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Abandoned Cart - OpenCart Extensions

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Compatibility: Opencart v2.2.0 - v4.x.x
Latest Version: v1.4 (29-April-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 2500+
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Opencart Abandoned Cart Module

Imagine if shopping in the real world were the same as shopping online. You walk into a supermarket or a department store, start filling up your shopping cart, only to be suddenly distracted by a puppy wearing a cute little Hat in Aisle 3. You promptly forget about whatever it is you were thinking of buying, watch the Puppy for a while, then walk out of the store.

Admittedly, this scenario is… unlikely. However, this happens all the time in the world of eCommerce. Despite your best-laid plans, users visit your site, start shopping, then close the tab so they can watch the latest trailer for Season 3 Stranger Things, never to Return.

This is what shopping cart abandonment is. Shopping cart abandonment is when shoppers ad an item or items to a website's shopping cart, but leave before finishing the transaction.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to overcome. Unfortunately, it’s also impossible to mitigate against entirely – some people will inevitably abandon their carts before crossing the line and making a purchase.

With the help of OpenCart Reduce Abandoned cart addon, you can see a significant reduction in your shopping cart abandonment rate. By sending reminder emails, you will be able to follow up with those prospects who have failed to complete the purchase and left their cart abandoned. 

Know your Customers

Analyze User Behavior

By using OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension, you can track your pending carts and understand the shopping choice and needs of your customers in a better way and provide them with an effective solution.

Recover Your Lost Sales

With OpenCart Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder extension, you can track and recover your lost sales by sending discounted and non-discounted follow-up emails to abandoned cart users.

Increase Conversions

By reducing the high cart abandonment rate using OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension, you can potentially improve conversions on your store.

General Configurations

Set the duration to mark cart as abandoned

OpenCart abandoned cart reminder extension lets you specify a time interval after which the cart is automatically marked as abandoned. The duration could be set to hours or days.

Automatic Email Follow-ups

OpenCart Abandoned Cart email follow up extension lets you send reminder emails automatically after the specified time.

Serial Reminders

Send discounted and non-discounted emails

OpenCart Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder extension lets you create discounted and non-discounted emails. The former email is a general reminder email while the latter contains a coupon code to encourage the user to make a purchase.

Specify Minimum Cart Value and Delay time

You can specify the minimum cart value for which a particular email type needs to be sent. The delay time indicates the duration after which that particular reminder email would be sent to the abandoned cart user. The discounted email covers all the options included in the non-discounted email. In addition, there are options to choose the discount type (fixed or on a percentage basis), coupon value, coupon validity and free shipping option.

Customize Email Templates

The Abandoned Cart module lets you customize the content of your reminder emails. You can create your own subject line and modify the email content as per your preference.

Abandoned Cart Statistics and Analytics

Track Abandoned and Converted Carts

OpenCart Abandoned cart recovery email extension provides you with a list of the abandoned cart users and converted carts. It displays the user’s email, user type (Guest user or registered customer), email reminder status and last visit made by the user. From the same tab, you can send a discounted and non-discounted email, check the pending items in the cart and remove a particular abandoned cart.

Amazing Analytics View

OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension provides following comparisons in the form of pie charts: Abandoned Cart vs Converted Cart and Abandoned Cart Amount vs Converted Cart Amount. It also displays a bar graph showing the abandoned carts and converted carts throughout the year. You can also filter out the data for a specific period.

Additional Features

Check used and unused coupons

By visiting the coupons section, you can check how many coupons have been sent to the abandoned cart users and out of which how many have been claimed and how many are unused. You can also view the date on which coupon was sent and the date on which that particular coupon code will expire.

Android Quick Login Options

Codeless Integration

You do not require making any source code modifications or technical changes to implement OpenCart Abandoned cart module on your website. Once incorporated, the abandoned carts are automatically tracked and you can comfortably get in touch with the abandoned cart users. You can also enable or disable this module anytime with just a single click.

Android OTP & Finger Print

Test Mode Functionality

OpenCart Abandoned cart extension provides the test mode option allowing you to set an email ID for testing purposes. This email is used for testing the follow-up cart abandonment emails.

Android OTP & Finger Print


Multi-lingual and Multi-store compatible

OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension has multi-lingual support and also provides multi-store compatibility.

Responsive and Compatible with all themes

OpenCart Abandoned Cart is a fully responsive plugin supporting mobile, tablets as well as desktop. It is also compatible with all the OpenCart themes.


1- When would a shopping cart be marked as abandoned by the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension?

If the customer adds a product into the shopping cart but leaves your OpenCart store without placing an order for the product then the shopping cart will be marked abandoned by the extension. You can specify the time delay after which the pending shopping carts will be marked abandoned. You can specify this time-delay from the Settings tab in the back-end.


2- How can I set up the settings of the OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension?

In the back-end, there are various settings including General Settings, Email Template Settings, Serial Reminder settings, etc. You can open each of the settings and configure them according to your preferences and business needs.


3- How can I offer discounts and coupon codes in the follow-up emails?

With the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module, you can send discounted as well as non-discounted emails. In the discounted emails, you can highlight an exclusive discount and a coupon code to encourage the shoppers to purchase the product. 

In the Email Templates tab, you can customize the content of the discounted email.

Please refer to the section “Send Discounted E-mail” in the user manual.


4- What would happen when a customer purchases the pending products and completes his purchase?

After the customer comes back to your store and purchases the product, the abandoned cart will be considered as converted and will be shifted from Abandoned Cart to Converted Cart section in the back-end of the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Plugin.

Please refer to the section “Converted Carts” in the user manual.


5- Can I check the sent abandoned cart emails or which customers have received the reminder emails?

In the Abandoned Cart tab, you can check all the reminder emails sent to the online shoppers by the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Emails extension. You can also view the coupon code sent to the customers. From In the same tab, you can send the reminder emails as well to particular customers and can remove a particular abandoned cart from the list.


6- How does the extension works and sends the reminder emails?

The OpenCart Abandoned Cart Reminder extension allows you to add a time-delay after which the extension marks the pending carts abandoned. After that, you can set up the Cron which will automatically send all the reminder emails to the customers after the specified time-delay. You need to customize and finalize the email content also before sending the emails. You can also take assistance from our support team in case of any confusion or query.


7- Why the extension is not sending the follow-up emails if I have some abandoned carts in my store but?

There can be some reasons when the OpenCart cart reminder module doesn’t send reminder emails even if the shopping cart has some pending products. The emails will not be sent if the user doesn’t have an email address, or if the cart amount is less than the specified minimum amount value to be eligible to be marked as an abandoned cart. The OpenCart Cart Abandoned Cart module will send the emails after the specified time-delay only. Till then, it will not send any email. You need to pay attention to the mentioned time-delay also while checking the sent emails.


8) Does the test emails have dummy data or have the same data as the original reminder emails?

The test emails will have the same data as specified in the back-end. When you enable the Test Mode, the extension stops sending emails and the emails will only be sent to the given test address. Before sending the test email, you can check the content of the email and after that, you can cross-verify the email with the test email. The content will be the same.


9) Does the OpenCart Abandoned Mails extension is multi-store compatible?

Yes, the extension is multi-store and multi-lingual compatible.


10) When does an abandoned cart consider converted or recovered?

When the customer revisits your online store and purchases the pending items, then the cart will be marked converted. The cart which was shown in the Abandoned Cart tab, will be shifted to the Converted Cart section after it is recovered.


11) How can I check that the reminder emails are working?

You can go to the Converted Cart section of the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension to check all the recovered carts which are converted because of abandoned cart emails.

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