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One Page Supercheckout - Prestashop Addons
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One Page Supercheckout - Prestashop Addons

  • Prestashop One Page Checkout Addon incorporates a single page checkout, eliminating multiple steps involved in the checkout process of a store.
  • Allow buyers to quickly complete their order with the help of social login options such as Google and Facebook.
  • The MailChimp Integrator functionality of One Page Checkout helps admin to capture more number of subscribers for their store.
  • [NEW] It offers Free Shipping Progress Bar which compels your customers to add more products to avail free shipping.
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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.5.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v6.0.7 (29-Aug-2020)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 5000+
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Prestashop One Page Checkout ModulePrestashop One Page Checkout

PrestaShop One Page Checkout focuses on simplifying the checkout experience of your customers by optimizing your checkout page. A merchant can remove unnecessary fields from his checkout page and display the whole checkout content on a single page.

There are some additional functionalities in the updated version of Prestashop One Page Checkout:

1. Redirect the customer to the checkout page rather than the cart: When a customer hits the checkout button on the product page, it redirects them directly to the checkout page. With the feature disabled it will redirect to the cart page. This feature is available for PrestaShop v1.7.x.x.

2. Register with Payment Address Name: PrestaShop store owner can enable customers to register using the Payment Address Name. The delivery address was used as the default registration information. But now if admin desires he can allow the option on PrestaShop One Page checkout to use the name of the payment address to register.

3. Enable/disable validation for CIF/DNI/NIF: The admin can now enable CIF/DNI/NIF validations on his checkout page which will verify if the identification number CIF/DNI/NIF entered by customers of Spain is valid or not.

4. Abandoned Checkout Statistics: The Prestashop One Page Checkout offers statistical reports for analyzing the abandoned cart and order rates. The admin can compare abandoned cart rates and order rates. Throughout, they can predict whether their online business is heading in a positive direction of growth or his business is incurring losses.

5. Checkout Behavior Report: This feature helps in tracking the behavior of its customers who left their cart abandoned. The module shows a percentage value of provided information by the online users who left their cart abandoned. So that the admin can remove the ones which are not filled by the customers and are unnecessary.

6. Login with Paypal: Now you can allow your customers to log in through Paypal as well along with Google and Facebook.

Prestashop One Page Checkout

Features that make PrestaShop One Page Checkout a go-to option for your store:

1) Guest Checkout: Let people who hesitate to create an account check out quickly and easily with the Guest Checkout facility. The One Step Checkout also supports the Login for the existing customers, and Account Creation option for the new customers.

Prestashop One Page Checkout


2) Social Login- Facebook and Google: Allow users to sign-up/sign in to your store easily with their Facebook or Google account and save their time from a lengthy registration process.


Prestashop One Page Checkout


3) Supports all major payment methods: PrestaShop One Page Checkout covers almost all the payment methods to give customers a lot of options to choose from, while they make their payment. 

  • PayPal, Advanced Paypal, AIM, Boleto, PayU, Stripe, Sage Pay, Mobilpay, Ogone, Pago Facil, ePay, ccAvenue, Quickpay, Firstdata, Paysera, Braintree, Moneybookers, Mercado Pago, Redsys, 2Checkout


4) Provide multiple shipping services: PrestaShop simplified checkout is compatible with nearly all the shipping services.

  • Mondial Relay, So Colissimo, Ulozenka Delivery, Zasielkovn Delivery, LP Express 24 Delivery, Paczkomaty InPost, Zasilkovna, Poczta Polska (owppoczta),  Webshipr, Paczka w Ruchu


5) Display the errors up-front with Inline Validation: Customers often make mistakes while filling out the checkout form. Inline validation would point out the mistake in real-time and help customers to rectify it.

Prestashop One Page Checkout


6) Set priority for the checkout fields: PrestaShop One Page Checkout gives you to the option to arrange your checkout fields. If you are not satisfied with the checkout sequence, you can pick a field and place it on the desired position using the Drag and Drop functionality.

