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Whether you are for an application to sell your idea or you are looking for something that can ensure a lasting relationship with your customers, Knowband’s Shopify Mobile App Builder has covered it all for you. Our no-code, feature-rich app builder can help you find the edge in the competitive ecosystem.

Shopify Mobile App Builder developed by our skilled and experienced developers helps you go mobile in just few steps without any hassle of analysis, coding, testing and then debugging.

….The highly engaging app has enhanced the user engagement. The quick login options have reduced the bounce and exit rates. I have observed a marginal increase in the revenue ever since I started using it. Eagerly waiting for the next of the app builder!

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You visualize your store requirement and we execute them for you. Your dream mobile app is now just a click away. Just download the Android Mobile App Builder Plugin and get an enticing as well as highly customizable mobile app for your eCommerce store.

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Sara Niki

The app builder has definitely helped me take my business to the next level. The customization options are easy and the incredible app has helped engage the audience for a longer duration. Building and maintaining a mobile application was never this easier.

David Williams

Being a non-technical person, I had some issues while setting up the store in the application. However, the customer support was on their toes to help me out. The highly responsive support made sure that my application stands out. Would highly recommend it to the store owners.

Andrew Smith

The highly engaging app has enhanced the user engagement. The quick login options have reduced the bounce and exit rates. I have observed a marginal increase in the revenue ever since I started using it. Eagerly waiting for the next of the app builder.

Jerry Gibson

The application was perfect, but I needed some changes in the custom setting. The support responded instantly and my requirements were implemented within a week. Thank You Knowband!

Abraham Rangel

I’m new in the eCommerce business, but the flexible and easy to use app builder made the work easy for me. I now have the app as per my requirement and have reaped desired results with the same.

Shopify Ecommerce Mobile App Builder

Why should you have an eCommerce mobile app along with web store?

Whether it is essential to develop an eCommerce mobile app to enhance the online business or an responsive website is enough this is an on-going debate. With the rise in the global smartphone usage, the online store owners can’t deny the fact that mobile app is the need of the hour.

Having a mobile app for your online website is rather a necessity than just a luxury. While a huge section of eCommerce market has already upgraded their websites with a complete mobile store, a wide gap still exists. Approximately, 60% of the online purchase is done using mobile devices. It denotes that users are comfortable shopping through an app than a desktop website.

Why should you try Knowband’s Shopify Mobile App Builder?

Some eCommerce merchants might think that developing a mobile app for Shopify online store without relevant experience in app development can be a huge pain. Knowband has created Shopify Mobile app builder to make it easier for them to create a fully-functional mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. It is a pocket-friendly solution of getting a native eCommerce app for your shopify web store. Knowband’s eCommerce mobile app builder helps Shopify store managers to keep their business up-to-date as per the technical advancements and changing trend.

Any Shopify store owner can easily boost their reach with an eCommerce mobile app and take their eCommerce business to new heights. eCommerce Mobile app not only helps in business growth, but also provide an engaging platform for all the users.

How to make your own app with Shopify Ecommerce App Maker?

In order to use Shopify mobile app builder, store owners need to follow just three simple steps which are described below:

Step 1.

Once you purchase this Shopify mobile app builder, download, install and enable the app on your Shopify store.

Step 2.

You’ll be asked to fill up a form and share below the requested details, so that, we can generate your Android/iOS app (APK file) accordingly and share the same with you.

Splash image (1280*1920 png)

The splash image is displayed on the home page of the mobile app. The images that we set is not fixed as store admin can change the same from the whenever required. While changing splash image, the size and format of the images should remain the same as prescribed.

App icon (512*512 png)

The app icon is the logo of the store which gives a finishing touch to your Shopify mobile app. The banners, sliders, logo and every other image can be changed in few clicks from the back-end interface of the app without making any code changes.

Theme color (Blue, Orange, Green, Black)

Shopify mobile apps are delivered with a bundle of themes and color options. You may choose the one matches your requirement and theme of online store.

Website URL

The URL for the website and the name will be required for synchronizing web store with the mobile app. The eCommerce Android/iOS App Builder supports SEO-friendly URL.

Website Name

Shopify store merchants is required to share the name of site of their eCommerce business.

Facebook and Google App ID

Shopify store owners is required to share the Facebook and Google+ App ID and other related details.


