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Marketplace Integrations:

Import email from csv - OpenCart Extensions

Import email from csv - OpenCart Extensions

This module allows admin to import email ids from CSV sheet to database for newsletter subscription.

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    Compatibility:Opencart v2.0.2.0
    Latest Version:v1.0 (26-Nov-2017)
    Sales: 250+


    Opencart Import Email from CSV

    This module allows admin to import email ids from CSV sheet to database for newsletter subscription. 

    Admin can subscribe multiple emails at once to default newsletter table of Opencart.

    If there is some email id which is already exists in customer table, then it just set its newsletter value to 1.

    This module doesn't conflict with any other module.

    If an email id already exists, it is not added again.

    No modifications in core files.

    No need of vqmod.

    How to use:

    1. Move content of  'upload' folder to root directory of your store.

    2. Add your email id in /system/upload/email.csv sheet

    3. Install module from extension > module > Import email.

    4. Once you will click on edit button against our module name, all emails from email.csv sheet will be added to your database

    PLEASE note that module is tested only for Opencart version

    It is recommended to test it first before making it live.

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