Moreover, you can mark a checkout field as Mandatory or Optional. A customer would not be able to process further if he leaves a field that has been marked mandatory.

 Prestashop One Page Checkout


7) Customize the cart summary: Mark the fields that you want to display in the customer's cart summary and unmark those that you want to avoid.

Prestashop One Page Checkout


8) Update product quantity right from the checkout page: Want to make changes in the product quantity without going back to the product page? PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon allows customers to update their cart easily on the checkout page itself.

Prestashop One Page Checkout


9) Google Auto-address fill: Google Auto-address fill displays address suggestions as soon as a customer starts filling his address details. It catches the typed characters and displays relevant results. The zip code and the city column is fetched automatically once you pick the suggested address.


10) Auto-Detect country: PrestaShop Quick Checkout offers the "Auto-Detect country" feature that automatically detects a user's country based on his/her IP address. The "country" section is already filled in when a user lands on the checkout page.


11) Choose from the 3 types of layout designs: PrestaShop One Page Checkout offers three types of layout designs: 1-column, 2-column and 3-column. Design your layout and select the best fit for your checkout page.


12) MailChimp, SendinBlue and Klaviyo Integrator: Collect customer data straight into your MailChimp, SendinBlue or Klaviyo account as soon as they submit their details.


13) GDPR Compliance: The One Page Checkout Module is GDPR compliant. 


14) Validation for CIF/DNI/NIF: The merchant can now enable validation for CIF/DNI/NIF. This Prestashop simplified checkout addon will check if the identification number CIF/DNI/NIFentered by customers during the checkout process is valid or not.


15) Abandoned Checkout Statistics: PrestaShop One Page Checkout now offers the store owner an extremely beneficial feature through which they can track the checkout conversion rates, number of abandoned checkouts, abandoned revenues, number of orders and revenue earned from those orders. Here, we provide a clear graphical comparison of the following information:

Abandoned Revenues vs Order Revenues
Number of Abandoned Checkouts vs Number of Orders
Checkout conversion

The store owner can choose to view the above mentioned graphical details for a particular day, week, month and year.


16) Checkout Behavior Report: Now e-merchant will be able to get a clear idea about how many fields the customers are filling. It gives the admin a clear idea about which particular checkout step the customers backed out and left their carts.


Additional Features: 

When it comes to checkout optimization on any e-commerce website, there are a lot of things that can be done. As per the research, 70% customer abandons because of the complex and multi-step checkout process. So, there is various scope for the improvement. If your checkout seems long and annoying, then the customers would not like to go through it. Hence, it’s very important for every e-commerce website to have easy and simple checkout process.

One page checkout is booming in every e-commerce industry. Having a complex and multi-step checkout process could lose the customer’s interest in purchasing. One of the reasons for the cart abandonment is because of the lengthy and complex checkout process of the website. This Prestashop one-page checkout addon is could be one surefire way to reduce the risk of cart abandonment rate of the website.

Prestashop one page checkout addon makes it easier for the customers to complete their checkout process quickly as Prestashop one page checkout module removes all the unnecessary steps of the checkout process. Prestashop Quick checkout addon places all the steps of the checkout at a single page. Prestashop one step checkout module serves a much simpler shopping experience to the customers. Moreover, Prestashop Quick checkout addon improves the conversion rate of the website also. Single page checkout addon optimizes the entire checkout process.

Prestashop simplified checkout addon is also compatible with Mondial Relay like shipping methods which show iframe or pop-up on selection.

Show/Hide any FieldsThe Prestashop Quick checkout addon offers to decide which fields you want to display on the checkout page. The Prestashop one page checkout module is having the functionality to disable optional fields like Company, Fax, etc. The Prestashop simplified checkout addon even allows the admin to reorder the arrangement of fields on the checkout page. For Example, Phone Number can be placed just before First Name field, etc.



Customize buttons: Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon offers to change the color of the button(s) on the checkout page to match them with your store’s theme or template's color scheme by using color picker tool. No coding knowledge is required. All that can be done from the back-office of the Prestashop single page checkout addon without touching the base code.