After receiving the above-requested information, we will develop the eCommerce app and share the APK file with you. You can use the APK file to publish your app on your “Google Play Store or Apple App Store” account. If required, the Knowband team can get it published on their Play Store account for a small price.

NOTE: In case of the social login options, before we generate APK file for you, you also need to share an APP id with us. To generate this APP id we will share a hash key with you along with all instructions. Usually it takes around half an hour to create an APP id.

What does Knowband’s Shopify Mobile App Creator Offer?

As you have seen how simple it is to upgrade your online store with Shopify mobile app builder, let us now discuss what does it offer you. Here are some of the powerful features of Shopify eCommerce Mobile App Builder:

Delectable User Interface

Bundle of themes and font options are offered by Shopify app maker. Shopify store admin can choose the desired one to match the app’s theme with the website theme. New fonts and themes can also be added if required as custom changes.

Real Time Synchronization between Mobile app and Web Store

Shopify eCommerce app creator provides seamless synchronization between online web store and mobile apps. No manual synchronization is required.

Tablet and Mobile Optimization

Mobile apps developed by Shopify mobile app builder supports multiple screen sizes of handheld devices. Adaptive UI of mobile app works flawlessly on smartphone, tablets, iPhone or even iPad.

Multi-lingual Compatibility and RTL Support

Shopify eCommerce mobile app maker offers multi-lingual compatibility. Shopify store owners can display app content in any desired language. The eCommerce mobile apps natively supports 18 languages. It even supports RTL writing styles which includes languages like Arabic, Hebrew ,Urdu, Persian, Maldivian and others.

Multiple Platform Support

Shopify mobile app supports almost all the versions of both android and iOS platforms.

All product type support

Regardless of the business structure and type of products you deal in, Shopify mobile app maker supports all types of products. The simple, grouped or configurable and even virtual products, the Shopify mobile app creator is compatible with all types.

Multiple Payment and Shipping method

The Shopify mobile app builder supports all types of payment methods. The basic payments like PayPal and COD have been incorporated. For any other payment option, the app uses a hybrid approach. It would fetch the payment methods in the web view of the app. It even supports all the shipping methods.

Quick Social Login Options

Shopify mobile app maker enables your customers to login seamlessly with Google+ and Facebook login options.

Smooth and Layered App Navigation

Mobile app developed by Shopify mobile app creator has enhanced navigation for product search. App users can sort, filter the products on the basis of size, price, stock availability etc. An easier & intuitive way to guide your customers through multiple layers and pages makes users eager to shop.

Wish List – Save for Later

Shopify mobile app builder app provides the wish list options in the eCommerce mobile app. It allows the app users to save the product for future purchase.

Zopim Chat- 24/7 Live Support

Shopify eCommerce mobile app maker has incorporated Zopim chat services. Thus, the store admin can provide 24/7 live chat service to their store visitors.

Unlimited Push Notification- A handy marketing tool

Shopify online sellers can easily keep their customers updated about new arrivals, latest offers, end of season sales, exclusive discounts and much more with the help of the push notifications offered by Shopify eCommerce mobile app builder. Shopify store owner can use unlimited push notifications as a handy marketing tool.

Deep Linking

Mobile apps developed by Shopify mobile app maker have deep linking feature which lets users to land directly on the desired app page. This feature can be helpful targeting specific products or brands in mobile app.

All coupon type support

Shopify store owners can increase store revenue by offering coupons and vouchers to app users. The Shopify Android/iOS mobile app builder supports all types of coupons.

Simplified Checkout

Shopify eCommerce mobile app builder narrows down app checkout process to a single page instead of multiple forms. The simplified checkout also helps Shopify store owners to convert app visitors into permanent customers.

Order Tracking

Order tracking facility allows users to track placed order status easily through with the push notifications offered by Shopify mobile apps.

Voice Search (For Android Users)

The eCommerce Mobile app users can easily search any product with their voice commands. Shopify mobile app maker even provides multi-lingual support in voice search feature. It is only available in eCommerce Android apps as of now.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics offered by eCommerce mobile app maker, the Shopify store owners can easily track their store’s traffic and overall earnings.

With these amazing features who would want to miss the opportunity to increase store’s revenue. Why not to enhance conversion rate of your web store when Knowband is offering such simple and cost effective method to target smartphone using audience. The mCommerce is one such trend which can take your business to greater heights. With Knowband’s Shopify app builder support you can always stay a step ahead of your competitors. Browse the Knowband store and find your eCommerce solution now.

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