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Loyalty Points - Prestashop Addons
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Loyalty Points - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.1 (16-May-2021)
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Prestashop Loyalty Points Module

Customer retention and Customer acquisition are the two most important aspects of the e-commerce sector. E-commerce retailers have realized that rewards or loyalty points are necessary to keep the interest of a customer in their brand or to convert a new customer into a loyal customer. Realizing the importance of rewarding loyalty points to customers, KnowBand presents the PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon.

PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon allows you to reward loyalty points to your existing customers as well as the new customers. The loyalty points can be used as a discount voucher during the checkout. 

Features of PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon

The PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon allows you to set your terms and conditions for providing the loyalty points to a customer, can also be called as the loyalty points rules. There are three types of rules: Cart Rule, Product Rule and Behaviour rule. The loyalty points criteria for each rule has been described below:

A. Cart Rule

1. Offer loyalty points based on the total cart amount

  • Offer loyalty points to the customer on spending an amount above the specified amount.
  • For example, you can offer 10 loyalty points to a customer if he or she shops for more than $20. Now let’s say if a customer is looking to purchase a product that has a cart value worth $18, he or she would likely be adding $3 more to take the cart total over $20 and earn 10 loyalty points.

2. Offer loyalty points based on the product quantity

  • Provide loyalty points to the customers after they shop for the specified product quantity. Suppose you are offering some loyalty points on the purchase of 2 products. And If a user comes to your store to purchase a single product, then you can persuade them to add one more product to gain loyalty points.

3. Offer loyalty points based on the Payment method

  • Provide loyalty points when a customer makes a payment through the specified payment method with PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon.

4. Offer loyalty points based on the Shipping service

  • Provide loyalty points when a customer opts for the defined shipping service.

5. Offer loyalty points based on the product weight

  • Define what should be total weight(in grams) of the products to earn loyalty points.

B. Product Rule

1. Offer loyalty points on the selected products

  • You can mention the certain products on which you want to provide the loyalty points.

2. Offer loyalty points based on the category

  • Pick a category, and the loyalty points would be provided only to the products falling under that category.

3. Offer loyalty points based on the product price

  • The value of the product needs to match with what's been set by the admin. For example, if the product value is set to be more than $20, then only if a customer purchases a product more than $20 would be eligible to receive loyalty points.

C. Behaviour rule

1. Offer loyalty points to new users

  • For every new user who does a successful registration, you can welcome them with a loyalty points bonus.

2. Offer loyalty points when a user places his/her first order

  • Convert new customers into potential buyers by offering them loyalty points on their first successful order.

Some more features:

1. Provide loyalty points to specific users

  • By using PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon, you can credit loyalty points in the account of specific users, usually the inactive customers, and entice them to return to your store and make a purchase.

2. Set the discount value for multiple currencies

  • Mention how much value does 1 loyalty point holds in each currency. For example, 1 point can be equivalent to $1 or the same 1 point can provide a €10 discount value.

3. Set the minimum cart amount to use the loyalty points

  • A customer would be able to use his earned loyalty points only if the cart value exceeds the amount defined by the merchant.

4. Choose when do you want to award the loyalty points

  • PrestaShop reward system addon provides you the option to decide at which step the loyalty points should be awarded to the customer, whether after the confirmation of payment or when the product has been shipped or delivered.

5. Check the complete list of users who have earned loyalty points

  • PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon enables you to view the total number of users who have earned loyalty points from your store.

6. Check the entire earning history of a particular user

  • Get close insights into the points earned by a particular customer. Check how many points they earned over time, how many points are available to use and how many have been converted.

7. Customize Email Notifications

  • Make an attractive subject line, craft your email content and deliver an eye-catching email to your users.
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points addon has multi-lingual support with multi-store compatibility.

Benefits of using PrestaShop Loyalty points addon

  • Retain existing customers and acquire new ones
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Increase the average order value
  • Increase your product sales
  • Grow your email list


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