Mailchimp Integrator: An inbuilt MailChimp integrator is offered in this One Step Checkout Prestashop Extension to send customer's email ids directly to your Mailchimp account either when customer come out from email field or when he places an order after selecting the checkbox for newsletter subscription. If some customer logins via Google or Facebook button, even then his email will be sent to your MailChimp account.



Change Shipping/Payment method name or image: Our Prestashop one page checkout module allows admin to change shipping/payment methods name or thumbnail image easily without any change in the code. The Prestashop responsive checkout addon even allows the admin to have a simplified name for your payment method and give it a nice logo image.


Make any field optional: There is an option in Prestashop one page checkout extension using which admin can make any field optional or mandatory. For example, you can make the Phone Number field either optional or required to fill.


Sort address fields: The Prestashop store admin can also manage to sort of all address fields using drag and drop feature offered in this Prestashop fast checkout addon. Just drag and drop a field to take it to your desired position in the form.


Address Fields Layout Changes: This feature allows admin to change the address fields layout from 1-column to 2-column. For example, fields like First name & last name can be shown in a single row, Country &state in a single row etc. 


Drag and Drop: One Page Checkout Prestashop addon allows the admin to change the position of all the blocks using drag and drop features. Simply Drag and Drop a block to show it on your desired position on the checkout page.



Custom CSS and JS: There is an option in the admin panel of the Prestashop One Page Checkout addon to add custom CSS style and JavaScript to the checkout page. Admin can use this feature of the One Page Checkout Prestashop addon to make desired changes without editing the Prestashop one page checkout module's code.



Ship2pay: Using this feature of Prestashop one step checkout module, the admin can disable payment methods based upon customer shipping method selection. That is, the admin can map some particular payment options with some particular Shipping options on the store.



Set Condition for Free Shipping: Prestashop Supercheckoutgives an option to set a minimum amount for showing free shipping banner at the checkout page. By showing the free shipping banner, customers are compelled to add more products in order to avail free shipping benefit on their purchase. The result is shown in the form of a progress bar. As soon as the buyer reaches the set cart limit, they are provided free shipping on their order.


Custom HTML:  This Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon is having the option to add custom HTML block at multiple places. This feature of the Prestashop responsive checkout addon can be used by the admin to promote any product, display any promotion, OR provide any custom message to the customers on the checkout page.



GDPR Settings: We have upgraded our Prestashop one page checkout module as per the GDPR standards. 

“The GDPR is clearer that an indication of consent must be unambiguous and involve a clear affirmative action (an opt-in). It specifically bans pre-ticked opt-in boxes. It also requires distinct (‘granular’) consent options for distinct processing operations. Consent should be separate from other terms and conditions and should not generally be a precondition of signing up to a service.

Recording Consent:
We keep a record of when and how we got consent from the individual.
We keep a record of exactly what they were told at the time.”


This Prestashop one page checkout module offers the admin to add multiple opt-in options. He can add, edit or delete any of the policy whenever needed. Admin can also make the opt-in optionsoptional or required.

Customer Consent Field: 

“The customer consent must be:
Expressive: The pre-marked opt-in boxes are no longer valid. Specific: Each of the form requires specific information for the specific purpose. 
Verifiable: You must be able to prove that you have get it as required by the RGPD. Which means you must keep the track of all the obtained consent.”

The Customer Consent Field is offered in this One Page Checkout Prestashop module to let the admin view the accepted customer consent details along with customer name, email id, order number, accepted consent, time as well as a date too.
You must keep clear records to demonstrate Customer Consent:


Testing mode: This Prestashop one page checkout module has a testing mode using which the admin can test our Prestashop quick checkout module on their live site without affecting their ongoing business. If the testing mode is enabled, all customers will go to default checkout of Prestashop while the admin can test our Prestashop one-page checkout addon page on a specific URL which will be shown in our Prestashop one page checkout module's admin side.

