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Opencart Customer Plugins

If you think your customers are the foundation of your business’ success, you are absolutely correct. Whether or not being a player in the eCommerce industry, every marketer tries to meet and identify the needs of the customers because that’s the primary goal in order to take the business to greater heights. Considering customer importance at all stages of the marketing process is what becomes the positive aspect of customer satisfaction and increased sales in the long term.

Knowband offers OpenCart Plugins for your store that would engage your customers with your store in a fruitful way that provides your customers satisfaction and increased subscribers or sales for your store.

Mentioned below are some of the Opencart Customer plugins that are the bestsellers by Knowband.

Opencart Abandoned Cart

In order to reduce the cart abandonment and increase the customer satisfaction with sales, you can get the Opencart Abandoned Cart extension by Knowband installed in your store. The Opencart module allows you to keep a track of the abandoning carts and work towards converting them leads. The store owner/admin can also set reminders that are sent to the customers as emails which help them complete the payment process. Some of the features of the module include - with just a click the customer will be directed to the product page where they can continue the process, email templates can be created to suit the situation, the email can be customized to give a more relevant feeling to the customer with the name, product that he/she left, any discount the admin wants to offer in order to boost the buying instinct and more.

OpenCart One Click Checkout (Buy Now)

The “Buy Now” button you see on the website is the One Click Checkout that leads the customer directly to the checkout page without adding the product to the cart. This is the perfect way to avoid giving time to the customer to think and change his/her mind and taking them straight to the checkout page where the details can be filled in and the payment can be made. The Opencart module keeps the already-existing cart on hold and checks out only for the current product. The Opencart One Click Checkout extension by Knowband is designed with features including - full customization can be done from the back-end, the color of the buy now button can be changed accordingly, the Opencart plugin is mobile responsive and others as well. 

OpenCart One Page Checkout

Are the customers leaving your website from the checkout page? Do you think the bounce rate has increased? Try simplifying the checkout process and see if the situation gets better. The checkout page is one of the most crucial aspects of a website and in order to provide a seamless experience the Opencart One Page Checkout extension by Knowband is what will be the best-suited option. The Opencart module cuts down the steps that are not needed (or can be omitted) on the page. Some essential features of the module are the MailChimp integrator that syncs all the email ids, rich admin panel, social media login and many others.

Opencart Mobile App Builder

Every eCommerce marketer desires to create a huge customer base and gradually increase the same. There are a few ways to do so and one of the most effective ones is a mobile app. With the help of the Opencart Mobile App Builder by Knowband, the admin can create a mobile app that suits best for the website. With the features so rich, it would more accessible for the customers to contact the store and vice versa.

That’s not. Knowband has many other customer extensions for your Opencart store. Find them all.

Opencart Customers plugins

Instagram Shop Gallery - Opencart Extensions Instagram Shop Gallery - Opencart Extensions
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Instagram Shop Gallery - Opencart Extensions

$35.99 $39.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

Previous Next buttons on Product Page - Opencart Extensions

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OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App

$269.00 Ex Tax: $269.00

Gift the product - Opencart Extensions

$29.99 Ex Tax: $29.99

Free Shipping Manager - OpenCart Extensions Free Shipping Manager - OpenCart Extensions
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Free Shipping Manager - OpenCart Extensions

$44.99 $49.99 Ex Tax: $44.99

Elastic Search - OpenCart Extensions
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Elastic Search - OpenCart Extensions

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Cross Sell and Bundle Product - OpenCart Extensions

$34.99 Ex Tax: $34.99

Back In Stock Notification - Opencart Extensions

$29.99 Ex Tax: $29.99

Affiliate and Referral program - OpenCart Extension

$49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99

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