify the product issues by knowing the return reasons.
5. With the help of the PrestaShop Product Return Manager, you can find out the exact issue in the product by providing customers with the option to upload the image of the defected product.

6. [New]: The Return Manger module allows the admin to set order status for return policy to start.

7. [New]: The admin can send the test email before making it live.

8. [New]: Admin can access the module from the left menu of prestashop store.

Benefits of PrestaShop Return Manager for the customers:

1. PrestaShop Return Manager extension makes it easy to place a return request.
2. Availability of three types of return choices like credits, refund, and Replacement.
3. PrestaShop Return Manager provides customers with the option to highlight the defect by uploading the image.
4. Customers will get notified about every stage of the return process.
5. Customers can select a nearby store address for shipping the damaged product.
6. Customers can return a particular product from the overall order.

6. Customers will have the option to cancel the order for a short period. The customers need to go to the My Account >> Return Manager section to cancel the order. 

If you need any help or have any queries regarding this module, you can contact us anytime at

Our team will be more than happy to assist you.


How the RMA Module can help the store admin to increase customer satisfaction?

In an eCommerce store, RMA (Return Merchant Authorization) plays a vital role. Sometimes, the Customer rises the product return/refund/replacement request. The reason for the return/refund/replacement can be the defective product, wrong product, size issue, late delivery or customer did not like the product. In these cases, he/she may visit the web store to get a refund or return on the product. If your web store doesn’t have an RMA system, this can put a negative impression on the customer's mind and indirectly affect your store sale. So, to improve the customer experience and in order to encourage the customers to continue shopping with your web store, it is a must for the eCommerce store owners to provide a flawless RMA interface to their customers.

The Prestashop Return Manager Addon provides an option for the online merchant to manage return requests for any order placed by registered or Guest customers on a PrestaShop store. This Prestashop order return manager module facilitates the PrestaShop store admin to add or create the own return policies, return slip, return reasons and emails as per desires. Apart from this, this Prestashop order return manager addon allows the eCommerce seller to manage the multiple refund/return/replacement requests at a time with ease.

Prestashop order return manager addon is also helpful for the EU merchant to comply with the EU Laws. As per the EU law, it is mandatory for the store owner to offers a 14 days return/cancellation period to the customers. So fulfilling this feature your store must have the RMA system, the Prestashop return manager addon offers the customer an easy to use interface for initiating the return/refund/replacement request and it also allows the online store owner to manage the customer return request form the backend of the Prestashop addon. This Prestashop order return manager module gives the power to the admin to set the own return policy and reason with ease. 

Prestashop Return Manager Addon is Compatible with GDPR: Our Return Manager addon is compliant with GDPR. As per the GDPR requirement, the export and delete hook has been integrated into this module so that on the data deletion request of the GDPR module (Official GDPR Module by Prestashop or Knowband GDPR module) the customer details from the Return Manager module will get deleted. If you are using the Knowband GDPR module then the customer, as well as the admin both will be able to download the return request details.  Apart from this, the Customer can request the admin to delete personal data from their store. 


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1. How to set up the Return Request?

You can follow the steps below to set up the return request using the PrestaShop Return Manager Module:

  • Install the Return Manager module.
  • Click on the ‘Configure’ button.
  • Enable the module.

Set all the requires setting to set up the return request such as, file upload, allow Customer to Cancel Return Request, order status selection, product selection for replacement, complete Order Return, Order Status on which return is allowed, Allowed Return Method, etc.

Save all the above settings for customers to initiate the return request.

2. How to set the order status for which customers are allowed to return?

You can set the order status for which customers can initiate if his/her order is in that particular status. In module ‘General Settings’ you can enable the option ‘Enable/disable Complete Order Return’ and from the dropdown, you can select the order status for which you want to allow the customer to initiate the return request.

3. How to set up the return status emails?

You can set up the emails that will be sent to the customer for the return request confirmation and the return request status. Navigate to the option “Email Templates” and here you can edit the predefined emails temple for the provided status of the return request.

4. How can customers and admin communicate while processing a return request?

The customers and admin can communicate while processing a return request. In the module ‘General Settings’ please enable the option ‘Enable/Disable Chat Feature’ to allow customers to interact with the admin.

5. How can a customer send an attachment with a refund request?

The PrestaShop Return Manager module allows the admin to provide an option to customers to upload a file while submitting the return request. In the module ‘General Settings’ please enable the option ‘Enable/Disable File Upload’ to allow customers to upload the file while submitting the return request.

6. Can I configure the return policies based on category or products?

You can add the return policy for any particular category or product, the PrestaShop Return Manager modules provide an option to add the product ids or the category is that you want to exclude from a particular return policy. 

Please visit the section How to apply on policy for any product/category in the user manual for more details.

7. Can I allow return within a specific interval from the date of order?

Yes, while creating a return policy you can set the minimum and maximum days applicable to this return policy for different options as shown in the form.

8. How to customize the return reasons?

Yes, the Return Manager Addon allows admin to add their customized return reasons for the customers. 

Please refer to the section Return Reasons in the user manual for more details.

9. How to offer an exchange or store credit option while returning the products?

The Return Manager module allows the store admin to select the ‘Allowed Return Method’ from Credit, Refund, or Replacement. In the module ‘General Settings’ please select the desired return method from the option Allowed Return Method’ that you want to provide to your customers.

10. How to create a return on behalf of the customer?

You can create a return request on behalf of the customer from the admin panel itself if they are facing any kind of issue while placing the return request. The customer just needs to provide his/her email address and reference id to the merchant.

Please refer to the section How to Create a Return in the product user manual.

11. How the customers will be notified if the return request has been approved or denied?

PrestaShop Return Manager module has an option to send an email notification to the customer. The merchant can design the predefined email template for the return request status to send an email notification to the customer to share the return request status.

Please refer to the section How to edit an Email Template in the user manual.

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