[NEW]One Page Checkout module can now be tested on a specific IP.



FAQ tab: We understand the value of your time and therefore we have added all basic queries related to our one page checkout Prestashop module in our admin panel so that you don't have to contact us for small issues/queries. 


Custom Fields: This Prestashop simplified checkout module offers the system admin to add any number of custom fields on the checkout page.


Features of the One Page Checkout Prestashop Addon -

Google and Facebook Login: Prestashop Quick checkout addon allow your customers to sign-up or log in using their social account in Google+ and Facebook.



Inline Validation with error messages: Our one page checkout Prestashop module also has the inline validation which shows proper error message along with tick and cross sign so that customers can quickly identify their mistakes while filling the form.



Automatic Country Detect: By enabling this feature, the user country is automatically detected and filled in the “Countryfield” provided at one-page checkout. Auto Select Country functionality works based on the customer IP.


Google Address Autofill: This auto-fill feature can be enabled automatically fill the address fields at the supercheckout page. The auto-fillup functionality uses Google Places Integration services for which Google API Key has to be configured from the backend.


Ajax Based update: Our Prestashop one step checkout addon uses Ajax based Shopping cart updates so no more irritating page reloads would hamper your customers' shopping experiences. This Responsive one page checkout Prestashop addon offers the customers to update the product quantity, or remove a product from the cart without going through a necessary page reload.


Free Products: Our Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon is compatible with free products. This Responsive one page checkout Prestashop addon has the feature which doesn't show payment methods if there are free products in the cart.


Virtual/Digital Products: This Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon is compatible with virtual/digital products. In a case of only virtual products in the cart, this Prestashop fast checkout addon doesn't show shipping methods and can also hide delivery address form automatically to show only invoice address form. You can also configure it to ask customers only Email Id, First Name, and Last Name.


Customizable products: This Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension by Knowband is also compatible with customizable products and shows complete cart information with all customization details along with an option to change added product quantity or to remove it completely from the cart.


Automatic Customer Registration: Our Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon has an option to register guest customers automatically. If enabled, this Responsive one page checkout Prestashop addon generates a random password for the guest customers and sends it to the customers on their provided email address.


Multi-lingual Support: Our Prestashop Quick checkout addon is compatible with multi-lingual support feature.

Show shipping methods for saved address: One page checkout allows you to display the shipping methods only after the customer saves the address.

Default shipping and payment method: This quick checkout addon Prestashop has the ability to set which shipping and payment method should be selected by default for customers.

[NEW]Show shipping methods for saved address: One page checkout allows you to display the shipping methods only after the customer saves the address.


Reduce abandoned cart: Study shows that more than 60% abandoned cart is because of the complex or slow checkout page, since our Prestashop fast checkout addon makes checkout process easy and fast, hence reduces abandoned cart rate.


Increase Sales: Our Prestashop fast checkout addon helps admin to increase conversion rate on their Prestashop store.


Multiple Layouts: Choose how many columns you want to show to your customers and also define the column size. Define which section appears where. Choose from 1 Column, 2 Column and 3 Column layout options.


SEO and SSL: Our Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon is compatible with SEO url structure and can also be used if SSL is enabled on the website.


Newsletter and voucher field: One Step Checkout Prestashop addon has the option to show newsletter and voucher field on the checkout page.


Complete Cart summary: Prestashop One Step Checkout addon shows full cart summary, show product image directly or when the customer "move cursor over product name".


Show/Hide total tax field: Admin can show/hide the total tax field in the cart summary at one checkout page.


Mobile Responsive: Quick checkout addon Prestashop is fully responsive and compatible with all devices and browsers.

Custom Fields: We have added a new in this Prestashop one page checkout addon called as “Custom Fields”. This tab of the one step checkout Prestashop module adds up the functionality in our module to Add, Edit, or Delete custom fields on our Prestashop fast checkout addon’s checkout page right from the back-end. The admin can now: 
  • Add as many custom fields in different sections of the checkout page
  • Edit a custom field already added
  • Delete any custom field already added
  • Provide a field label to the added custom field
  • Add help text for the newly added field
  • Define position of the field on the checkout page
  • Define validation type of the field
  • Make it as a required or optional field
  • Gift message feature: Admin can allow the customers to add a gift message with their order. Moreover, the admin has the option to check that message on order details page. 
  • Option to create 'Date' and 'File' type custom fields.


[NEW] Get a statistical picture of Abandoned Carts: The admin can get a clear picture regarding his website’s abandoned cart revenue and order revenue all in one place. Here we provide a detailed comparison of the abandoned carts vs the number of orders.

[NEW] Get checkout behavior report of your website’s customers: Helps the admin in tracking the behavior of customers while they are checking out the products. It depicts how far the customer wants the checkout process also tells the admin the exact point at which the customers left (if any).


Customer benefits of One Page Checkout Prestashop Module :

  • Prestashop One Page Checkout addon offers fast and secure One page Checkout
  • One Page Checkout Prestashop addon provides In-built Facebook/Google+ Login
  • Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon offers product image preview in the cart section
  • Prestashop Quick checkout addon offers an option to apply coupon code from the checkout page
  • Prestashop simplified checkout addon offers the option to change product quantity in the cart
  • Quick checkout addon Prestashop allows the customers to remove any product from the cart
  • Prestashop One Page Checkout is Mobile/Tabs Responsive
  • Prestashop fast checkout addon is compatible with all browsers
  • Customers can send a custom gift message along with their product.
  • The Prestashop one page checkout addon is very conducive for the users as it offers much simpler checkout process. This Prestashop fast checkout addon offers the users to view the whole cart summary at the checkout page, where he can easily modify the cart and apply the coupon as well.
  • Registered customers can easily update or delete the saved address for their future orders.

The Prestashop one page checkout addon is very conducive for the users as it offers much simpler checkout process. This Prestashop fast checkout addon offers the users to view the whole cart summary at the checkout page, where he can easily modify the cart and apply the coupon as well.

To be very honest, this Prestashop one page checkout module can work wonders for your Prestashop store. The fast checkout Prestashop module not only replaces the multi-step checkout process with the single page responsive layout but also encourages the customers to complete the checkout process quickly.

Prestashop one page checkout module not only aims at usability but also offers the mobile-friendly environment to the users. The Prestashop simplified checkout addon optimizes the checkout process as there are no unnecessary checkout steps to fill.

In short, if you want “visitors” coming to your store should convert into a long time “customer”, then buying this Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon module will definitely transform your inner dreams into reality. So, try Prestashop One Page Checkout now and keep growing your business forever and ever!!

Mobile Responsive One Page Checkout Prestashop addon with Facebook/Google+ social login option, MAILCHIMP, and Ship2Pay can be used with any PrestaShop theme & any payment method. If you face any issue with your theme or payment method(s) we are always here for help.


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  • Wow this developers are the best!!!! The module is great and works perfect!rnI ask for tech support and they help me like in minutes and did more that I ask, I’m very happy with the module and the tech support service. I fully recommend this module since is great and in case you run in to issues, they will fully help you and make you happy. Thank you again for all your help!!!
    - Alma C. (
  • An absolutely great module. I personally had a few glitches setting it up myself but the guys that made the module are on the ball. Great customer service and even fixed the problem that was actually caused by me. Great comunication throughout. Highly recommend to any store owner.
    - Spasoje M. (
  • Wonderfull module and fast support.
    - Ibrahim A. (
  • The module has an excellent development, an updated backoffice appearance, and it's plenty of useful functionalities. The customer support is awesome. I asked for a new functionality and the development team update the module in a few days. Very good purchase.Congrats!
    - Carlos R. (
  • Simple and easy to use, have used this module on other platforms, works great and lots of features. What's a most important, customer support is great. Had other custom modules installed, had all issues fixed in a heart beat. Highly Recommended.
    - Vytautas S. (

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